Chikitsa – Marking (please turn on captions)

To Install Marking, Go to Modules Click on Add Extensions Click on Upload Extension Click on Choose File and Select the file you purchased. Click on Install Click on Activate The extension is installed and Active Go to Administration>Marking Images These are the background images for marking You can now change the images too. Click on Edit to make the changes Select the image that you want to use Save the image Please note that it is advisable that once marking is saved for an image background, you do not change it as it will cause in incorrect marking for older images You can also delete the image background that you do not require Or Add a new image too Just type in the Name that you want to display, a simple image name and select the image The new image background is saved You can mark the images in Patient Visits Click on the Marking button to see the marking details Click on the image background that you want to mark for mark the image using your mouse for the treatment areas Click on Save when the changes are done Here you can see the images that you have marked and saved You can mark as many images as you want The marked images will appear in descending order Lets add another female face marking Now we can see two female face markings Select the checkbox and click on compare to see both images in compare mode Click on the green date button to edit the already added marking You can use eraser to remove markings Click on Marker to pick the marker again You can choose different pen widths You can choose different colours for pen Thank you for your interest in Chikitsa. Do check our other extensions as well

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