Best Open-source Android Apps

Hey buddy, discovering new Android apps is
always fun and exciting. Today we will see 8 amazing Android apps which
are open-source. Android apps that are open-source allow more
transparency of the user’s data as well as the opportunity to fork or improve the app.The
first app in our list is Alarmio, which is an open-source alternative to the Google Clock
app. The app follows Material Design and has eye-candy
animations with a refreshing design. Swiping on the time will cycle through all
timezones which were added by you. Although I expected the background image would
change depending on the whether in that timezone, the image is static. Clicking on the plus button will show the
options for a stopwatch, a timer and to set new alarm. Clicking on the new alarm button will show
you a time selection dialog where the current time will be selected. Once the time is chosen, taping on the “OK”
button will confirm the creation of the new alarm. Swiping right will show the settings, where
the app offers three themes, light, dark and AMOLED. Alarmio also can change the theme according
to the time of day, when the theme is set to schedule. Now below the theme you have an option to
change the background image but that doesn’t seem to work on my device. Clicking on the timezones menu will allow
you to add more timezones to the app. The app also has a sleep reminder and a slow
wakeup feature.The next open-source app in our list is DuckDuckGo browser, which as the
name suggests is an internet browser that focuses on privacy and doesn’t record any
history by default. Once your browsing is finished, taping on
this fire icon will erase everything in the browser. DuckDuckGo browser also has a bookmarks feature
but I wouldn’t recommend saving any bookmarks as they would give a clue on what we might
be browsing. The browser also has a dark theme which can
be toggled in the settings. To improve more privacy taping on automatically
clear option allows you to set what to delete and taping on the below option will allow
you to specify when to delete. Considering the apps minimalistic features
and that it is developed and maintained by the privacy search engine DuckDuckGo makes
it a good and trust-able browser.Next on the list is Tusky For Mastodon which is an Android
client for Mastodon. Columns in mastodon are displayed as tabs,
and you can swipe them to switch between your feed, your notifications, toots from your
instance and toots from everywhere. Pressing on the pencil button will allow you
to create a new toot and the editor also has built-in emojies. Going into the settings the app also has a
light theme, a dark theme and a pitch black theme. The app also has custom emoji sets and supports
many other languages other than English. Taping on the profile image on the sidebar
takes you to your profile. The app also has a few other features which
don’t need much of an explanation. Please checkout the link in the description
to follow me on mastodon.What is a list of Android apps without a launcher?, Shade launcher
is a really minimalist open-source launcher that has an Android Pie style search bar which
can directly take you to the search page on certain installed apps. As, I have Brave browser, DuckDuckGo browser,
and Spotify installed I can select any one of those as the search bar on my home screen. The launcher has custom icon pack support
with a custom icon shape, and has 10 different themes. Back on the home-screen instead of this text
which says press home to search apps, the launcher replaces the text of the most recent
notification that is still unread. This is actually a really cool feature as
it allows to quickly read the most recent unread notification without even pulling the
notification bar. Pulling the app drawer you will see the apps
are automatically categorized into these sections at the top and by clicking them will only
show you those apps which make it easier to find an app you are searching for.What if
you want a simple, private and open-source keyboard without all the new and fancy features? Simple Keyboard is an app which is only available
on F-droid store. Well, as the name suggests it is just a keyboard
and nothing else. Except GBoard, and unlike many other alternative
keyboards to Android, Simple Keyboard does not crash while you are typing and also looks
good. Features like text prediction and swipe typing
aren’t implemented in this keyboard resulting in no typing statics being sent to an external
server that you have no control of. The two important missing features in Simple
Keyboard are emojies and support for other languages. If you are someone who uses a lot of emojies
while typing, Simple Keyboard is not for you, as you will get frustrated very soon.Forecastie
is an open-source whether app that uses OpenWhetherMap to fetch whether in your area. Swiping right will show you whether prediction
for the next day and subsequent days. Taping at the menu and pressing whether map
will show you a visual representation of rainfall, wind and temperature as a map. The app can also display graphs from the whether
forecast. This makes the app really informative. In the settings, you can change to the dark
theme, make the widget transparent, specify the update interval, and provide a custom
OpenWhetherMap API key.QKSMS is the app which inspired me to make this video. It is an amazing replacement for the stock
messages app that comes with your phone. The app is absolutely the best looking messaging
app available on Android. Other than typical SMS and MMS messages, the
app can archive conversations where they are optimized for storing longer periods. The apps schedule feature is the most useful
as it automatically sends certain messages at a later time. QKSMS also has a built-in message blocking
feature where you can configure to automatically hide or delete messages sent from blocked
numbers. The app let’s you choose the theme color from
a predefined material design palette or set a completely custom color. Just like every other app in this list QKSMS
has two themes, light and dark. A pitch black theme can also be enable by
toggling a switch.Finally we have the Tasks app. Tasks is the app where I store all my future
planned videos, todo’s for all my projects and articles to be written in my blog which
you can checkout by visiting The app can sync your todos from Google Tasks
or you can donate the project with as low as 1 dollar per year to have the app sync
to your own Nextcloud server, although you can run the app without any synchronization
at all. The app also has a feature rich task editing
screen where you can set, time, location, priority, category, reminder, and file as
an attachment and a lot more. The app also supports search, and backups
your todos to Google Drive and voice reminds and show todos as calendar events.Other than
the 8 apps that I have shown you now, here are a 4 more open-source Android apps that
didn’t make into the list as they are too popular and you might already know them. Nextcloud and it’s companion apps are Android
clients for the Nextcloud server and all of them are open-source. F-droid is the open-source alternative to
Google Play Store, on F-droid you will only find free and open-source apps. If you support the use and development of
open-source software F-droid is a must have for you. Open Camera is a popular camera app for Android
that gives you more options and control over the stock camera app. If you are thinking to take professional looking
photos on your smartphone then Open Camera is the way to do it. Finally, Lawnchair Launcher is an Android
launcher that adds a few features like custom icon support, blur effect etcetera on top
of the stock Android launcher. We now have a Discord channel, and you are
welcome to join it from the link in the description.So, that was it for this video. Please subscribe and hit the bell icon for
more videos like this. This is Vasanth Developer signing off.

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