Add Sound to 360 Photos

Hi everyone. In this video I will show you how to
add music and sound to your 360 photos. I have uploaded this 360 photo to, which is a site where you can really
easily upload and share your 360 photos. I’ve uploaded this photo,
and clicking on the screen will open up the menu and the buttons
on the top right here. The middle one is an edit button,
which will open Vizor’s editor. Let’s click it and the editor will load. As you can see, this graph opened here. This graph is how you control your scene
in Vizor’s editor. If you don’t see the graph,
press tab to show and hide it. On the right here, we have this menu
called Patches. From here, we can add the patch
to play music and sound. If you scroll down a bit,
you’ll find this folder called Music and Sound. The first one, Play Music or Sound,
let’s click and drag it to our scene here. Immediately, music will start playing. Let’s pause it for a second here, and
I’ll show you the different parameters
we can change. Let’s click the pencil button
in the Play Music or Sound patch here. Here are the parameters to change
for your music. We can turn play on and off here.
Turn it off. We can put loop on or off. And clicking the source button,
we can upload our own audio file. So here is an upload tab, and I can browse
the music file I want from my hard drive and hit upload to upload it. We support and play any audio format
that the browsers play. So .mp3, for example,
some browsers will play that. The safest format to use, the most
commonly used by all the different browsers, is probably .m4a. So if you want to make sure your audience
can hear your sound, it’s best to convert it
to .m4a before uploading. That’s really all there is to it,
so have fun adding audio to your 360 photos. And as always, when you’re done, you can
just hit publish on the top right corner here.

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