Are There Problems With The Surface Laptop?

Hey, how’s it going? Dave2D here. So Microsoft launched their Surface Laptop the other day, and I think it’s a really cool product I’m personally very interested in it. I think it looks awesome I think they’re going to sell lots of them, but I think there’s some potential problems with this product And I wanted to go through them with you in case you’re interested in purchasing one So the first thing is the design. I really like the design I think a lot of the interest about this product comes from the fact that it looks as good as it does because let’s be honest if this thing was super ugly, it would be a much less exciting product, but it’s really good-looking. So here we are. It’s one hand openable. The keyboard and trackpad look really promising. But the most interesting thing about this product is the fact that they’re using this Alcantara material on the keyboard deck, and if you’re unfamiliar with it. It’s this fabric type material It’s a synthetic fabric that Microsoft uses on their signature keyboard on the Surface Pro product and it feels and looks really inviting to use. It’s much more durable than what you would imagine a cloth type material to be but that being said it’s not metal It’s not plastic, so there’s going to be
some wear over time. Now, I’ve seen Alcantara keyboards that looked really good after six months, and I’ve also seen some that looked really worn down after six months So I don’t know it’s going to vary from person to person but one thing’s for sure: you can’t just replace the keyboard the way that you could on the Surface Pro because if you really wanted To and you had a gunky Surface Pro Type cover, you could just buy a new one for a couple hundred bucks This is built into the laptop. It’s kind of like fused onto the keyboard deck I don’t think it’ll be as easy to just replace that. Okay. Let’s talk about the operating system These come with Windows 10S and, if you want to the first year, you can upgrade it for free to Windows 10 Pro. After that first year, or after 2017, it’s going to become a $50 upgrade. So the biggest difference between Windows 10 and Windows 10s is that 10s can’t run any kind of executable program so any kind of like .exe file You can’t run it. There’s not even a command prompt. This is crippling to a lot of users. There’s no steam There’s no Chrome you’re going to be stuck with Microsoft Edge and you’re going to be running bing for the search engine It’s streamlined and it focuses on the core of Windows, and I think for system administrators It’s a lot easier to get something like this deployed. And for the user, you’re getting a better battery life You’re getting a faster experience like a more optimized experience, but it’s a very limited experience. So if you’re using just regular Applications that you’re used to you’re gonna have to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro Okay. Looking at the hardware, the base model comes with four gigs of RAM, and that is tight I really feel like they should have put an eight gigs and the argument is that for most people that are interested in this base Model So like the University student that doesn’t have a lot of heavy computer tasks, four gigs should be enough Especially if you’re not using Chrome. So if you’re just web browsing editing PDf documents, typing up word documents Just doing very productivity focused tasks then yes, four gigs should be enough But the thing is, if you ever want to do something that’s a little bit more RAM intensive You can’t upgrade that. Now, I understand they had to do this to create the price structure that they wanted but I’m just not a fan of that base configuration in terms of USB ports We’re looking at a single USB-A and no USB-C ports and the thought process behind that is that right now their Target demographic Of students is a predominantly USB-A market so thumb drives, external hard drives, mice they’re just all type-a and I understand that, but this is a device that’s supposed to last multiple years, so You won’t be upgrading this thing or you won’t even think about upgrading the same for like two three Maybe five years and in that amount of time, USB-C will be everywhere Why not give it to them now so that people have access to universal charging? To universal display output? It’s so weird that they’re using USB-A and they even had USB-C ports on prototypes. We were so close Okay, next up is pricing even the base surface laptop isn’t meant for high school or grade school kids It’s meant for University students and up and when I’m looking at pricing that base model feels a little expensive and I understand there’s a premium with the Awesome build quality, the design, the amazing screen, the material choices and it’s very nice-looking But in 2017, you’re just not getting good long-term value with four gigs of RAM The mid- and top-tier models seem to be priced well or at least in line with the competitors It’s just the base model that I’m concerned about. But one thing to note, if you are students You’re able to apply your student discount to these you’re going to get about ten percent off So the base model is at nine hundred dollars US. The display panels are awesome with basically 100% sRGB Gamut And they’re all individually calibrated at the factory for color accuracy the 3X2 aspect ratio I mean, this is great for tablets because you get a little bit more usable space vertically But on a laptop only device, I would prefer the 16 by 9 screen just for consistency for other devices more importantly though even though the screen supports the surface pen Writing or drawing on a vertical surface like a laptop screen is not an enjoyable experience During the presentation pano’s had to hold the screen to annotate on it But I feel like this product wasn’t designed around using it with a surface pen. If you want to write or draw Frequently, I would get a Surface Book or a Surface Pro instead So I want to talk about some things that I think Microsoft did right just to kind of close this off They’re running PCI-e drives for storage So those are going to be really fast, way faster than the ones on the Surface 3 The CPU selection is good that top end i7 actually has an Iris+ graphics chip I’m really glad they went with that instead of the more common 7500U. The battery looks promising. They’re claiming 14 and a half hours running Windows 10s I’m assuming. But the way that I use my computer, it’s probably gonna be 10, 11 hours Which is still really long. Overall, I think this is a great product despite having a couple concerns I think Microsoft did a really good job on this thing So I will be doing a full review when I get the unit in If there’s stuff that you guys want me to kind of take a look at in particular Let me know I’m going to be spending more time in a comment section of this video Just because I know a lot of you guys are students, and you might have an opinion I’d love to talk to you guys about it. Let me know! Questions, comments I’m going to be down there for quite a bit in this video Hope you guys enjoyed this! Thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it. I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. It's not cheap, but I love the aesthetics on this device. I think it's THE best looking windows laptop on the market right now. Anyone thinking of getting one?

