Hey, what is going everybody today, I’m bringing you guys a brand new video today. We’re looking at the price point of $600 right. Now, we are a mid-september prices are great for pcs right now all around for CPUs and GPUs. So Let’s get right into it for the first point of the build I chose the AMD. Risin 5 the 1600. This is the 6 core version 3.2 gigahertz. So You’re gonna be getting a pretty quick processor. Also, you’re gonna be getting that 2 extra cores rather than a regular quad-core processor so you’re gonna really have a lot more power and this CPU is especially good if you’re planning on Streaming as well as gaming also editing. It’s good for Processing video and it and stuff like that. So This is a great CPU. It’s coming in at right at a hundred and fifty dollars on Amazon right now Which I think it’s a really good deal to find a CPU. That’s powerful for this price. The second is the motherboard It’s just a random gigabyte motherboard not gonna lie at this price point again. I’m not gonna be going all-out baller for the motherboard It’s only 50 dollars. It does the job 32 gigabyte max memory support it supports raid if you want those multiple hard drives no crossfire or no as SLI for this motherboard, but what can you expect it’s just a budget motherboard $50. You’re not gonna be getting that much It just does the job for the RAM. I actually went with 16 gigabytes of RAM So yeah, I was actually able to fit 16 gigabytes of RAM in this build So at this price point I think it’s important to fit more than 8 gigabytes of RAM Especially with these newer games like Forza coming out that are actually recommending you to have 12 plus gigabytes of RAM So I went with 16 gigabytes. This is for $125 I honestly think it’s a really good deal for what it is I think it’s a good price with the RAM being at 24 hundred megahertz speeds. It’s pretty good I’m sure you can overclock it a little bit too So I think there’s a really good price for 125 dollars right now on you egg next I went for the hard drive I’m not gonna lie. I chipped out a little bit over here. I went with the $20 500 gigabyte Seagate hard drive. Well, the reason I went less is so we have more money to spend on RAM and the graphics card I think you can do with 500 gigabytes and if you can’t do it for now At least you can do it later in the future You can just upgrade and get another 500 gigabyte or just get a terabyte hard drive. It’s not really a big deal I don’t know like 40 50 dollars You can even fit in in this one if you have some extra cash leftover, honestly next for the graphics card This is a big part of this build right now on Newegg. They have a GTX 1063 gigabyte version. This is the wind force Overclocked version so it comes with a good cooling with the two fans. There’s a $20 million rebate So this card is two hundred and five dollars a GTX 1060 even though it’s the three goodbye version a GTX 1060 for two hundred and five dollars is a Really good deal in my opinion and I think you guys should really pick this up for this price point It’s pretty good in it And it’s a beast of a card to be honest, especially for this price point next for the power supply I just went with the regular EVGA the 500 watt 80 plus bronze certified ATX power supply This power supply is great for the GTX cards because it has the PCI power Cords and it’s only $32 for 32 dollars You’re getting a 500 watt 80 80 plus Brown certified power supply which I think is pretty good And it’s an EVGA brand of power supply so it’s not gonna be keeping out on you So I think it’s a good choice last but not least again with all my builds. This is the case So the case at the end of the day is all your decision As long as you just stay within the price point you want to pay for one I don’t think you should pay over fifty dollars for one. This one’s for 31 dollars And this one is a really good-looking case. It has the big glass side panel and it’s a cooling master one So it’s pretty nice too, and I’m pretty sure that little red line You can also exchange it for different colors a couple of benchmarks for this PC that you should be expecting for for night You should be able to get easily Over a 120 FPS for all medium settings 1080p and if you want to bump everything down a low you should easily crack 150 hundred 60 FPS even on 1080p so This is definitely a good PC build especially for for night and future games Also because it’s future proof with that 16 gigabytes of RAM. So if you want to play the new Cod or the Forza Are coming out soon. I think this is build will be perfect so if you enjoyed please drop me a like leave me a comment on what price point out you think I should do next and I hope you guys enjoy the video and I’ll see you guys


  1. I would change the gpu to an rx580. They are currently about $30 cheaper along with being slightly faster than the 1060 6gb which is about 15% faster than the 3gb. I would also suggest getting an unlocked mobo such as a b350 with proper vrm cooling for literally the exact same price. For the cpu a 1400 should be enough for gaming and streaming in many cases and due to the nature of bottlenecks if you don’t plan to stream get a 1200 because it is still fast enough to be bottlenecked by the gpu. I do agree with having 16gb of ram being used but you should have included a wd blue hdd and an ssd before upgrading the ram because 16gb really doesn’t see a performance gain in gaming and is more of a luxury.

  2. I love how people are saying nice fortnite gameplay and performance but your clearly using dakotaz’s gameplay who is using a computer a lot better than $600 lmao

  3. Hello. this is really one of the best budget pc builds i ever saw thanks to you, but i had a few questions like what if i replaced the R5 1600 by 2600, and if its okay to add an ssd? (and which do you honestly prefer amd or intel, why, (and if what you see is better than an i5 8400)

  4. Wtf I thought u were like a 100k youtube channel. U earned a sub dude.
    And a couple questions, any significant difference if I get a 2600 instead of the 1600 Ryzen? And instead of 16gb of 2400 DDr4, can I use 8gb of 3200? And last question, can I replace that graphics card a Radeon 570? Will it be the same performance? Thanks!

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