Baryon $1500 Gaming PC Build – August 2016

Hey guys, this is Austin. Welcome to the Baryon. This is a $1,500 gaming PC and
it hits an interesting spot. If you spend a lot more than this, you’re really gonna hit the
law of diminishing returns. Sure, you can spend $2,000,
$3,000, $4,000 on a gaming PC; however, it’s really not gonna perform that much better than something like this. Kicking things off, we have
the Intel Core i5-6600K. Now, when it comes to a gaming CPU, it’s hard to beat a Core i5. Not only is this a quad core chip based on Intel’s latest Skylake process, but it’s also fully overclockable. So, outta the box, you’re getting a clock
speed of 3.5 gigahertz. However, throw a little
bit of extra juice at it and you’re gonna get well above
four gigahertz, no problem. You can upgrade to a Core i7; however, there is very little difference in performance when it comes to games. The main reason to spend
an extra $100 on the i7 is if you want to do more intense tasks, such as video editing. To keep things cool, we have a
Hyper 612 from Cooler Master. This is a fairly beefy heatsink. It has six copper heat pipes
and it not only runs quiet, but it also gives you lots
of room for overclocking. The real star of the show is that EVGA GeForce
GTX 1070 graphics card. This thing is no joke. Not only is it based on NVIDIA’s
new Pascal architecture, which means that it’s fast
and it clocks really high, but it’s also the EVGA
SuperClocked variety, which means that it’s clocked even faster than the stock version. It’s outfitted with eight
gigabytes of GDDR5 memory, which is more than pretty much any game is using at this point. Now, on top of that, this
thing is seriously fast. As you’ll see a little bit later on, it pushes some crazy pixels. The Baryon can also handle VR. So, I’m using the Oculus Rift right now; however, it also is totally
compatible with the HTC Vive. And not only does it run
it completely smooth, but it’s actually quite a
bit above the minimum spec, which means that this should be able to handle VR for quite a while to come. Yeah! You can also kill stuff
too, that’s the best part. For the motherboard, we
have the ASUS Z170-A. Now, I’ve gotta say this is probably my favorite motherboard out right now. Not only is it fairly cheap, but it has all the features
you might want and then some. You’ve got plenty of USB ports, including a dedicated
3.1 and a USB Type-C, you have an M.2 slot for a super fast SSD, which we’re using for this
build, and it’s an ASUS board, which means that it’s built well and it’s gonna get plenty of BIOS updates. It’s a really solid all around package. For memory, we’re using 16 gigabytes of Corsair Vengeance LPX memory. Now, 16 gigabytes is actually kind of overkill for gaming rig. It’s really more for being
able to do extra stuff like video editing or, you
know, using Google Chrome. (rapid mouse clicking) For the SSD, we have
something a little different. This is a 256 gigabyte Samsung 950 PRO. Now, as an NVMe drive, this is way faster than any other normal SATA SSD. You’re looking at write speeds of around one gigabyte per second and read speeds well over
1.5 gigabytes per second. This is one seriously quick drive. Backing it up, we have the
one terabyte WD Black hard drive. Now, this is going to give you
some much needed extra space in addition to the SSD. It might not be as fast,
but it’s a perfect place to store extra Steam games
and other random files that you don’t need to keep on the SSD. Powering everything is a 750 watt EVGA SuperNOVA power supply. This is going to be more than
enough for the build as-is, as well as if you want
to do some upgrades. It’s 80 PLUS gold rated
and it’s a modular supply, which means that you can have some nice, neat cable management;
or not, it’s up to you. Housing the Baryon is the
Fractal Design Define S. I really like this case. Not only is it a large chassis with plenty of room for upgrades, but it also has some really
nice cable management options. Pair with that nice big window, you can show off your
build in all its glory. This can handle some
pretty intense 4K gaming. So, in GTA V, we’re able to
play on very high settings at 4K at around 54 frames per second. Moving on to Shadow of Mordor, the 4K train keeps on rolling. So, here we’re able to
play on ultra settings and we’re still getting
around 52 frames per second. Jump into The Witcher 3 and we do have to turn the settings down to high at 4K; however, the game still looks fantastic and we’re getting about
40 frames per second. Moving to a DirectX 12 game, we have Ashes of the Singularity, which really does put a
lot of stress on the system. Here though, on extreme settings at 4K, we’re getting 42 frames per second. At $1,500, the Baryon really does hit the sort of high end sweet spot. As always, I will have all
the links you guys need in the description of this video. And if you enjoyed, make sure to subscribe for more PC builds like this.

100 thoughts on “Baryon $1500 Gaming PC Build – August 2016

  1. I'm looking to build my first PC, so what do you guys think of these parts?

  2. Hi all, I'm looking to build my first PC and I'm trying to keep everything (minus OS and peripherals) under $1000. Going for an all white look. Here's my current build, please give me comments or suggestions!

