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With SimpleMind you can add images as a floating image or embedded inside a topic. A floating image is displayed outside the topic. It can be dragged anywhere on the Mind Map and has no visible connection to the topic. An embedded image is displayed inside the topic. Unlike a floating image, the embedded image is a topic. It has a parent and you can add child topics to it. Optionally you can choose to show the image only. I’ll show you how to add an image as a new topic. Use the topic toolbar and the image icon. Select add topic with embedded image. Select the image you want to use and tap done. At this point you see the 3 options: – a floating image – an image embedded in a topic – and an embedded image as a topic Because this is a topic, you can add child topics or topic text if you wish.

16 thoughts on “Adding images – SimpleMind – All Platforms

  1. Thanks so much for your job! I. M. H. O. your app is the most comfortable and the fastest👏👍👍👍

  2. I just downloaded it, and I don't have the topic toolbar?
    It says all versions, is that true for the free one?

  3. Deberían agregar mas idiomas, aunque aún así es muy bueno pero creo que más personas lo descargarian.

  4. Great work with the pictures in the mindmap but for me personally I would like them hidden, like notes. Why not be able to paste pics and vids from the cameraroll in notes?? And paste working links there as well! Ironically I now can't post working youtubelinks in the links.. 🤔 I like to use pictures but to me it clutters down the mindmap if they are not hidden like notes. Consider adding this will you? 👍🏼😊

  5. Do we have the posibility in the maps we have made before to click on the images and change them to Images as topic or embedded images?

  6. Hope you can answer this really quickly! : ) I am taking an online History class. Will I be able to display my mind map on a discussion board post? Or will it be a link only? Will it be interactive to others in the online class? Any other features I should know about in doing this? Thanks!

  7. A 1 or 2 pixel border around the images would be nice, I've never been fond of images plopped on top of different color without some hard line between the two. Looks cheap otherwise. The image features are welcome and functional, however :).

  8. Hello, I am using MacBook Air, how can I add image to my mind map because I do not have the image tool bar

  9. Is there any chance that in the PDF the image appear in the full size? I want to print my Mind Maps but the images are really blurry, like the thumbnail, I would like them to be in the full size when I print it.

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