ADCIS Products : Aphelion Lab&Dev 4.0 (Image Analysis and Processing Software) : Report Generation

Report Generation Task Interactive shapes were previously defined Select the Report Generation Task in the Task Bar Measurements that are exported were previously computed Interactive Shape Measurements Object Measurements Object Global Measurements A report including all computed measurements can be generated in Microsoft Excel A Microsoft Excel macro is launched to generate the report Select elongation as the measurement to be displayed in the report and plotted in the histogram All computed measurements are saved in the Excel file One page is generated for the interactive shape measurements One page including an histogram of the elongation measurement is generated And one page summarizing the global measurements is also generated Images and ObjecSets can be copied to the clipboard and then made available to other Windows application The whole image can be copied to the clipboard copy of an image with an ObjecSet Copy of a zoomed image Copy of a zoomed image with the associated ObjectSet

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