Barbara finds her spiritual home [Open Source Stories: Art of Exchange]

So, often I don’t think I can stand this another moment because living at the intensity that I do is quite a wearing business. And I think I must move. -Barbara is an 86-year-old woman who lives in the block of flats next to Tate Modern. So she’s actually looking at Tate Exchange from her home. Well, I would have great difficulty in describing it because at a kind of cognitive level I don’t understand it at all. -I think for Barbara… I think it was, I think it was this human connection. That again, I think she came in and had no expectation and had no idea what was going to happen to her. -I found myself in a situation where space, non-threatening space, had been provided, and the opportunity for dialogue, on a topic, could have been anything. -Anybody visiting Tate Exchange can take a seat at those tables. And anybody who does so will get drawn into a conversation. -So as I approached the table, I think there were three people seated there at the time I bounced up and said, “Well, here I am, the ephemeral personified.” You know, that I could pop off at any moment. I really do feel now at my age seriously ephemeral. Definitely passing through. -She spent all day with us on the floor, and she did choose all the different tables and moved around. And she was saying, “This has just changed things for me. I’m reconsidering leaving the area.” How could I possibly consider moving from here? This is my spiritual home.

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