Ambilight LED DIY | WS2812b(Neopixel) | Arduino Uno Project (without soldering | How to make )

I’m going to strip the wire. green is for data transfer white is for GND Red is for VCC (5v) Strip the wires.
this cable is for connecting with LED Strip. In the same way, strip 3 wires Twist the wires. This is called “Closed End Cap” Put the cap on the cables press the cap hard. It saves time dramatically The others are same In this way, you don’t have to solder it anymore. this is DC power plug. It has small screw and frame. it physically fix the wires with screw. Strip the wire slightly. put the wire into the MINUS ( – ) Screw and fix it. Red is for PLUS ( + ) Make sure it is firmly fixed This cable is for powering LED strip.
It will be plugged in a USB charger Let’s connect wires with the Arduino. Data pin is green. Put the cable to 5 of the arduino the Red cable is for VCC (5V) the white cable is GND. Put it GND pin Connect the terminal with LED Strip. Let’s attach LED Strip on the back of the monitor. Basically, LED Strip has double side tape. unfortunately, I removed them my mistake. I had no choice but to use Hot Melt glue. Attach LEDs from the left bottom connor WARNING : LED Strip has direction. You can see arrows on the LED Strip. Arrows go in order in other words, arrows must be like,
1->2->3->4->5->6->7->8->9->10 ->in my case, 9 LEDs are used for side. You need to remember the number of LEDs As you can see, you need to use the Hot Melt Glue for fix the corner. Hot melt Hot melt 15 LEDs are used for horizontal side. Go on the other side. 9 LEDs are used. use the hot melt for the corner as well. now, finish the last line Cut the rest of LED Strip. Attach the double side tape on the Arduino Board. You will need to use a box for enclosing the Arduino. At this moment, double side tape is only for temporary. It is essential to cover all electronic parts. Connect the cables. Plug the power The first step is downloading and Installing The Arduino IDE. Links are below description. install it If you use the original arduino, you can skip this step. If you bought a copied version, you will need this step. Download the file. extract all execute setup.exe just in case, press uninstall and install again. Download the source code for the arduino. links are in the below description. Download Zip file Extract all Open the file by double clicking Basically, the arduino source code files are needed to be in the folder named after the file name. so, just click OK Open Sketch – Include Library – Manage Libraries Search for “FastLED” press the install button and wait . adjust the number of LEDs. I used 48 LEDs (9 + 15 + 9 + 15) The DATA_PIN was 5. Select the board. Arduino / Genuino Uno open “Tools – Port” and memorize the COM ports. For example. there are COM3 and COM4 Plug the usb cable into the Arduino Open “Tools – Ports” and you will see one more COM port. Take a note for next step for setting. Select the COM port Hit the upload button Okay, now, the Arduino is ready. The last step is installing PC application for communication with the Arduino download the latest version Install Prismatic Check all Launch the application next select “adalight” We took a note the number of COM Port. write that number on serial port If you are not sure about the number,
Open the “device manager” – Port (COM & LPT) or Open the Arduino IDE and “tools – ports – ” There it is don’t change the others Select your monitor Type the profile name (you can just skip this) Try some features we are going to use Custom feature Top 15 / Side 9 / Bottom 15
Thickness 15% / Stand width 0% / Start offset -5 Click “Custom” button As you can see, boxes are popping up around your monitor. put -5 into Start offset and click Custom again Don’t worry, there are 1,2 is behind 3 calibrate the color by using 3 sliders. Thanks for watching! please subscribe
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  1. Was going to follow this guide, bought led strip and connectors. Tried powering the led strip first, but i didn’t get any light despite being connected to a power source, is it neccessary to use arduino to lightup the addressable strip, or did i get a defective led strip? Any help would be appreciated

  2. Hi I would like to do this on 5m ws2182b 60/m leds so is one power supply enough to power full 5m strip? I won't be cutting as it will be around the edges of my projector screen

  3. Can you modified or tell me what I need to remove or change in the sketch in order to remove any flashing or any led lights turning on while waking or turning on computer. Ideally I want leds to turn on only when i start ambibox screen grabbing

  4. Hello ,
    I follow the step and make all the things prepared ,but I can not make the lighting effect work . Can you help me ? Or how can I contact with you ? Are you from China ?

  5. 안녕하세요 은찬님 궁금한게 있어서 여쭈워봅니다 1m 당 60개 달려있는 네오픽셀도 써도되나요?

