Build a high end video editing/gaming PC for $1,000 USD

Hello and welcome back to the N Square World Domination Society.
Today we’re going to build a high-end gaming and video editing PC for about 1,000 US dollars. All
the parts I use are described in detail and linked in the description and I would highly
recommend all of them. so first things first you need to prepare
your case. just take all of the tape and wrapping off except I would recommend not removing the
plastic on the case if your case has glass just to keep it clean and undamaged. Next remove the left side of your case. My case has 2 hand screws if you have a different case the side
might just come up with pressure or a handle in my old computer the side just came off with pressure go ahead and set the lid aside because
you won’t need it until the end of the build if you have the same case as me there will
be a cardboard box in one of the hard drive bays do not throw this away. It has some cables and
zip ties inside that you will need. wale your at it go ahead and take off the right panel on
your computer this is for cable wiring and access to
the backplate of the processer you’ll need it of eventualy this is the back plate that came with my
motherboard. All motherboards have their own unique back plate so if you have a different
motherboard than me yours will look completely different. however no matter
what it looks like it will still beat in the smaller kinda less sign on
the back and look at this %uh the next inside a motherboard %uh normally
you would have to make standoffs use however this motherboard has screws
building in which is a feature I really like it makes the process much simple and
because all I have to do now his lineup just an Oscar goes to the
holes in the case inspire them in with the school is that
came with another girl next install the process and my mother bought you release the two
teams and then open the protective things grandmother but might have one pain or
it might have none if there is this ran pains on the mic buoyed by the
process it does do not touch is pains the lawyers on your skin will ruin them
rendering your motherboard useless and install the processor if their pens
on the processor do not touch them for the same reason as
before there will be a triangular Mike
somewhere around by the process it goes the needs the lineup with the triangular
my on the processor or else he will start a fire when you build your
computing finally if the motherboard has pins but
the back in place now for the cooling unit my computer for
use a body cooling unit with fans in a filtered through the two fans in the
place on the building’s there should be in a row show in which
way the wind blows in your hand then screw the filter under the tab the
case using the holes already in the kids make sure the water
hoses are the right way around in our in an awkward position %uh you do not want those posting because
they were good everything wet been ruined nine million everything %uh then add screws on the back plate in the
process %uh this motherboard has another
breakthrough true when there’s a backplane pre-installed together different
motherboard issues the whole on the right administer combined that
came with the process going plans band remove the covering on the
bottom the people in your do not do this before where you are
about to put going to need in the processor it is there so that
thermal paste wants me here in damages sustained anything the if there’s no thermal paste
already on your cooling unit and personal amount on the center via
processor between it in the cooler finally was
holding all that place spill in the cage like make a mint
get polling unit home in the whole time make sure it is
except I because the processor in cooling unit
like touching could start a fire are you a computer
will overheat instantly after turning on the literally instantly I’ve seen it before
next and solar power supply in my case it goes in the bottom which
is good because the band blows right out in the bottom of the computer into its
own their hair %uh %uh there %uh where you’re seeing now is the
cameraman noticing the power supply was installed upside down if you hadn’t noticed bad
enough and would have been blowing hot air right onto the wifi card and two
graphics cards but I imagine wouldn’t do me any favors so thank you cameraman for your
contributions the and square world domination society after you make sure it is installed
correctly screw the power supply to the case are you working over there I recommend
removing the back most high drive may temporarily if you have the same case as me and his
two screws at the bottom you can put it back later it will just
make wiring cables much easier because of the extra space now installing a graphics cards and
other random cards my have two graphics cards in an in
Anaheim for my or PC is I’m anymore now when I’m pissed
on here is very insane but not graphics night isn’t going to
get any air flow the Emporium on cooldown masala they’re very hard to remove on and or time for the brand now when installing RAM cameraman back
already in with the motherboard manual yes now that is because I have cut out about
seven minutes the two of us trying to figure out how to install the RAM sometimes it’s the most simple and