  2. I’m hogging to high school next year and I’m going to need a laptop, I wash thinking about getting a MacBook Air, can you help with my decision?

  3. You want 16:9 just for consistency with other devices? Is that the whole reason? Most of daily web browsing consists of scrolling downwards. Why would you not want more vertical screen-estate?

  4. I wish that it was a full aluminum uni-body with a magnetic fabric/alcantara that can easily be washed/replaced and customized. In addition, it would allow the product to actually be opened and worked on when errors occur instead of having to destroy/tear off the alcantara top. Personally, the feeling of the alcantara feels very weird to me and I wish it was an option on this device.

  5. No exe!? So you basically can't install anything on it? That's major. I was considering purchasing this. Not now. Thanks for the review.

  6. I have one I have the 8gb of ram i7 core and 225ssd love the laptop, works so well for uni. Love it to bits. The material on the keyboard stops you from sweating and feels great. Its so light I forget to have it in my bag and really well built and sturdy. I honestly love it.

  7. Hi is this laptop good for architecture students? Pls help i need a laptop that can carry architect programs but also light because i have to commute everyday.

  8. When I clicked the link for Amazon it was $1,000 why would I buy that from Amazon when I could buy it on Microsoft store for $600

  9. Now compare these prices to Lenovo Ideapad 320S with similiar (or even better) specs. It's so much cheaper.

  10. What are my other options? Under $1200 keeping in mind the the i5/8gb variant of this is selling for $1050

  11. every car guy knows what happens to alcantara

    and that they make u pay more for it but its not expensive like real suede or leather

  12. Can I play PUBG on microsoft surface base model ?if not which one is the best for my medical graduation and occasional gaming?

  13. I think the Surface Book 2 is a much better device for students than the Surface Laptop as it doesnt cost too much more but has way more features.

  14. I looked at it at Best Buy. The fabric feels like felt. I didn't like it. It would drive me crazy having that feel on my hands.

    And then there's the problems with repairability of the device. iFixIt gave it a 0 out of 10. It just doesn't seem worth the money to me.

  15. Its called "Planned Obsolescence"! And its how they intend to make money! By denying the USB-C ports now?…..they can come out with another model later on WITH UCB-C ports and charge twice as much for it!!…LoL!

  16. The dirty palm rest thing used to happen with the white macbooks too, it's just gross people who don't wash their hands enough (and if they say they do then their idea of enough is wayyyy off)

  17. i truly believe that usb c is the future. its a good replacement to usb a for sure but we've been using usb a for so long usb c is just not needed yet but soon… couple years or so

  18. I'm getting a new surface on black friday but I don't know which one to choose : Surface Pro 6 or Surface Laptop 2, Ive been using a Macbook Pro 2011 and I think it's time for a change but I don't know which one to choose and since the macbook's are a bit expensive ive really liked the surface models, Can somebody tell me which one I should take? 🙂

  19. Can u recommend some cool cheap secondry laptop for basic stuff only.
    Like word or net surfing..i have a powerful pc at home

  20. I', using the i7-7660/8/256 config as my main computer both at university and at home and I couldn't wish for a nicer laptop. I particularly enjoy the 3:2 screen for stuff like Autodesk Revit and even for writing and i think that the performance, even for gaming, is pretty good for how thin and light it is, especially after undervolting both the cpu and gpu so that you don't run into the power throttle. And, oh, did i say that it's probably the best looking laptop out there? 😀

  21. -Saw video for 5 seconds.
    -Suspect Mac Fanboy shill
    -Go to "Dave Lee" videos
    -All done. Filtered out.

