ASUS VivoBook 15 vs Acer Aspire 5. The Best Budget Laptop under $400 with Intel Core i3-8145U CPU ?

hey guys how’s it going? so in today’s
video we are going to pick two budget laptops against each other so on one
hand we have the Acer Aspire 5 which is currently the best-selling laptop on
Amazon and on the other hand we have the Asus Revo book 15 which claims to be the
best thin and light laptop in the market so which one of these two will come out
on the top let’s find out so both of these are excellent budget
laptops and they bring a lot to the table as fire five and vevo book 15 they
come in various configurations you can choose between various SKUs of the intel
and AMD processor but in this video i am going to keep things simple so i have
picked the best budget configuration for both these laptops asus viva book
configuration will cost you $400 and as similarly spect acer 5 will cost you
$350 both these laptops are rockin the same identical cpu
it’s the Intel Core i3 eight one four five u now this is a great CPU choice in
this price range similarly both laptops use identical Intel integrated graphics
chipset it’s the UHD 620 and this is great for 4k video streaming and also
for casual gaming in tell us d620 graphics also supports hardware
accelerated video encoding this is very useful for running Photoshop and for
running video editing software like the Vinci resolved or you know the Adobe
suite so this is a great combination of CPU and GPU chip set both laptops come
with a crippled version of Windows 10 operating system now Microsoft calls
this Windows 10 s mode the S mode probably stands for suck mode or shit
mode it stinks and you should get rid of it as soon as possible
fortunately it’s very easy to upgrade from s mode to regular Windows 10 Home
Edition and it is completely free you can find step-by-step instructions in my
full review of Acer 5 which I have linked below in the description and
using those steps you can convert your Windows 10 S mode to Windows 10 Home
Edition now when it comes to system RAM issues Revo book comes with 8 gig ram
while the Acer Aspire 5 comes with only 4 gig ram you cannot run Windows 10
smoothly with only 4 gig ram so asus definitely scores few points over asa
because it’s providing double the RAM fortunately it’s
very easy to upgrade the RAM on Acer laptop in order to do that you will have
to open the back of the laptop if you have never done it before don’t worry
it’s very easy all you have to do is get a Phillips screwdriver and remove about
a dozen screws on the back then using an old credit card or a plastic knife pry
open the back of the laptop now this will give you direct access to the
memory slots Acer laptop has one dim slot available for memory upgrade
interestingly Acer has soldered the existing four gig ram to the motherboard
so this soldered Ram cannot be removed but you can add additional aid cake or
even sixteen gig ram in the available din slot if you choose to do so then you
will end up with either eight plus four so that’s twelve gig of system ram or 16
plus four that is 20 gig of system ram upgrading the lamp will dramatically
improve the performance of your acer 5 laptop and i highly encourage that you
do it i will throw a link in the description below of compatible memory
module that you can buy from Amazon and that will work with Acer 5 laptop and
you can check out their prices on Amazon now remember RAM is really cheap 8ki
gram goes for like 30 bucks so I highly encourage that you know you upgrade the
RAM because it dramatically improves the performance of the laptop by the way you
can also upgrade the RAM on Asus leave a book just like Acer you can open the
back of this laptop and you have access to the 10 slot so just like Acer issues
has also solved the 4 gig ram to the motherboard and the remaining 4 gig ram
is residing on the DEM slot you can replace this four kick ram with a
compatible 8 gig ram and bring up the total memory of your issues laptop to 12
gig ram link to compatible memory modules is in the description below
unlike Acer Asus only allows a maximum of 12 gig ram so unfortunately you can’t
max out the Asus laptop 220 gig ram so both these laptops have 128 gig of
internal SSD storage it’s a fast PCIe nvme SSD which is really awesome because
fast SSDs help you know windows boot really fast so your laptop will resume
from suspend and if you are rebooting your laptop it will do that very quickly
fast SSD is a must-have feature in any laptop in 2019 even if
you are buying a budget laptop always stay away from laptops which use the
old-school hard drives hard drives have a slow read/write speed and this makes
your overall laptop experience suck big time
remember hard drives have a mechanical spinning wheel and that makes your
laptop noisy it also makes your laptop less reliable and the battery life also
takes in o style by the way if you want to upgrade the SSD storage you will have
to replace this existing 128 gigabyte of SSD and this is because the laptop does
not have a second SSD slot so you will have to replace this existing 128
gigabyte with either a 512 or a 1 terabyte of ASIST II now this really
sucks I wish you know these laptop makers you know provided a second SSD
slot and this is true for both Acer and Asus both these laptops give you only
one m dot 2 slot and that slot is already occupied with a 128 gigabyte of
SSD and I will throw a link in the description of compatible SSDs that you
can buy if you are interested in upgrading the storage but remember that
