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  1. Black film guild built a custom one for under 3k using PCIe cards…. He shows it at 2200/MB sec… pretty insane.

  2. Can someone tell me if this build is good for editing?

    CPU Intel Core i5-7600 (3.5GHz), 3.50 GHz, 6MB Intel
    GPU Nvidia GTX 1060-6GB
    SSD Samsung PM961 NVMe PCIe M.2 256GB
    HDD Seagate Barracuda 2TB (2016)
    RAM HyperX Fury DDR4 2133 C14 2x4GB
    MBD Asus Z170 PRO GAMING

  3. ok… I just down voted your video… please stop doing this… are you working for tv adds or what cos that shit of holding back the cost of the build till about the end… is a very trashy move… downgrades whatever quality you were trying to bring up…

  4. Hi Sean. Awesome setup. My question is, if I have a $1500 budget for a new computer, where would you make the cuts on this unit? Storage space? GPU? What would keep the price down a bit, but still have adequate power to process 4k efficiently? Thanks in advance!

  5. Hey Sean, Thanks for the review. I watched several other guys and decided that yours was the best. I followed your advice and purchased the same system from CUK. I'm currently waiting on it to arrive. One thing you mentioned was designating a drive for different uses to get a better and faster flow during 4K editing. Do I have to program or make this particular designations myself? If so, can you give us a quick lesson on how to best set up Adobe PR Pro and AF using this CUK system?

  6. hey buddy, you passed wrong information on what to look for rendering machine.. there are other things that matter rather then the one you mentioned.. i will make one follow up video of this one tonight with what actually is important. do checkout.. i will love that

  7. Ummm if u live in a hot area having a water cooled pc is NOT good idea because the water itself WILL heat up

  8. Ok, I got pretty much the exact same computer you did…How do you set up all the programs to put the certain things in the certain hard drives? I got 4TB Hybrid Drive, 500 GB Data Drive SSD, and 512GB Intel SSD. I've been looking around for how to set this up and don't see any good videos (maybe I'm just not looking for the right thing). Could you do a walkthrough on how you set up Premiere, AE, Photoshop Etc, to save certain files, cache or whatever to the certain drive? Or point me to a good video that does this? Thanks Buddy!

  9. Awesome video dude. Love your explanations. I'll check out the links. Truth is I've been using Mac since 2011. Can't wait to build a windows tower!! 😍

  10. Great video with useful info but with very little visuals to butress. We heard you talk more than we saw what you talked about. Please in the next one, do close ups and even macro shots of the rig while your voice explains away in the background. Nothing says "go buy yours" more than audio-visual demonstrations. Ask marketers/salesmen. I just subbed too.

  11. Do you just use an external sd reader? It's hard to find a nice looking pc case that still has a removeable 5.25" drive.

  12. I'm definitely thinking of getting a 6850k instead of a 6700k or 7700k. I feel like it's more ideal long term if you want to edit or even game. Still a sick setup though. I can't pick a damn case though… too many to choose from.

  13. Is this a good choice for 4k video editing in PP? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dell-XPS-8920-Desktop-PC/dp/B01NBXRNVR/ref=sr_1_2?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1496435323&sr=1-2&keywords=Xps+desktop

  14. Hello, I really love this video because of all the specs you gave for this custom tower. I'm new to all of this but would like to build a desktop computer that will just be a MONSTER for video editing because I'm planning on setting up a YouTube channel and editing many videos. My question is should I speak with you about what I should have in my desktop computer or just speak with the people at computer kings and tell them you sent me? Thank you!

  15. you jw if people know good specs for a computer just a computer that will run song vagas and be able to record on my HD PVR 2 or will most be alright at doing that?

  16. You dont mention in the description what motherboard you use
    can you tell me because i want to build a computer for editing and i want to do future upgrades also what about asus x99-E is it worth it ? Thanks

  17. hey give me your thoughts, i just built a editor with 6850 cpu intel and a 8gb 1080 card with 64 gig of memory , it does not do muc better than my old i7 with a cheap card, is there anything i can set on the card to improve how it works , its a MSI 1080 card. This system should smoke the old system but it doesnt, using magix pro x 8 editor

  18. I want this same setup but I honestly dont know forsure how good it is. I use alot of software. all the adobe cc and I often go back to my roots and use blender and game but I dont really go hard on graphics for the games. would anyone know if this is good? thanks

  19. Signs that you don't know much about computers.

    -You buy a pre built.
    -You only state the graphics card not the model.
    -Your PC has 64TB of RAM
    -You don't show the insides of the case.

  20. I hear the Ryzen CPU have some issues with Nvidia GPU like driver issues. Is that right? so what your advice for 4K video editing in after effects with Nvidia 1080Ti. I planning to build 4K PC. And i'm confused between Intel i7 7700K and Ryzen 1700

  21. Thanks for sharing. I will def check them out. I’m looking to buy something with dual graphics cards so I can edit 400mbps10 bit 4K footage off my GH5. My current comp gets sluggish when editing 4K footage that isn’t in MP4 format

  22. I'm thinking of buying one but I'm being picky and wondering what brand the graphics card is? Also can you turn the lights off on the fans? Also why does urs look better and has a liquid cooled fan while the picture on the site has a regular fan? I checked and I didn't see an option to change that

  23. Almost a year later how do you like your system? Can you give us an update? I am considering the switch from Mac to your set up. And great videos as always. Thx

  24. what monitor do you recomend for video editing?:)i am using a macbook pro and i am thinking to buy a pc desktop since macbook is a bit slow for video editing.but macbooks have the retina screen which works great..so not sure which screen will work on a pc:)

  25. the moment you said 'GDDR5' which is HUGGGE right??" we understood you have no freaking idea about computers!!

  26. The content of your videos is very good but you bounce your head around and wave your arms and hands around way too much! It's really annoying and distracting to watch. I end up scrolling down so I can't see you and then I just listen to what you're saying. Can you try to be a little more relaxed when you make the videos? Thanks for the info…

  27. Hello Sean, thank you so much for your advice. I just tried the Promo code, unfortunately, It says that it is not valid.

  28. Can you please put what I need in a list (suggestion for vid)
    Ie – i7 processor, 32ram, what adds I need etc, NOTHING is AVAILABLE as List form for newbs – please Nesbit do a vid with a list

  29. have you a recent video about the Best PC for Video Editing? just right now 5am morning i watch your videos and i like it your information has been of great help

  30. Hi Sean… I'm looking for a similar machine. I see this video is a few years old. What is your current recommendation?

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