    Love how you show the actual dialog it says "still want to run this program?" RIGHT THERE. CLICK THAT IDIOT. YOU CAN CHANGE TO PRO FOR FREE!!! You are SHOWING THIS but saying something different.

  22. I recently brought one, it works dam good! Got a great deal in which the retailer provided me the i7 version in the price of i5.

  23. Had this laptop for 2 years and counting!
    Not a single scratch, mark or stain on the laptop or fabric.
    It just comes down to you as a person and your level of care towards your things.
    Sweaty palms? Finger-only-contact. Simple.
    Oh, and still not a single instance where USB-C was needed.

  24. 2019…..I am a phd student in computational science……i do light coding on laptops and i want a light laptop with decent performance and nice keyboard….my budget is around 1200$……what should i buy?

  25. After 1 month usage the color of some parts changed into a yellow tone. First I thought it is because some dirt or oil but couldn't able to remove the yellowish color whatever I do. First I used soap than toothpaste. Nothing changed. Next I used steam to make dirt softer. Nothing worked. I decided to use more powerful chemicals and bought oxi clean. Tried again and again, No no no… If that was some oil or dirt, it would have cleaned up long ago. I believe some chemical in my sweat changed the color while doing my writing tasks. Horrible quality for a pricy laptop. Mine was Cobalt blue. Don't buy it!

  26. The manual and instructions literally say to wipe the keyboard regularly. Those people who damaged that are idiots

  27. it's been a year for me with Surface Laptop now and I can say the Alcantara top is still in good condition. No discoloration, no disintegration of the top. However, the top has started to peel off the body right around the bottom. The problem could be due to 2 things. One, when i open the lid, my thumb would brush against that edge of the alcantara, and that may have slowly work to pry the alcantara off. Second, once i spill water inside my bag and it wetted the entire bottom edge, but thank god it didn't short out anything inside. The water may have weakened the glue then. Anyway, the separation is not noticeable by eye and still not very excessive. I may take a superglue to it sometime soon.

  28. Surface pro 5 or surface laptop? I can’t decide! Pro 5 has a kickstand and you need to use it for a desk. But on the laptop you can’t replace the Alcantara! which one

  29. I got the original laptop version 1 and not the Surface 2 but paid a flat $500 for the 8GB RAM/256 SSD. That said, trying to find a docking hub that just clips on without having to use a cable is a HUGE PROBLEM! Considering the plethora of inexpensive cabled adapters out there, has anyone found one that simply snaps onto the side thus providing everything nominally required? Please help me as being somewhat bed-ridden from spinal cancer complications, I don't have the income resources to pay stupid prices for what costs pennies on the dollar to build (I sold hi-end consumer electronics for 25-years and kinda know the game). Any takers on helping a guy find a rare item? In advance, many thanks!

  30. As i am a computer university student,i need to work with laptop for programming. So, do i need a mid-range laptop or high-end laptop? now, my laptop is core-i5 and 4GB of ram and with no graphic card. please give me advice which laptop is the most suitable for me?. Thanks!

  31. I thought I'd report back on this older video about the fabric wear. I've used my Surface Pro 4 since 2015 as a secondary device (I live on a desktop for work), most for watching videos in bed/waiting for stuff on the go, and I use it for work when I travel. I started out with the blue type cover, which I still use and love, and I bought the signature type cover not long after they came out.

    So anyway, these have been used for years. My blue cover has some very light wear, probably from food or drink over the years. I'd say it now looks maybe 1 month old. Amazingly, there's no key-shine, which makes me wonder if these are PBT caps.

    The signature/platinum cover, which is about half as hold as memory serves, looks maybe one week old, mainly because the suede isn't all smoothed in one direction. If I put it back in the box it came with, which I still have, and cleaned it up I'll bet it could pass as brand new.

    So anyway, this stuff seems to hold up pretty well.

  32. Neh… I very love the design and touch screen… BUTTT! The price was too expensive for me… T_T

  33. I need a device for editing 4K footage in the future. Preferable under $1300. I've heard good about this and the LG gram 17. Any opinions between the two?

  34. You cannot clean that keyboard. If your oily food drops onto the keyboard, you are screwed and have to buy a new one. It becomes dirty very quickly.

  35. So let me get this straight:

    No external software
    No Chrome
    50 Dollar upgrades every time Windows gets another one

    No Surface Laptop 2

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