what’s up guys in this video I’m going
to show you have three best video converters out there so sometimes you
have a video and the file format won’t work on certain devices or websites or
you just want to reduce the file size of your video so we do use filmora as it’s
an excellent video editing software and does allow you to convert all file
formats however we’ve done our research we’ve found two other great options for
video converters that we’re gonna recommend now if you do decide that you
want to use for Mura then you can try your three by click on the link here or
the description box below now I’m gonna give you five seconds to do that well I
take a sip of coffee and if you’re new here go ahead and leave us a comment
below join the community alright let’s get started first off let’s check off the Mara now
if the Mora is a paid alternative but it is a video editing software so you get
the added benefit of being able to make edits to your video before converting it
it’s also easy to use and straightforward compared to the other
converters I’m going to talk about so in order to do this in film Aarya you’re
going to want to import a video file so you can click on import import media
files then you can drag and drop the video file down into the timeline and
now it’s ready to be converted so you can go ahead and click on export when
you go to convert your video under the export tab you will see all the
different types of options you have when converting your file you simply select
the file format you want for example mp4 then you can change the
settings of the video if you want to reduce the size of your video you can do
that by either selecting a smaller resolution or choosing a lower bitrate
when you select ok you will then get a preview of how small your video file
will be before exporting it now let’s have a look at handbrake the number one
thing that people love about the software is that it’s free it also does
an awesome job at reducing the file size of a video while maintaining the image
quality another great thing with handbrake is
the presets if you plan on converting a whole bunch of files that it’s nice to
have a preset that you can select over and over and over without having to
manually change the settings again and again you can also do batch conversions
which is a big time saver some of the downsides are that the interface can be
a little scary at first if you don’t know much about video codecs resolutions
and formats and if you do end up needing help well then you can’t count on tech
support because there isn’t any you will need to do some research on YouTube and
Google to figure out how to do something so to convert a video file in handbrake
you want to first click on open source then click on select file and choose
which file you want to convert and click on open
to do a quick and easy conversion I suggest selecting one of the presets
that best suits your conversion needs then click on browse and select where
you want to save the file to and rename it then click on start encoder now we’re
going to check out VLC player technically VLC player is more so used
to playback media files but it can also be used to convert your video files over
the years I’ve personally used the software and I found that it handles
every file format out there I’ve never had trouble opening a file when using
VLC so one of the downsides is that VLC has an interface that’s out of date and
that a beginner might have trouble navigating when you open up the software
you won’t see any sort of convert or export buttons on the interface we will
have to go digging into the menus to find what you’re looking for to convert
a video file and VLC you will want to click on media in the top left then
select the convert save option now you want to add the video file that you want
to convert by clicking on add then select convert in the bottom right if
you want to change the codec or file format you can select the profile drop
down menu or click on the settings to create a custom profile then select
where you want to save your file to and then click on start there you have
it those are the three options I recommend for converting your videos
thanks so much for watching don’t forget to comment like and subscribe and we’ll
see you next time

97 thoughts on “Best FREE VIDEO CONVERTERS of 2018

  1. Filmora ….plz …filmora finally i pray to u….
    plz create and give curtain transitions effect pack…

    replay plz
    i love filmora

  2. sigh D: just if the filmora watermark is on the corner and a little smaller cuz it takes up the hole video plz filmora plz

  3. Wich format do you recommend for best quality when exporting? And if I have a processor intensive project and a very slow computer do I must convert first for smooth play prior to import?

  4. I was reading through the comments. And I have to say you and your whole team are impressive! And here's why. I saw a few people asking for effects and you responded which I find it funny. Because almost all editor teams will only respond to comments who they find more appealing to them. You in the other hand. You get involved and actully hear what people who bought and or just use your editor for whatever. So I wanted to acknowledge that because I just find it amazing.

  5. I got a new computer but I can’t use Filmora because it won’t let me even if I try using the email that I used to buy it

  6. Why can't you guys just simply add a text option, I wanted to create a video with text and I had to go to another website, save that image of the text, and put it in the Filmora timeline. But just when I uploaded the video, the screen was black, and there was no text, why is it that hard to just make an option to add REGULAR text, and not only text for intros. Please reply as soon as possible.

  7. Hey i have got my computer stolen where i had the license, And i olny bought license for 1 pc, can i use it agian on my new pc?

  8. can someone help me, when finish editing my video i click on export and filmora crashes, it says filmora isnt responding, what should i do everytime when i click on export filmora crashes

  9. With last upgrades I have problems when I save my projects I just lost hours of work wich I might not be abel to do again and only once but 3 times since last "upgrades"

  10. Greetings from India !
    I had seen in your videos that Filmora is starting very quickly and even exporting also very speed.
    But in my computer, it was starting slowly and exporting also taking long time
    My computer is with 4GB Ram. Is this the problem or anything other ?

  11. I wish 8.5.1 did a better job with variable frame rate video sources like the iPhone 6. Panning almost always gets choppy, even when matching rates at 29.97.

