100 thoughts on “An INCREDIBLE find on this Apollo 13 computer! Amiga movie magic

  1. My ol' mum did some screenwriting, she was mentored at Bournemouth Uni for her degree by Tony Scott and Matt Frewer and did some good stuff before the big C claimed her, a shame as she had a genius in writing and we were all surprised at the floral tributes from quite a lot of ppl in the industry for her funeral.

  2. I remember the days that we had a PAR for the first time (Intern at 3gitaal, The Netherlands), it was crazy expensive but amazing to render lightwave images and play them realtime using the personal animation recorder en record them on Betacam in studio quality. (before they used single frame capturing) Amazing find! And extra proud to own an Amiga 4000 now.

  3. Just a gripe: You censor "shit" but give a pass on "Goddamn". I see this on many channels, including TV, in which GD seems to be the 'cool curse'. I'm all about free speech AND a religious agnostic, still, this irks many who do have faith and I fail to see the pay off…

  4. Came to this channel for the Retro PCs, came out of it realizing I've seen his face in some Star Wars movies and a Harry Potter film. Damn!

  5. Those DPS boards were amazing! One HD for R-Y, and the other HD for B-Y, the other HD contains the system disk. I've repaired a lot of amiga computers, video toaster, and DSK Genlock cards over the years!

  6. Please don't ever use WD-40 on anything! Especially Electronics!!
    Even if it says contact cleaner! Go and buy real contact cleaners like Deoxit Red or Gold…

  7. Fantastic story. Unfortunately this great piece of hardware (A4000 motherboard) was destroyed in miliseconds by simple mistake… This model of the Commodore computers is really rare today, so sady that one more A4000 maybe never be repaired. Putting to the power supply twice voltage was killing this machine – early power supplies doesnt have so much advanced safety circuits for such situation – in case of 240V instead of 120V supply is really possible, that for several miliseconds on the output of the power supply voltages (before power brick was damaed) going to the dangerous for the motherboard levels. Maybe i am wrong, but this motherboard possible has fried many IC's… Maybe other motherboard ss parts donor will be chance for repair this one – its worh to try.

  8. did you found the "Heart of the Ocean"?
    Than why we having this conversation………

    COLD^^ like the iceBlock that hitted the Titanic

  9. I downloaded the torrent and applied all of my, quite limited, forensic skills on the presumed Apollo image.
    All I managed to recover was some strings, like "Perception Animation Disk: Digital Processing Systems Inc." "SEAGATE ST15150N", "SPTI SCSI ToolBox Version 3.9.f" and some 50-100 what I presume are file names. Like "shot101_tk_12.PVD", "SD01A_flare_comp_v2.PVD", "hy04_Previz_Comp_v01.PVD".

    I assume that the PAR-card is doing some hardware encoding, which is streamed onto the hard drive. Any chance it's in known format? Any idea what .PVD are in this case?
    Or is it all a custom proprietary file system containing files in a custom proprietary format…?
    Any specifications, pointers or wild guesses? Anyone from DPS with some more info even?

  10. Pleased you've shared the files. Whatever film archiving museums should be pointed here, if this truely is rare behind the scenes video. My 1st video of the day, no way nothing is topping this (tbf is only 30mins of day left).

  11. This is interesting; I have some Amigas but not a 4K like I wish. I didn't know the 4K uses ATX or at least ATX-like form factor.

  12. Holy cow, I forgot that Apollo 13 has been around for almost 1/4 century already! So PCs and Macs could already do video too back then, but it's hard to imagine that 4GB HDDs existed by then. The biggest I had heard of was 2 (but maybe 4 did already exist anyway). What was the advantage of using an Amiga for video work over a Mac or PC? Just tools that were farther developed? Oh, the motion control too, right? Why wouldn't there already have been a version of that for Windows 95 for Mac OS 7 or something like that?

  13. Why don't YOU guys keep that historic movie equipment? And why did you "run out of time" with that 2nd Amiga? And why wouldn't the new owner of the system be able to use that PAR card for these videos on disk images?

