Best Latest Ongoing Desktop PC / Laptop Tech Offers : April 2019. Good time to buy tech : Episode 1

hey guys today i will be bringing you a
list of all the current offers going on in the tech world right now. To start off
guys- offer 1 EVGA! All EVGA geforce RTX 20 series graphics cards and gtx
1660ti, 1660 and the 1060 graphics cards come with the game- Grip it’s a combat
racing game and you also get an exclusive EVGA vehicle skin with it. I
haven’t heard of this game guys but i did look at the trailer and it did look
really good more than anything it’s free. The game is
also free with power supply units EVGA’s 850 watt + and also h370, B360, Z390 and the x299 Series motherboards. It is valid on all purchases made after Jan 15 2019 till supplies last. So if you have bought an eligible product after Jan 15, then please go and redeem this offer 2: Amazing news for video
editors, graphic designers and budding musicians also. Msi is offering the intel
creator software pack with some of their high-end laptop and gaming CPUs like the
PS42, P65, Trident 3, the aegis 3 and Ti,etc. Inside the creator software pack you
get the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus 2018 I myself am a video editor and animator. And guys let me tell you… MAGIX is one of the best editors out
there!! For musicians you get the DAW amplitude music studio 2017. For
designers you get the coral Painter essentials and the coral Paint Shop Pro
X9. I have personally worked with both of these and it’s one of the most
powerful image editing software out there!! And for editors again- the Magix
fast cut is like an auto edit program, it automatically syncs your video to the
music,etc. I’ve heard it’s good and for game streamers and artists you get the
Magix Youcast – a streaming software and finally you get the PCmover
express it is an easy way to move your stuff from an old PC to a new one. I
don’t know how this works but it is free On the screen is all the eligible
products for this offer. The offer is valid till June 30th 2019. The total
value of the software bundle is around $400+. Next offer 3: with an eligible
MSI gaming monitor the MPG and MAG Series, the ones here…. You get Tom
Clancy’s The Division 2, offer is valid till 15th April 2019. Next Offer 4:
call of duty black ops 4 deluxe edition- free with Asus eligible
motherboards, desktop PCs and laptops. You should have bought it already before
March 10, you have only up to April 12th to redeem. Check the links in the
description. Offer 5: buy any of these EVGA motherboards that you see on the
screen after November 13th 2018 until supplies last and get a copy of Fuze
drive!! Fuzedrive apparently combines your SSD and HDD into a single fully
automated volume and it supposedly considerably increases your speed -it is
worth around $60. Offer 6: Get fortnight this pretty much everybody must know by
now, you should buy it before May 22nd 2019 and redeem it by June 22nd 2019.
It’s valid on 10 series cards from 1050 up to 1070ti the 1080 and the 1080TI
are not included in this offer. Offer 7: get Tom Clancy’s the division 2, free with
AMD ryzen 7 & 5 -2000 series model numbers the campaign period ends on the
6th of April, so hurry -coupon code must be redeemed by June 1st 2019. Offer 8: AMD
Radeon graphics cards and eligible PC computers get up to three games -Resident
Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and The Division 2. This is the eligibility criteria…. with
570 and 580- you only two games. And the last offer
Nvidia’s triple-threat beginning March 5th to April 4th, redeem the code by
May 2nd. So these are the offers guys. I’ll make this video -twice a month and
keep you updated and before buying anything, take a quick look at the video!
So please subscribe- I’ll have links to all the eligible products in the
description. Thank you guys and guys if I have missed out any offer, please mention
in the comments and I will include it in the next video, bye 🙂

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