  12. new subscriber here. I needed this video. I have a video that is over 1hr long 4.70gbs and working on getting the video copied to a DVD-r and send to the performers of a benefit concert i videoed and photographed last year in April (yes, still at it.) i have tried flash drives sticks and still says file is too large and need so much space to copy the video. But wondering. I don't think i could use fimora since the file format of that video is MP4. i would have to use the other two options.

  13. Hey I just wanted to ask if you guys can give me some feedbacks on few of my vids. I really need to have real feedbacks so I could improve my editing/videos.

  14. Congrats on 140K! I legitimately feel as though someone could easily grow a decent beginning YouTube following off of handbrake tutorials!!

  15. Ain't these kinds of video best to do near the end of the year?

    So new competitors get in on the action?

    Or just change the video title too The best video converters of 2017


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  18. how to gradually increase the volume of an audio track from its original volume e.g. if I have an audio track that's at volume 3 and I split it into two audio tracks, how do I make the second one go from speed 3 to 6 like a fade in effect? 🙂

  19. I have used Wondershare Filmora for a year now and bought it and everything but, i can across a bug where i try to open it and it says error 345 and i am very confused, i have recently started using SONY VEGAS PRO 14 now but, it would be appreciative to tell what is wrong

  20. I immediately recognized this 5 second beeping @0:38. It's exactly the one used in ISS Detector mobile app for beeping 5 seconds before any visible sighting or flare (iridum and ISS flares) is going to happen.
    Love that 🙂

  21. Xilisoft is by far, the most functional converter with superior results but it's not free. Wondershare is a piece of crap. If you insist on Wondershare, then install the software and immediately uninstall it because it will prompt you to buy it at 50% off. Lol…shady company. If you need a video editor, that's a different story.

  22. The best video converter! Converts to almost every video file type. Get it here while it's still cheap!

  23. The Best FreeVideo Converter for Windows 10 ->

  24. I don't know about you lot out there. but I am sick to death of companies using the word FREE! to con people to deceive people, to lie to people, to make out they are giving you something free when they are not. Do they not understand what the word FREE means, what it defines. Apparently not. So let me educate them in the word FREE and what it stands for.
    When you use the word FREE in giving something or excepting something you are saying, There our no strings attached to it. You do not have to sign up to anything, Give your email, Accept anything, Agreed to anything, Be bombarded with advertising, Or asked repeatedly when you turn the program on or off to upgrade, Or to donate, To pay, To be spied upon, To allow the company to use your phone, Read your email, Look at your photos.

    Because it is FREE. government have taken Facebook to account, now it's about time they took all these companies who offer free apps or software, I'm not talking about free downloads, I'm talking about free software they must make it crystal clear what they are doing.

    As far as I can see, all free apps are spyware, Windows 10 is a spy computer that you pay to have in your home to spy on you. you actually pay to be spied upon buying Windows 10. it started way back in Windows 8 the app.
    that's when spyware started, open your eyes and before you accept an app read what you are accepting.
    One I looked at, wanted to use my phone, read my email as well as control my phone and email, wanted to look at my photos , that is not free, that is spyware and the government should be stopping it, but they are not they are endorsing it because they want to spy on you as well. Then they talk about the freedom of people to choose to be free. that having a bloody laugh, and it just shows you how many brainwashed people there are out there who are willing to accept this Big Brother attitude, every smartphone is a spyware to watch where you were going what you are doing. you people really need especially you young people you are so willing to give up your privacy just so you can have the latest mobile phone and be in the in crowd to follow the sheep to the slaughter. it's no wonder the majority of young people voted to stay in the EU, it's not rocket science to understand what's going on.

    In the 70s I used to say when I died there will be no intelligent life on this planet, I said it then as a joke and I meant it as a joke I was not taking myself seriously as a young man, but it is coming to the end of 2018 I am 63 years old and I cannot say that looking at you lot and the way you behave as a joke any longer.

    You all moan about the society you live in yet you'll do not think to change it, in case it upsets that Little greedy selfish world you live in. it's no wonder your society is in such a mess, it's not rocket science is just basic common sense which does not exist within the young people of today.

  25. Handbrake won't accept the mp4 video or the mpeg file I processed through Windows Movie Maker. I can't upload my video to YouTube. What can I do ? I am still operating with Windows 7.

  26. I have filmora 9 and it won't let me export my video to YouTube. When I click export, it asks me to purchase any of the offers presented to get rid of the watermark, but it won't give me an option to export without doing so.

  27. I have tried all the free ones, they are all crap! been trying to convert an MPG HD file to MP4, even the ones that work say it will take 5 hours plus! Like most things it's all about the money, even tried a paid one and that was no better!

  28. I use Avdshare Video Converter to convert, play or edit video and music files like MP4, FLV, AVCHD, AVI, MOV, MTS, MXF, MKV, WebM, etc

  29. In using one of those converters. Can I convert windows movie maker in to my powerpoint? That's what I'm having problems with. Thank you and God-bless

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