49 thoughts on “Best Facebook Live Stream Software for Mac and PC? Late 2017 Review!

  1. Hi Justin, it is really a nice video, but I prefer OBS studio it is free and open source , I made Tutorials about it on my channel https://goo.gl/sr9L1m

  2. Another super-thorough review from you Justin! Thanks for comparing all 6 solutions! I appreciate that you talked about the different package pricing options as well.

  3. Solid Gold review Justin – As Always! Question about LiveLeap – you said it will allow me to go LIVE on multiple groups/pages at the same time and are these only groups/pages that I admin or that I belong to. Thanks my friend.

  4. Amazing Video! Thanks a lot. Right pace for giving an overview and showing the top-features! Cool production with talking head and screencasts. Subscirbed!! I wish you a good week 🙂

  5. #AskJustin
    Hi Justin, I was using Open Camera on my android device (6.0 marshmallow) but I can't see where is the default storage of the app. I want to change it so I can change the default storage to SD Card. Can you help me? Thanks

  6. Thanks for the video. What do you use to add the colored lighting on your wall behind your book stand and lamp? Thanks for the video!

  7. Hi Justin, thanks for this thoroughly explained show I have a question , please while we are live can we insert show video or play music and show that during live chat or interview and please guide me step by step as i am planning to go with your software. Thanks a lot Blessing

  8. Such awesome information, Justin! So very appreciated. One question – for those of us who already have a gotowebinar subscription, is there a way to go live with that?

  9. Hi Justin,Thanks for your videos,I am using Wirecast Pro 8.3 but when i want to go live on facebook page It pop up an error "Facebook Server Error" Please how can you help me?
    Here is my email: [email protected] @Justin Brown

  10. Obs has a problem… When launching the live lags…. Also starts playing automatically when captures signal from the source…. The synchs can take few seconds which mean when I go live I already lost few seconds from the beginning. Obs doesn't have play at will feature which is bad specially if you are streaming live music sets.

  11. Dear Grace I use to watch your videos at any time. But I just want to know that your camera model that use to make this video because of look very nice resolution! thanks.

  12. Great video, but is Ecam Live a bait and switch? I downloaded the trial version to be certain it would work with my hardware. Once confirmed, I went to purchase it, and suddenly the price went from $29 to $79. That certainly doesn't indicate that the company has an ethics in their business practices. Has anyone else had this issue?

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