What is up guys? Fated here and welcome
back to my channel for another video! Today I’ve got an AMD budget gaming
PC build for you guys. The objective here was to get as many
frames as possible for as least money as possible. But still be able to have the capability
to do some minor editing the current list price for these components as a
hundred and fifty dollars to what time the price will fall to do feel free to
substitute your own parts if you’re doing this for your own build so let’s go ahead and get this started
for motherboard I chose ago the a season 5 a 99 FX as the pro version revision to as mobile
as putting a room for future expansion touch capture car sound card even crossfire
second EP if you like to you but make sure you have enough PSU power another thing is this board’s ability to
overclock it really well known for its ability to push those gigahertz in when budget building overclocking is a
must-have so for a CPU I want the FX 8320 the in the 6200 was considered as
well as the Intel penny mg 3258 by being that some minor editing was 18
I decide to go with the higher court count CPU I think there’s a really great choice
cuz they’re also prepares for any gains in the future that might decide
optimized for more course now for the Randy g.skill Ripjaws the
chosen with 24 gigabyte memory sticks & as a clock that 1866 megahertz the skills are really well try to ban
especially when it comes to ram the price was just perfect for our bill now with overclocked CPU overclocked ran
we going to have to have a really good killer because temperatures are going to
rise the Cooler Master Hyper in 520 was
chosen to bring down those high temperatures israel’s Megan I think older neighbor
one thing I will say about this component is that when building it had
to reverse the fans to make exhaust properly notta lotta fun what you’ve already you
know mounted it said in the case and everything like that and have
to pull it all back out that’s just one thing to note about this component now
before going into the beef is part in this bill the case I chose to build the
same was in in the XT age 2 30 which is a sleek looking case
in another plus for being extremely cheap became a to fans
pre-installed as well as play room to build an even more to expand on now for the most important part of the
build the GP you archers are 9-2 a DX which is still very much a powerful card which is really come
down a line price the NVIDIA GTX 970 was considered but
for cost we did decide against it still a great bang for your buck GP unit
can play all the latest game games on at least I settings in Leslie
power all these great components is a see-saw Nick 620 what Brian certify
power supply cease on it makes them the best most
reliable PSU’s and the price is perfect especially for
a feeling modular PSU this is planning a powerful is build an
accessory expansion but if you wanna crossfire you are going to make sure that you have
more jews I would look somewhere around 800-900 wide range now some other things
that I want show here for instance is the storage such as ago
this stock standard Western Digital blue one terabyte 7200
rpm hard drive and also the OS which was when does 8.1
but I’m not going to list that in the price for the specs so here’s how it turned out I think it
looks really sweet the college team just happened imagine what grade are sheer
luck and implant on any other day all this
kinda fell on my hands which was really nice it plays all the latest games including
battlefield 4 on the highest settings 1080 P in a live video work with ease and many
times there you know they’re not that bad for more
details including benchmarks in numbers and all that good stuff definitely check
the description below so I hope you like the video please tell
me your thoughts in the comments below if you have any suggestions for future
videos and things like that please let me know and also be sure to subscribe to my
channel have water content in building yes it definitely stick around to join
the team anyways guys thank you so much for
watching and you have a good one


  1. Great build!
    But i would of changed the graphics card to a better looking R9 280x.

    Also what is the price difference between the 8320 and the 8350?

  2. Very nice video, awesome build. I have the same motherboard and it is awesome, love it. Good cooling, very nice bios interface and easy to work with.

  3. something that i been looking for on youtube and internet in general,is how to MAKE a gaming PC, everywhere you go people talk about how cheap and cost efficent it is to make one, but noone really explains how to do it, now if you make a simple step by step video about building a gaming PC, easy enough that console players can watch it and make their own, then your channel will get lots of views.

  4. This was my build and fated did an awesome job with it. Highly recommend his expertise and building services. I haven't built a computer since the late 90's so I was happy that I stumbled upon this guy or else I would have broken something. Support his channel and again, can't say enough kind words about fated. Games look fantastic at 1080p and I'm able to do some light video work on the pc. Super happy.

  5. Subbed! because of you're nice reviews and with regards to the lenovo y50 which i will also be buying next year as a bday gift for myself. or maybe better than y50 i guess? 😀
    anyways, i've just created this new channel for a gaming review and uploaded a new vid for the first time. so, if u have time u can check it and a sub?  cheers mate! 🙂 

  6. Can I link you to my PCpartspicker? It is around 850 in Canadian which is in the high 700's in US. It has a 8350 with 8 cores and it's clocked higher.

  7. im new to computer gaming and want to build my own and would like to see if this is a good pc?

  8. Few more weeks till my birthday(2nd December)Cant wait to get my gaming pc
    So you think this will be good:

  9. Hey dude nice vid!I'm looking into making this but is there anyway I can make it even better for not much more money? If you have some ideas and substitutes please let me know the components and price if u can! Thanks so much buddy I just subbed!!

  10. If I wanted to overclock with this build, can I stick with the 620W PSU? or would I have to upgrade it to around 700s to 800s?

  11. Hey, Fated. I'm complete garbage and new when it comes to building a PC and was wondering if you'd be able to help me with parts? I got about $1,300 to play with and can probably stretch it a bit more if needed. If you can I want to be able to stream, play any game tossed at it and record/edit without any hiccups. I'd honestly appreciate any help at this point. if you can get me what I want for even cheaper then that I'd be happy. Thank you.

    I have been trying to build my own pc and im new to this. Can you help me pick out which one is the best build?

    Please help. Thank You so much.

  13. Pleese help me!!! hows this? i really need help with this it sounds ok but i need to know your opinion and hows OutletPC, NCIX PC, And SuperBiiz plz reply

  14. Hey Fated, what do you think of this build? It's around $1500CAD, and I just want somebody to look over it, I think you're pretty qualified to do it.


    Please note that the build is on pcpartpicker Canada.

  15. I'm currently building a budget PC. So far I have the CPU: FX6300, GPU: XFX R9 270X DD, RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB, HardDrive: Seagate 1TB. I know what PSU and Case I want, but not sure on the mobo. I was thinking of an Asrock extreme4. I want to have crossfire support and overclockability. Any better suggestions would be cool.

  16. This is much better 😀 Btw what do you think about my build? I use it manly for "weak" games like garrys mod soon to be bioshock and minecraft

  17. hey @FatedCb i was wondering if you can pls help me im working on a pc build since 2 months but i just can't figure it out would you consider making a build for me and then send me the link of all the parts with a optical drive pleas i have a budget of 800 to 850$ pls help me        
    BTW Awesome videos keep it up man

  18. You should be getting way higher fps in Battlefield 3 than that. What is your GPU usage at? I've seen a few people with faulty FX CPU's not fully utilizing GPU's before.

  19. lol same here i was going to get the GTX 970 but then the R9 280x droped price great card so i went for it too but i got the gigabyte windforce edition 🙂

  20. Jesus that CPU, ruins the build.Could have gotten an i3-4160 and gotten much better gaming performance. Plus newer games are starting to take advantage of hyper threading.

  21. could u guide the same way with a GTX 970..? without cabinet, PSU, HDD n OD…
    This Video was really good though! 🙂

  22. what is a good cpu for productivity at the price point of 800-850? doesnt matter if its intel or amd

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