100 thoughts on “Can We Stump an Anime Superfan? | STAN VS INTERNET

  1. who else heard saitama's voice in the workout routine one. (i watched the dubbed first, sorry :'(((( )

  2. The Saiyajin (saiyan) are actually from planet sadala originally. However planet sandals was destroyed and the Saiyajin (Saiyans) migrated to planet Vegeta.

  3. That last question was not right saiyans originally come from the planet sadala. They later Conquered planet vegeta after sadala was destroyed in a civil war.

  4. I hate to be THAT girl, but they forgot about sleeping without AC/heat in Saitama’s training 😛

  5. When Ian asked which sailor scout had the green hair, I had the same teal/dark green panic as Damien. Turns out Shane just made a whoops

  6. Closed captions at 6:45 said Shayne said "Yeah!" but it sounded an awful lot like Matt Raub. If not, it didn't sound like Shayne

  7. Saiyans are actually from planet sadala. Plant vegeta was the planet they moved to after their world was destroyed

  8. Literally screamed 6foot 7 because Johnathan joestar's hight is a lie and the show makes him look so much taller than what they say he is

  9. Ian as a Smosh stan? See if he can beat the internet in questions about the Smosh brand? Could be really fun.

  10. Ummm technically pushes up glasses the planet the Saiyans ORIGINALLY came from was Planet Sadala. They invaded Planet Plant, calling it Planet Vegeta after Sadala was destroyed.

  11. I was like "They better put a Sailor Moon question in there" and then with the Bakugo question, I almost threw my computer because the whole time I was like "Explosion! Explosion! EXPLOSION!!!".
    I am such a geek and proud of it.

  12. Ohk, I got an idea! Play Joking Hazard with Shayne, Noah, Ian, and Smosh Games. An epic episode I believe?

  13. Am I the only one who didn't know many of the answers but was like… "He didn't remember Vegeta? Seriously? THAT'S BASIC ANIME KNOWLEDGE!" ლ(ಠ_ಠ)ლ

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