you know when you get a new SSD you will have to replace the older SSD and that
means you will also have to clone the SSD and put the operating system image
in the new SSD so the assistive that I am linking below in the description that
comes with a software a cloning software and you can use that software to clone
your SSD now moving on to the build quality of these laptops both these
laptops are made of polycarbonate and they feel quite sturdy they feel solid
in hands and there is no creaking or bending now it’s not a unibody metal or
carbon-fiber design but you should not expect this at this price point so asus
vivo book weighs about three and a half pounds and that is about half a pound
lighter than the Acer Aspire which weighs close to four pounds both these
laptops have 15.6 inch full HD display the display is LED backlit and it has a
resolution of 1920 by 1080 but the similarity ends here Acer Aspire 5 comes
with a really nice IPS panel which clocks 200 nits of brightness the screen
is plenty bright has good contrast and produces vibrant colors the text looks
sharp and the images and videos look punchy unfortunately the screen on Asus
is not an IPS panel this is screen is less bright and only output 115 it
brightness next to a sir the colors looked less vibrant and washed out
issues provides an anti-glare coating on the screen and this does help in you
know reducing the reflections but it also ends up making the screen look very
dull I will definitely give this round to ASA because ASA aspire has a much
better screen than Asus okay now let’s talk about the keyboard and the trackpad
so both these laptops they have good full sized backlit keyboard I’m a huge
fan of backlit keyboards because they allow you to type in any lighting
scenario so this is really great for students if you are taking notes in
classroom or a conference room you know where it may be like a PowerPoint
show or a slide show and if the room is dark you will have no trouble typing the
keys don’t feel mushy and provide good tactile feedback Asus vive book has a
very unique hinge which Asus calls forego lift so when the laptop is fully
opened the keyboard gets slightly raised this definitely improves the typing
experience the trackpad on both these laptops are large and support
multi-finger gestures and they come with Windows precision drivers Asus also
provides a fingerprint sensor for password let’s login and I think that’s
a added bonus I will have to give this round two issues because of the
ergonomic friendly hinged and also the presence of the fingerprint sensor both
these things are missing in a set a spare five laptop now let’s talk about
ports both these laptops have wide selection of ports you get the USB
type-c port as well as the old-school USB 3 daughter and two daughter ports
both these laptops come with the HDMI port for connecting to an external
monitor now issues also comes with a micro SD card
slot which I really like and unfortunately this is not present in the
Acer Aspire laptop but on the other hand the Acer comes with an Ethernet port
which is missing in the Asus vevo book so given a choice between the Ethernet
port and the SD card slot I will definitely take the SD card slot because
SD card slot is more useful you can use the SD card for transferring pictures
videos and other documents and Ethernet port is not all that useful because most
of the time you will be using the Wi-Fi for connecting to internet both these
laptops have similar battery capacity and since the CPU and GPU are also
identical it’s no surprise that the battery life is also similar on both
these laptops you will get about seven to eight hours of battery life and
normal interestingly Acer claims 11 hours of
battery life on their description which is complete bullshit and you won’t be
getting 11 hours of battery life but I think 7 to 8 hours of battery life is
pretty good and that should take you through the whole day so the moment of
truth guys Acer or Asus which is the one that you should buy which gives you the
best bang for bucks if you are comfortable opening the back of the
laptop then my recommendation is to go with Acer Aspire 5 you can upgrade the
system RAM from 4 gig to either 12 cake or 20 gig and that will transform Acer 5
to an absolutely kick-ass laptop that will be capable of running any software
including video editing Photoshop software development and also office
productivity suite on the other hand if you don’t want to muck around with
hardware upgrade then go with Asus VEVO book it comes with 8 gig of ram which
should be sufficient for most use cases you will always have the option of
upgrading the RAM at a later point in time if you desire personally I will
recommend Acer Aspire 5 it is $50 cheaper and it comes with a better
screen even though it has only 4 gig ram you can easily add more RAM and RAM is
cheap I mean you can get 8 gig ram for under $30 so if you take the base price
of Acer Aspire 5 and add 8 gig of ram it will cost you around $380 and for that
price now you have a laptop with 12 gig ram and a really nice full HD IPS screen
that’s a great value for money so check out my full review of Acer Aspire 5
which I have linked in the description below also links to both these laptops
along with compatible memory module and SSDs are in the video description below
so check them out and you can check the prices on Amazon I hope you guys found
this video useful if you have any questions please leave them in the
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