Animation, Music, & Coding – Open Source Gamedev (Lenxion: The Cursed Castle) #8

Saluton al ĉiuj! Today is Thursday, and I’ve worked on gamedev
the past couple days. I’m re-recording this intro now because the
other one was old, and I didn’t know what I was going to work
on. But, here’s what I DID work on: I did a lot of art, I did a lot of programming,
and that’s what I did! So we’re going to see that happen now. I guess. I guess that’s what we’re doing now. Okay. Bye. The game HUD is just going to be a simple
sidebar with some information. I’m starting off by creating an object that
will store all its functionality, which is mostly getting information and drawing. First step is the background! My window background is not one big image,
but instead a tileable set of window parts. Because of this, I’m going to need a set of
sprites to draw for the background. I also realized at this point that my test
map was built to take up the entire screen, but part of it would be under the HUD. Instead of offsetting the map, I figured it
would be simplest to just have blank areas on the edge of each map. Next I just added other HUD elements to it,
but most of it has hard-coded information. Later on, I’ll implement player lives (for
example) and then actually hook up that information to the HUD so the HUD will display the appropriate
amount of hearts. I also needed to download a font to use for
the game, and I wrote a font manager to handle loading and accessing the fonts. In my games, I make the base GameObject a
simple drawable object on the screen, something with coordinates, dimensions, and a sprite. It has functions to Setup, Update, and Draw. The Character class inherits from GameObject
and includes functionality for character Movement, as well as handling sprite sheets so I can
change the sprite’s appearance when the direction of the character changes or the walk animation
(or other) is playing. At this point I noticed that the Ayda sprite
looks really weird when going from SOUTH movement to EAST or WEST movement, so, it was time
to clean that sprite up and add a NORTH walk animation. Well, that’s what I did! I got a lot done! So that’s cool. Um, today is Thursday and I might do a little
bit of gamedev… BUT, I also have to study for my ASL exam… Well, for the quiz, which is preparation for
the exam and we had a week break and I’ve forgotten
some vocabulary. So I need to… I need to study. I also have a bunch of chores to do! Such is life. Oh well. Uh, but… I’ll work more probably on Friday on just getting the sprint done. The rest of the tasks for the sprint! Yay! OK! Thank you for watching! Ĝis larjfdkjali — BLAH Ĝis. Al. La. Revido!

2 thoughts on “Animation, Music, & Coding – Open Source Gamedev (Lenxion: The Cursed Castle) #8

  1. On a serious note, it was a nice eclectic mix of things in one video, I like seeing the music composition and the sprite drawing as those are both a bit outside my wheelhouse 🙂

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