AViiQ: Maker of the World’s Thinnest Laptop Stand

In todays day and age everything is so quick, the moment ya know? Why should your work experience and the ability to move be any different? The AViiQ brand started actually from my own personal experience traveling. Being a mobile professional actually comes with a lot of demands. Inherently the mobile user is always on the go. and when theyre on the go they have to remain productive. Personally, I like to travel as light as possible But that comes with a compromise of having all the things that you would normally have on your desk. Nowadays, you’re not stuck down to your desk anymore Youre working from the airport, youre working on the airplane, youre working in your hotel room, youre working in a coffee shop. You have to be constantly agile and mobile and the AViiQ laptop stands allows you to adapt to those situations. Since its portable you pull it out of your bag, it uses very little space, you pull it out of the micro-fibre sleeve It unfolds like an accordion, almost like origami. The top edge folds underneath itself and then clips in. You set it on the table, set your laptop on it and youre ready to go. The laptop stand actually is one of those things I cannot do without. Without any compromise in weight and without any compromise in the ergonomics that I demand. Gravity is a force that effects us all day long whether were sitting down, standing, walking, running, lying down the posture that youre in is what dictates how gravity effects your body Ideally when you’re using a laptop you want your wrists at a zero degree angle What raising the laptop up twelve degrees does is it moves that negative angle back to zero. Which allows your shoulders and elbows to rest and it takes a lot of the strain out of your neck and upper back. The AViiQ laptop stand lifts the laptop up off the surface that youre working on Allowing for natural airflow to cool your laptop. The material used in the AViiQ laptop stand is called Highlight and it was originally developed for use in automotive design. Im sure the developers and people that own the patent of Highlight werent expecting someone to say we wanna make a laptop stand out of that
But if functioned and works great. So if youre the guy thats always bombarded at the office A lot of times, working outside of the office can be as, or more productive than being in the office. and the AViiQ products actually allow you to do that on your terms.

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