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  1. Beelink X45 Premium and X55 Ultimate unboxing and review. Buy X45 here: http://bit.ly/2NJ6fpI X55 here: http://bit.ly/2wGmLQC Video index: 01:15 – Unboxing
    02:47 – Design
    04:13 – Internals
    05:43 – Unlocked bios
    06:13 – Windows & devices
    07:39 – Benchmarks
    08:33 – Thermals
    09:55 – Real world performance
    12:04 – 4k tests
    14:20 – 720p & 1080p gaming
    15:21 – Linux test
    15:43 – DPTF & TDP tweak
    16:30 – Final words
    16:39 – Pros & Cons listed

  2. hi Chris, i just recently bought the x45 6GB of memory model, and for my need's it's perfect. Would you mind clarifying if the msata drive is for sure upgradeable as you stated in video, and is there a limit on size if it can be swapped out. many thanks in advance.

  3. Hi great videos I`m looking for a mini pc for Cloud gaming would you recommend this pc or something else or is this overkill thanks

  4. Super Great review! Have you ever tested a Zotac Nano? The new Ci329 has the Gemini Lake processor and the barebones model is dirt cheap I run an older Ci323 and even editing videos it never gets over 65C ( and yes you can edit videos on these little PC's in Openshot). No fans a lot of ports and about the same size. Yep, you have to supply the RAM up to 8GB and an SSD which takes about 5 minutes to install..

  5. My BeeLink AP34 was able to be attached to my 65 inch Sony with industrial strength Velcro. These units are starting to get a bit too tall for that. All in all though looks like a nice unit. Good review, thanks.

  6. Yes, you cam call them and tell them you are dissatisfied. Can't wait to talk with "Whitney" from gearbest. If I'll understand her english?

    Good idea to call "Whitney" from Chona, real traditional surname like Mao, ….

  7. This was a really good review. I get Your point on why You wouldn't want to spend the extra money on the higher end rig. What small area of the market is that tiny bit of extra performance going to be soooo beneficial to You that the extra hundred makes it the PERFECT fit. Thanks as always.

  8. I just clicked on the links and the x55 is on sale. Both are about the same price right now. I really like that these models can be upgraded. Not a fan of soldered on components.

  9. Nice review, the minipc also looks great. Few questions though (favor-like):

    -would you use cpu-z app to bench X55 (after BIOS tweaks)? I've got 159/495pts (single thread/multi thread) on a last year N3450 Apollo Lake and thinking if I could get any decent change in performance – I am talking about some pixelart indie games, cause the multimedia are working well already;
    -can you connect any BT speaker and play any game with it? As form mine I have problem – when the CPU overload is heavy then BT starts to stutter.

  10. I would have rather bought this than my i5-8250u laptop (which I mostly use as a desktop), had this been available 7 months ago. For basic office and videos, man this is great value for money.

  11. Hmmm… Intel NUCs with J5005 are quite cheap right now. Throw in a decent SSD (not that terrible one of the Beelink), RAM and you are good to go. Better idea than taking the risk of importing stuff from China (warranty etc.). Linux support seems good so Windows not necessary for browsing the web and doing other light stuff. Kubuntu 18.10 already works well right now on my machines (notebooks and netbooks).

  12. Hi Chris, first time here to comment with one question.
    Can you use an external GPU with the half mpcie slot?
    Thank you, if is possibile i hope to see your test.

  13. even ancient Mac Mini 2014 base model is quicker than this 🙁 I would recommend spend extra few £$ and but it rather than this thing for £200

  14. As always top notch review and video, thanks !
    Would you consider buying a more expensive mini-pc like a i5-8250U for desktop use (office, web surfing, video) or do you think the X55 will already do the job ?
    I hate fan noise by the way and heard that the i5-8250U could be noisy with certain fan configuration.
    Any feedback will be warmly welcome 🙂

  15. Hi, thank you for an excellent presentation. Do you know if it is possible to run a 2nd OS on either the basic or premium version of the X45? e.g. from an mSATA SSD (basic) or a 2.5'' SSD (basic/premium)?

  16. Hi, I've just order the x55 version for $207 which is alot cheaper when you initially reviewed. I am wanting to get the most out of it to play Dota 2 on lowest 1080p settings, can you advise how i change the TDP and DPTF settings on the x55 please and what your setting recommendation would be. Thanks in advance

  17. if you do any beelink review, please please show more of the bios, because thats always the weakest point of a beelink product.
    also did they finally got wake-on-lan working?

  18. Just ordered the 128gb 6gb ram version from aliexpress. Cheaper than everywhere else at £133 and only took 8 days to arrive.

  19. Is there a way to enter bios or factory reset this unit with no display? I rolled back the graphics driver now when I turn on the unit my tv says no signal making it impossible to trouble shoot.

  20. Beelink X45 Premium , what a piece of Garbage. I bought one and it died in 3 hours of turning it on. The software deleted itself. Beelink pointed me to some files to download and install but they are incomplete. The system files are missing. So now I have a $230 dollar paperweight on my desk that can only get to its BIOS. I want my money back. I want a REFUND.

  21. Would this work as a PlayOn server? I'm currently using a Dell XPS 8500 machine for this purpose, and it's overkill. All the machines needs to do is capture video streams live and store them on an external drive. It will then act like a media server for anyone that wants to watch the videos. I have metered internet so I'm trying to limit people streaming the same video multiple times.

  22. can't wait should be getting my x45 they now have a bios fix from sept 30 last year only weeks after the review. x55 cant be purchased till Q3 2019 now because of shortages of chips another company has same problem getting j5005 chips from intel supplier. however j4105 vs j5005 only 12% benefit on the j5005 so can not be to much benefit except extra 2gb ram x55 brings.

  23. my battery arrived loose the adhesive was not pressed down and now they instead mounted onto a usb port not mainboard anymore. also my sata cable was pre attatched inside not loose in the box and they also attatched this with tape on the lid to one side. however i think hard drive must be formated before installation because i kept getting failure messages with new hard drive placed inside.

  24. On X45, possible to replace the 128GB ssd by larger one ?
    Windows license is on Bios/Motherboard for reinstallation ?

  25. Chris, some units have a yellow usb port on the front for fast charging (bc1.2), can that also be used for data transfer? Thanks!

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