Build a Gaming PC for Under $1400 (June 2011)

Due to the nature of building a custom computer
you may find compatibility issues with the following parts list. Today
I’m here with my next computer build video, this time at the $1400 price
point. At this price you’ll be getting a solid computer for doing almost
anything however do keep in mind that unlike previous builds I built this computer
to my specific needs so you may want to make some changes depending
on what you plan on doing with the computer. To begin with we have the Intel
Core i7-2600k CPU. As one of the top of the line enthusiast CPUs available
right now this makes a fantastic starting point for our build. It features
4 physical cores with Hyperthreading clocked at 3.4GHz stock and can be overclocked
very easily. My build is at 4GHz but nothing at all is stopping you from going
much higher. This will run you $315. To help us to get a nice overclock we will
be using the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ CPU cooler. With a 120mm fan that comes with
it and an optional second fan for push/pull airflow on the massive heat sink
this keeps the CPU nice and cool for $40. For a motherboard I chose the Gigabyte
Z68X-UD3P. As one of the new Z68 boards you’ll find some new features including
support for SSD caching, dual BIOS, plenty of SATA 3 and USB 3 connections
and Gigabyte’s very solid build quality. With support for both Crossfire and
SLI graphic configurations this will run you $170. Moving on to the graphics
card I chose an Asus Radeon 6850. While you absolutely could go for something
with a bit more punch like a 6950 or 6970 here I found that the 6850 can handle
most games available today such as StarCraft 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2
and Just Cause 2 maxed out at 1080p without a problem. With full support for DirectX
11, a pair of DVI ports along with Display and HDMI and a reasonable price
of $150 after rebate this is a solid card. For memory we’ll be using 8GB
of Corsair Vengeance RAM. Running in dual channel this memory is clocked at 1600Mhz
which is about the sweet spot for RAM on the Sandy Bridge platform. The only
downside to this memory is that the heatsinks are rather large, making it very
difficult to mount a second fan to the CPU cooler. Other than that this is solid
for $85. Storage is more than taken care of by an OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD. As one
of the best current solid state drives for enthusiasts you’ll find stellar read
and write speeds across the board with this, letting Windows boot in around 10 seconds
and even memory hungry applications such as Photoshop load extremely quickly. At $270
currently this will do a lot to keep your computer speedy. Since 120GB really isn’t
enough for most people we’ll be using a Hitachi 2TB hard drive to supplement
the SSD. Even though you should mainly use this for documents, music and videos
you’ll find that it’s really quite fast in it’s own right for $80. While a
DVD burner certainly isn’t necessary these days on a build like this there’s no reason not
to include one. For $21 a LITE-ON drive will do just fine. For the case I chose the
Cooler Master HAF 912. While certainly not an expensive case by any means it offers
a lot of solid features including plenty of room for installing additional fans,
easy access to the dust filters for cleaning, an expansive interior for lots of
hard drives, graphics cards as well as a cage for installing a pair of 2.5” hard
drives on the bottom of the case. If you have to have LEDs and huge windows by all
means pick a different case but if you want something that still looks good but is quite
a bit more understated I highly recommend the HAF 912 for $50 after rebate. With a higher
end build like this you don’t want to skimp on the power supply so today we’ll
be using a Corsair TX750. Corsair typically makes very high quality power supplies and with
the TX750 you will get 750 watts of power for a reasonable price, allowing you to overclock,
add extra hard drives or even upgrade or add additional graphics cards without
needing to worry about power issues for $100. Lastly we have a system builder
copy of Windows 7 Home Premium. Of course if you like you could install Linux or a copy
of Windows you already have but otherwise this will run you $90. So how much
damage did we do? As of June 15th 2011 on the entire parts list will run
you $1,390.88 after all rebates. For the price you’ll be getting a fantastic computer
for gaming, video editing and just about anything else you need to do. After using
this computer for the past few weeks I’ve got to say I’m very pleased with just about
everything about it but of course feel free to customize it to your own liking. If you found
this video helpful be sure to click the subscribe button up above to be notified with
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100 thoughts on “Build a Gaming PC for Under $1400 (June 2011)

  1. I want to buy new pc,but i don't know am i able to run at least BFBC2(on highest).
    here are the specs:
    AMD Phenom 2 x6 1100T
    MSI R6850 1GB GDDR5
    Corsair Vengenace 8 gigs
    1TB caviar blue(i think)S-ATA2
    Am i able to run BFBC2 on highest(or at lease middle)
    respond asap.


  2. @duncan33303 Is there any good website for checking the compatability of all the parts and do you know any good website for buying these parts in Europe.

  3. @kabelfjernsyn no it can't….sadly my 50,000 dollar computer couldn't handle this said "Notepad" what cruel people could've made this stressful application…WHO I ASK WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  4. Would I be able to use the CORSAIR 850TX instead of the 750TX? Would there be any difference like an advantage if I use it with this build? And if I use the ASUS 6970 would I be able to play Battlefield 3 on MAX settings? Please respond! Thanks in advance!

  5. @demonofheavn Dude, I have a Windows XP laptop with 2 GB of ram and a Calistoga graphics card, and I can play minecraft maxed out… A 1400 dollar computer can get around 450 FPS on something like minecraft.

  6. I kind of hate how he deliberately changes the tone of his voice to try and sound like it's an announcement. I find it damn distracting.