  3. Ok please read this request newegg and microcenter are cheaper pc shops a core i7 regular price is 400-500 dollers but in microcenter its 265-330 ok so use newegg or microcenter

  4. Need Opinions on my build
    (OS Peripherals and monitor are just to show what going to be conected to the pc)
    Or schould i Wait for Vega GPU and change the CPU for an Ryzen 7 1700

    Pc Use:
    Mainly Gaming And some Editing/Recording/Streaming from time to time

    Games i Play Most:
    Rise of the Tombraider
    Tomb Raider
    Battlefield 1
    Battlefield 4
    Minecraft + Shaders
    Gta 5
    Far Cry 3
    World of Tanks

    Editing/Recording Software
    Sony Vegas
    Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

  5. I'm planning on building this pc but then with a gtx1080 and i7 7600k because I think that games will probably allow the use of more cores in the near future and I want to be kind of future proof CPU wise (also gpu wise) planning on upgrading storage and ram later. Is that upgrade worth it or should I just spend a little less on this PC?

  6. Would i do perfekt i7 1060 build or i7 1070 build witch have other componets like shit? And other question is 1060 or RX480 new 1080p ultra graphic games.

  7. would it be possible to build a 4k ready pc for around 1200 euro,having modern games at high settings at 4k with a good framer at?

  8. you can make today with 1500 gaming pc with i7 7700k, gtx 1080, 16 ddr4 , 1tb+ 200 ssd, and a nice case at 60-70 $, 50-60 power suply $ , aand an decent monitor with 180-200 $

  9. Who of you can give me a hand with the specs to build a PC for radio and / or audio production??

  10. "I like the z170 motherboard not only is it fairly cheap"
    The motherboard itself costs more then my graphics card… (i have a 1050)

  11. You can get a similar build with a 1080 ti for the same price as the computer

  12. "Sure you can spend 2, 3, 4 thousand dollars on a gaming pc, however it's really not going to perform that much better than something like this" Yeah right.

  13. i want to but mine in a dell optiplex so badly but the optiplext has the io sheild built in to the case i belive

  14. This really turns me off to your builds, yes this video was made almost a year ago, but there are much better options. I can shave a few dollars off of the budget and comfortably game at 4k:

    Intel Core i7 7700k @ 4.2 Ghz (You'll be able to OC with the z270-A)
    Cooler Master – Hyper T2 (Not watercooled but fairly decent)
    MSI – Z270-A PRO ATX LGA1151 (Combo this boy with the 7700k)
    16 GB DDR4 Corsair Vengance LPX @ 3200Mhz (The best/affordable ram out there)
    WD Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM (Used this to shave off the dollars, you'll want an SSD for the OS but this'll be great for games, especially If you get a second one and put it on RAID)
    GEFORCE GTX 1080 TI 11 GB GDDR5 VRAM (Insane GPU for 4k Gaming)
    NZXT S340 (ATX Isn't oversized or too small, I've built In this before, works well)
    Corsair – CXM 750W (The one I chose Is bronze certified, but you'll never need more watts If you need to upgrade, because you wont)

    Smaller price, but able to Max Out Games, and Tear through Video @ 4k.


  16. I shared this video to my friend who has a budget of 2000 dollars, then he can spend about 250 dollars on a monitor and a another 250 dollars for pereferails.

  17. You could just get 8 core Ryzen, watercooled GTX 1080 and CPU AIO watercooler for that price…..

  18. Can some one please answer this question?!!!!

    Why da F*** did the Hadron score less than this $1500 gaming PC? Can someone explain that to me please?

  19. I know this sounds weird but if you were going for a more "gaming" pc I would recommend getting an 850 evo or something and you would probably be able to fit in a gtx 1080

  20. Build a Baryon 2.0 Gaming PC please!!!!!!!!

    Ryzen 7 1800X
    32GB RAM
    RX Vega 56 GPU
    240GB M.2 SSD from Corsair
    1TB Hard Drive
    Ryzen Motherboard
    Case and PSU

  21. Here's what I made:
    CPU: Intel core i7-7700k $319.88
    COOLER: Corsair H100i v2 $109.99
    MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte – GA-Z270X-DESIGNARE $139.99
    MEMORY: Kingston FURY 16gb $149.99
    HARD DRIVE: Hitachi – Ultrastar 7K3000 2TB $56.50
    GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 founders edition $399.99
    Case: Phanteks Enthoo pro M tempered glass $109.98
    POWER SUPPLY: SeaSonic PRIME gold 1000w $179.99
    Total: $1466.31

  22. My budget was 1500€, now 1600€. Got The same video card. AMD am4 Ryzen 5 1600. EVGA supernova g3 650w 80+ gold. Gigabyte aorus ax370 gaming k5. Corsair vengeance lpx 16GB 3000mhz. 120gb SSD Sandisk plus. Creative gaming soundblaster x AE 5. 3TB 7200rpm harddrive. Corsair carbide BY special 04. Be quiet pure wings 120mm. Led strip 30cm rgb.

  23. I'm looking at PC and just for 1080p so would a RX 570,core i7 7700k,ssd 500gb, 600watts psu, a random case,(still looking for fans and motherboard be good) and 8gb ram be good? I might have missed something not sure but please anyone reply really need to know if this will be good?

  24. 3:09 S (named ess /ɛs/,[1] plural esses[2]) is the 19th letter in the Modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

  25. i have a system with an rtx 2070, i7 8700k, 32 gb ram and an nvme ssd that i got for 1.5k, this is trash at least get a 1080

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