things this motherboard is a very different and that you only have to push
down one lever at the end of the Rams one unlike both
in all I’m other boys i’ve seen now to install on SSD hard drives in
this case just remove one of the slots on the bottom and snap behind driving
the place i cud here because I’m start the high
crime backwards and didn’t realize it until later in the video normally action sign in with me is I’ll
show you the correct orientation and the hydride it 738 in the video in case you
wanna skip you now for installing SSD hard drives
their special compartments on the right side of the case his pop on a trace of it a little bit of
pressure inside as a stinging the well then it’s not the back in place this
hike I’ve installed correctly with the SSDI facing in league action then this odd
location to make room for extra cooling fans and what it will insist on spring
graphics times inside you finally to install a
optical drive in this case take on the front do panels using a small amount
greater then also using pressure punch out as
many slots in the top mostly Italian optical drives and slight optical drive
in the present case in it should snap into place finally
just pull the covers back on the front of the case cables can only be installed in one
place you one way some chicken manuals if you need help to correctly install an honesty hard
drive pressed by Vince Cable zing and snap
into the slider with the cables going into the backup in case not front I tribal now think correctly once all the cables coming on the power
supply has been routed to the back near the rubber rules that’s what they’re
there for by the way in case you didn’t know you can go ahead and screw that I Drive
pay me back into place know if you got the same clothing line
is me you probably noticed that too we ate cables coming out of the liquid
cold over the process and labeling fam our in the manual something I the net on your pretty
little liars coming out in the processor to the European style and Mike any fan into the processor to free up
space on the multiple very helpful after you figure it out
because I believe in the motherboard itself can only support for 25 fans so the extra for cables will really go a
long way over the years now something I seriously recommend with
the glass cited cases a computer and media light strip club a link the 1 I’m using in the
description along with other parents it is designed for computers summit is
remote controlled and has 16 colors with five miles countless hours count it can be brightened game daughter not
entirely it also uses power from a computer so you never have to break up
in your PC to replace batteries a showing of HP and but I seriously
recommend them finally and I mean it this time but horrible it’s back on the case
because Lucas build yourself without barry on high and video editing and gaming PC and this particular piece evil ass me at
least ten to fifteen years leave early before I even considered
getting a new one the only thing I’ve got to taxes
computer is running but 10,000 persons time lapses in from the crowd about 80
exit ramp to seventy-five percent usage in the CPU to about 30 percent love in this motherboard can spot a 128
gigs of ram so I will be upgrading in the near
future also the power button on the crime doesn’t
like I probably got a defective cases I was power button on the motherboard but if
you had the same problem please tell me how you fix in the
Commons however unit all the cases this time have broken down time other
schools Hiram now a computer like this designs
laughter Lana I would like to introduce a new phone
system his name after some meetings time here whose name I recently my my family
around on the matter times you get familiar with her because Sarah
b2b and scream and world domination society as Jarvis is to Iron Man only a bit more
feminine alright that’s it today sorry for the
lack of videos over there is a reason I built a new
computer today and it’s not only because I need an upgrade
nevertheless I hope you enjoyed this video if you did consider liking
favoriting and sharing it subscribes you can get all the amazing robotics electronics in 3d printing projects I
have plan also comment on what you like and why you didn’t say can make future
videos even better thanks for watching

12 thoughts on “Build a high end video editing/gaming PC for $1,000 USD

  1. Today I will build my new computer Sarah. She is build specifically for running N Squared.

    (with a little bit of gaming on the side)

  2. quite an epic video.. the music made me feel like im in charlies chocolate factory.. but then yes, it´s an awesome pc ya built.
    The only remark id make is that it´s a very optimistic statement that the pc will be up to date at least 10 to 15 years.. no way.

  3. Had this computer for over a year now and wanted to say that while I hardly ever max out the PC (Only with large Photoshop documents and Premiere exports) the computer's RAM is maxed out before the CPU every time.

    So if you wanted to upgrade one of the two, I would recommend giving this computer more RAM before a better CPU.

  4. Please check out mine and my sons project we really need help with. Thank you.

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