  14. I love this video. I knew the Amigas were used in filmic production as I knew they were used in the production of Babylon 5. But I never knew the Amigas were capable in running actual FMV. And to have a 1GB back in the early 90s would've been crazy expensive.

  15. Werden wir an der NASA herumgeführt? – Wenn tote Astronauten auferstehen


  16. Amiga made a good product for its time. Even the old Commodore 64 with it's interchangeable cartridges worked well and was simple to operate. Just because they are considered obsolete doesn't mean they were junk. I think I still have an Amiga system in the basement. My children played games constantly growing up.

  17. 10:30 Ladyfractic looks like Motoko Kusanagi in the tank scene form the Ghost in the Shell anime movie; all the muscles poping out trying to remove the cover. This is the live action version.
    Also: banana on the desk among the tools😂🤣

  18. I still have a DPS Perception PVR-2500 inside an old pc here somewhere.. + 2 Seagate Barracuda SCSI HDDs .. gotta put it to work as soon as I find some time ..
    to find out that there are no Hollywood movie history in there.. 🙁

  19. I am only at 8:12 so far, but I can already see the Amiga suffers the same problem as the Macs of the era, all the SMD caps are leaking and destroying the motherboard.

  20. You guys know Titanic was 1997, and Apollo 13 was 1995, right….? The Nineties, not the Eighties…. Sorry, kept distracting me.
    What's amazing is the resilience of the Amiga: a 1997 movie and this was still being used. Just goes to show the IT world with its digital obsolescence that the real world has different ideas!

  21. The strings-command (and a hexdump) of the hdd image-file renders nothing really useful. The hdd seems to be split i pieces/files ending with alot of "ff ff ff…". Testdisk/Photorec can find nothing. If forcing VLC to treat the entire file as a transport stream, it seems to swallow it as a mpeg stream with various birates depending on location in the file. It can, however, not really extract any useful data. (Input stream speed is 455kbit/s according to VLC, and it find something it beleives are a layer3 (mp3 dual mono 8kHz 32bit) stream that varies from 32kbit/s to 384kbit/s.)

  22. Can you please tell me what program was used to make your .img file. I understand that the other drive format is for amiga hard drives, but what software took the larger 4gb .img file? I attempted to mount it in deamon tools and power iso but neither can read it.

    also if there is a way to get ahold of you directly, let me know, I have some interesting info you may like to have regarding the PAR cards. you can email me at [email protected] thanks

  23. As a Titanic and Amiga aficionado, this video was a home run on many levels for me… a few minor timeline clarifications: This specific machine wouldn't have been on the set of The Abyss. The Abyss was shot in 1988/89 and the A4000 didn't appear until 1992. Apollo 13 and the Amiga 4000 are both relics of the 90s, not the 80s. Production on Titanic began in 1996, which was a couple of years after Commodore's ship sank, but of course these machines continued to be used in cool places like the film industry and NASA well beyond the death of the company that created them.

  24. Why don"t you link up with someone like Louis Rossmann to see whether he can fix the motherboard? His channel is focused on repairing Apple hardware but he's fantastic with electronics and it would be an interesting collaboration for both channels.

  25. The cam from this guy is crazy sharp !
    I watch at it on a 5:4 19" Eizo with 480p (because it consume less CPU & GPU Power……..electricity is expensive in germany) and it's sharp like 720p.

  26. Since you have a deep voice it would be nice if you removed some of the base when you record it. and it would be easier to listen too.

  27. Interesting. The hard disk that appears at 27:44 looks like a SCSII model, used on a PVR board, the hardware that replaced the PAR board, from the same manufacturer. I worked with a PAR on an Amiga 4000 and then started using a PVR on a windows PC, later. Very nice video, by the way.

  28. If that machine contained behind the scenes of the infamous salad bowl drop scene, or when Tom Hanks Corvette stalled, or when Blanch said "Are you SCARED?!", I would have offered $1,000,000,000 for it. Those are by far the best scenes in all of movie history.

  29. Now that was a very pleasant change from the usual internet stuff, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so many thanks! Hyuustin, we don't have a problem.

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