  7. @duncan33303
    i see that you know about PCs.
    my question is:
    do you know how much will these cost:
    Phenom 2 x6 1100t
    Radeon HD 6970
    16GB G.Skill sniper RAM
    2TB hitachi(or something like that)
    HAF 932
    And a motherboard,don't know the model,about 300-400$
    do you know how much $ it should cost?

  8. would you recommend a GTX 560 Ti instead for a better graphics card? Maybe a GTX 580 after that for running just about any game on extreme settings?

  9. Also would you say my current build is unbalanced for gaming or not?
    Phenom II X4 640 @ 3.0 GHz
    4GB DDR2 OC @800MHz
    Planning on getting an ASUS HD 6850 and 400watt psu
    – Originally used the integrated HD 4250 graphics

  10. @Diomegadeth i was told in a comment in another video that the prices of HDD have rocketed due to manufacturing problems in japan, thailand etc because of the earthquakes amd tsunami's im not 100% on it being true but it does explain i suppose

  11. @ItzIggybuggydo yes, i really don't want to spend $300 on a Quad Core i7 Pos when i can buy a Quad Core Amd 3.6 ghz for $119.99

  12. @1233nomad
    i'm making one right now.
    it's very powerful pc,but a little expensive.
    about $2700-$3000.
    but really,really powerful.

    Hello, I'm a compleate noob and idiot to computers, I know the basics (RAM, video cards) but i want my computer to be able to run Anno 2070 smoothly and have all around a quicker computer. These are its specs and please respond with good graphic cards that could run Anno and RAM cards too. Thanks a ton.

    Dell inspiron 570
    AMD Athelon II X2 250 processor 3.00 ghz
    4 gig or RAM
    64-bit windows 7 operating system.

  14. similar to what im getting the only difference is im only getting a i5 2500k as the i7 2600k isnt worth it for gaming imo and putting the savings from that too as amd 6970 2gb which u suggested its 838 gbp +25 postage which is roughly $1300

  15. @DomeShotz559 the only difference would be you would have the ability to add more stuff before having to buy another power supply.

  16. @bumblebee24100 Yes, yes it could. You could even go for the i5-2500K for about $75-$100 cheaper and up the graphics a bit.

  17. @expertnoobFTW It dosen't affect game play in most games, but if you want to do video editing it is helpful to have the hyperthreading cores.

  18. @MarkSKristensen For your fist to questions, I have nor clue. But the third, yes you can run minecraft full screen and record it in full HD.

  19. @bumblebee24100, well, having a downgraded CPU isn't a good thing, has to be an i7 if you are gonna run that kind of card to prevent bottlenecking and having the maximun performance

  20. or…you could buy the 2500k instead of the i7 and buy a good cpu cooler like the noctua nh-d14 and overclock to 4.8 ghz 😉 (what I did!)

  21. @2129261184 consoles are very limited , And no they cant play everything pc gamers play , PC gamers can play skyrim with my little ponies as dragons and many many other mods , Alot of pc only games and btw graphics is amazing on pc

  22. /watch?v=M90fBma76h
    This is a vid I made on what I'm going to buy, you guys can check it out as it's extremely up to date (2 days ago).

    Also I would love some help on the parts I chose for the build, thanks! 😀

  23. ok im new to pc gaming i have a 360 but ive been wanting a pc i want something that can handle games like skyrim without lagging and still have good graphics any suggestions?

  24. didn't you hear this built it for his specific needs as he needed an core i7 as he does video editing. You would get a 750w for "future proofing" and by overshooting the power supply the psu fan won't ramp up

  25. you have to watch for the under $500 if you want to play skyrim without lagging and it's cneaper.

  26. who the fuck plays with 16 aa at 1080p? i assume thats being used because most benchmarks include results with that. 2 aa to none is best for 1080p. 16 aa is just overkill

  27. what do you think of this build for $1400?
    intel i5 2500k @ $210(didnt want to spend the extra $20 for the 3570k)
    cooler master hyper 212+ @ $40
    Thermaltake TR2 RX 750W @ $90
    Seagate barracuda 1 tb 7200rpm 32 mb cache 3.5" Internal Hard Drive @ $100
    Asus MAXIMUS V GENE Z77 @ $210
    samsung blu ray drive @ $75
    OCZ Agility 3 2.5" 60GB SATA III MLC ssd @ $70 with $10 mail in rebate
    windows 7 home premium @ $100
    Kingston HyperX Blu 8GB (2 x 4GB) @ $50
    cooler master haf 912 @ $60
    nvidia gtx 670 @ $400

  28. also, would a blu ray drive play/read/write dvd's? im not really a download type of person and have many of my pc games on dvds

  29. well dude have you check the cpu he has its a fucking i7 .combine that with 6850 and there you go .noob -_-

  30. It's so cheap because it comes from a unknown company. And I just bought a 6.0 3.5" 7200rpm 1 TB Seagate for $80.

  31. Dear Austin.
    I am going to build a gaming pc and i am going to use this case.
    My question is: is a 55cm long 24-pin motherbord power cable long enough to run it behind the motherboard tray?
    PS: sorry for my bad English, i am from Holland 😛

  32. It's funny how much Intel has changed since 2011. The Core i5 4670k is the same GHz as the i7 back then

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