35 thoughts on “C Programming Tutorial for Beginners

  1. Your way of explaining and teaching is awesome. Some one with virtually no programming experience like me can learn programming. Thank you for your efforts.

  2. when I declare char name[2], and I gift name to the variable is John which is more character than 2, it's correct. Why it is not getting error?

  3. I really like your video, it helped me a lot, but your examples are a bit chauvinist. In all of your examples (e.g. for struct or file editing) you use female characters which has lower GPAs and have less earning positions (art major, receptionist) and male characters with higher GPAs and more profitable positions (Business major, accounting). Maybe in the US the income of art majors and receptionists is very high but from where I come from they are not 😉 I hope you will take this into account during your next tutorials! There can be men who are taking art or women in engineering and computer science….

  4. While i was watching the whole vedio, why did i keep on thinking that man is a not a real man. He looked like a doll especially when he was shaking his hand.

  5. Good english and good way of teaching. This is super good. Not really understood when was teaching the same thing in the board.

  6. i thought I was gonna fail my c course this semester cause I wasn't understanding what my professor was saying but you changed my life. playing with code is actually fun for me now! i love you. ok bye.

  7. Help!

    @1:10:30, it doesn't let me type, almost as if the fgets is completely ignored.

    char fname[20];
    printf("Enter your full name: ");
    fgets(fname, 20, stdin);
    printf("Your name is %s.", fname);

    And here's what is says on the console:
    "Enter your full name: Your full name is ."

    I think that the problem has something to do with pressing enter, since it's skipping fgets (it seems). I'm a beginner, so I'm not sure at all.
    Any help is appreciated!

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