  6. And the video signal comes from where? and gets sent to the arduino how? and the power supplied to all those LEDS comes from where??

  7. Thanks, nice work, i did exactly what you did ( same material too ), I also get a new port, but if I connect red cable with 5 volts and white to GND on Arduino, the new port will be gone and I will no longer are able to connect. and again when I disconnect red or white cable, I have a new port again, I do not know why? can you please help me?

  8. Thanks again for answering , If I understating it good , I did try other cable but not any change .only thing that i didnt try yet,testing with other Arduino UNO is , maybe i need pay a new one .

  9. 부품 구매하여 전부 똑같이 진행하였는데요..왜 실행이 안되는걸까요 전원선과 PC에 아두이노 보드 연결용 USB까지 꼿으면LED가 초록색 파란색 빨간색 한번씩 들어온뒤 작동을 안하네요…컴포트는 확인하였는데 잘 인식되구 있구요

  10. I have a 27 inch display.
    I need a strip of 2 meters to cover the entire monitors, I would like to use two strips of 1 meter with 60led each, so 120 led in total.
    Is this guide ok even for this configuration?

  11. So what did you do there @ 4:57 with the part you cut? You kinda skipped it.. (Plus,I'm doing this for a 4K QLED tv I plan on buying)

  12. 안녕하세요. 블로그에도 문의 드리긴 했는데요몇 가지 질문이 있습니다.
    1. 55초에 나오는 전선은 Jumper cable을 잘라서 하면 되는건가요? 아래 주소 상품 구입해서 사용하면 되는건지요?

    2. 엔드캡은 사이즈가 3개 있는데 가장 작은것 사용하면 될까요?

    3. 2분3초에 보면 led바와 흰색,빨간색 케이블과 커넥터가 테이프로 감겨져 있는거 같은데요 여기를 어떻게 하신건지 잘 모르겠습니다. ㅜ

    4. 흰색 빨간색 케이블은 어떤걸 쓰신건지도 잘 모르겠습니다. 이것도 점퍼 케이블인가요? 점퍼 케이블에서 빨간색, 흰색을 골라 쓰면 되는건가요?

    초보라 질문이 많네요 ㅜㅜ 도움 주시면 감사 하겠습니다.[출처] 아두이노 LED 예제) 모니터 후광 앰비라이트 DIY (WS2812B, 아두이노 우노) 납땜 없음|작성자 happyThingsMaker

  13. Maybe someone can help me: I have 266 LEDs and an arduino clone with CH340. After uploading the sketch with IDE all LEDs are flashing for a second in green, blue and rad (don't remember the exact order). I follow the steps with the lightpack, but the leds stay dark. What can i do? com port is correct and baud rate is 115200 (same as in the device manager).

  14. Hey is there any difference in brightness with ws2812b 5v and ws2811 12v? I have use ws2811 to my table and thinking to make ambient light ws2812b for monitor

  15. Good job. Can i use this led stripes :
    My monitor:

  16. Dear All I did all the steps as mentioned and everything is fine up to led zone placement. white balance no lights are showing. When i put on red, green and blue light blinks and goes off (using ws2812b 300 led)

  17. Simple and to the point, thanks! Quick question, did you try this on a multi-monitor setup? Can you select more than one monitor in the LED light software? Thanks!

  18. Hi, I have also built my own ambilight using ws2812b LEDs, Arduino UNO, Adalight and the forked version of Prismatik. It works like a charm. But somehow it does not work with fullscreen games… Do you know how to solve this issue?

  19. usb충전기 링크가 연결이 안됩니다ㅠㅠ
    LED를 2m 30구짜리 쓰려고하는데 usb 충전기 2A이상인거 써야 하나요?

  20. EunChan Park, you have listed in the required parts an Elegoo Uno board, this is not needed if we use Arduino Uno board, correct?

  21. EunChan Park, I need some help. When all is set up, the power supply is only hooked up to the LED strip, right? Not to the Arduino board? So the board is getting power from the wiring we did at the beginning of the video?

  22. Nice video bro. I have done the same setup hope you`ll like it. Also i added the list of all components and links

  23. But how the led strip will work with LED screen because the no wire or cable is connected between LED tv to Arduino? And please tell about the all connections specially connection between LED tv to Arduino. Please fast

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