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  1. I use motion 5 and it's a great program! Motion 5 is more motion graphics than it is compositing. Since I can't get After effects, I use this instead! 😀

  2. Can you get into the Animation industry and be an Professional and maybe even get a Job using Blender? Because that is the Program i am Best in Animating

  3. For free motion graphics and compositing try AviUtl, you'll need a translation patch, but it's actually surprisingly powerful.

  4. What do you think is the best software for compiling and editing stop motion animation? I'm using Windows movie maker but I don't think it's got a lot of features…

    PS: thanks for answering my last qsn!

  5. Hi guys thanks for this amazing video. I want to study computer science and graphic design;moreover, what I want to know is that good and does it help me in animating?

  6. FUSION 8 by Blackmagic Design is (now free) AE alternative. Its nodes based and is used by industry companies too.
    Everyone who are into vfx, compositing, motion graphics etc. should definitely check it out. I never got to learn it, but if you do, you get an advantage.

  7. I know very well that artists should be paid for their work, even though some people think its fine to make artists work for free. when building a team is there an alternative for money, something else to offer where both the employer and the artists can benifit from?

  8. What should I do if I'm a high school sophomore and I want to be in the 3d animation industry. Where and what do I start off with?

  9. I purchased Motion and have played with it, but have not spent enough time learning yet. I plan to though.

  10. Q: Please can you recommend some good Audio editing and mixing softwares.

    I might not be asking the question correctly but are there softwares which can create desired sound effects that i can use for animation effects or for motion graphics ?
    Where do people find that exact sound effect for their motion graphics and animations that are perfectly synced ?


  11. You said that there are some limitations in cinema 4d for creating a short film. Which ones do you mean? I have no idea

  12. Hello Morr,
    I know the fundamentals of animation and 12 principles of animation, know Maya as well. Knows about run cycles and walk cycles for human characters but I want to master the character animation can you help me, how to get it done.

  13. I love ae but I wish some developer are hearing here… I am done with ae… to many bugs, very old architecture with a pile of funky stuff piled on it, but worst thing no technical support on the forum… this is crazy… we want an ae killer!!!

  14. I've learned Maya at an animation institute but I'm telling you from my experience that Maya isn't any better than Blender and neither is Blender better than Maya. But I like Blender's interface more and it's free too. So I guess, in the end it comes down to personal preference. But as this guy said, Maya is the current industry standard boss. So…but Blender's definitely gaining ground and many new studio‌‌s are using Blender. So in a few years Blender might not be a bad choice for jobs either. Currently the two main ways you can earn your living with Blender, is freelancing or aim for Pixar or DreamWorks since these guys use their own in-house software, they don't mind from what software background you come from as long as you have skills.

  15. Why don't use Blender instead of after fx? It has OpenGL real-time rendering and orthographic mode. What is good for 3d also works for 2d. But not another way around.

  16. "Not do what you want" Is the WORST advice ever! Even if no one will see your movie, make, you will earn experience, knowledge and the best of all: The satisfaction of acomplish that. Never let anyone stop you to do of what you want. You will regret it.

  17. I was wondering about what you call Honeyworks' type of videos. Is it motion graphics? I really want to try it out but it seems so out of reach when I don't even know what it's called.
    In case you were wondering, Honeyworks is a company that makes music and their music videos have an anime style to it. Their music videos are similar to a lot musical artists who make covers for anime openings and endings.

  18. Hey I’m looking for software I can buy straight up that’s good for animating music videos

  19. I have my YouTube channel about programming and such things. But really I don't like these videos to be boring after all. So i just want to make some nice animations in there so that even I am talking, a character or someone is going to be talking because I just don't have a good camera at the moment. Also it is nice that if I can create the video more attractive with some animated motion graphics or something. Please can you tell me how I am going to create nice explainer videos with motion graphics and it should be all done offline.

  20. "Blender, Maya" as "alternative for After Effects"? LOL!
    Dude, even if I don't like Adobe Products, but I've been working with them since they have been released anywhere 15-20 years ago.
    As a 3D Artist, I'm coming from Blender, C4D, Maya, 3D Studio Max and many others, but these tools have nothing (!) to do with After Effects.
    It's like mixing apples with pears. The one is a high quality and professional 3D Animation Software with rudimentary "compositing skills", the other one is a highly professional tool for compositing and motion graphics, with "rudimentary 3D skills".
    A few minutes ago, I read about Wondershare Filmora, which should be an alternative too…wtf?
    There is just no other tool than After Effects – unfortunatley – as it sucks as hell and is slow as a snake.
    But yeah….there are (the pretty old) Combustion, yeah Fusion and Nuke nowadays, Flint, Flame and whatever. Mostly node-based (which sucks too).

    Node based is industry standard nowadays and of course Nuke is the first choice, but node based is pretty much totally different to the way After Effects works.

    There is way more to 3d animation, than pushing and pulling some objects in 3D space and there's way more to 2d animation and real compositing, than pushing layers, elements, solids, text and so on in 2d space.

    So, that said: your very last sentence is the only true one 😉 . un-fu**ing-fortunately!

  21. The answer: there is none. Great video. Very inspiring. My knoledge has increased with the information you provided me. I owe you and your amazing brain with my life, master of generosity.

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