Acer’s gaming PC roster brings high-intensity gaming to compact devices

– Hi everyone, I’m Hadi from
Microsoft and we’re here with Clark from Acer to talk about some of the awesome new gaming devices
coming out pretty soon. So hey Clark, welcome. – Yeah, it’s good to see you again. So one of our first devices
we have to show you today is a Predator Helios 700. It’s one of our newest machines
that we just showed off and it’s, let me break down
the specs a little bit for you. It’s using 9th gen
Intel core i9 processor, as well as NVIDIA GeForce
RTX 2080 so you can take on any games you want, but in terms of what makes it
truly unique is the keyboard. What it does it actually
slides out just like this. – Oh wow, that’s awesome. – Yeah, the main advantage
of this is it allows you to pull an air through these
two 4th gen AeroBlade 3D fans and push overclocking to extreme levels. An also unique thing about
this laptop that we have here are these WASD keys. These are called Magforce keys. They’re unique, they’re
patented, they’re fully ours and what they let you do is
they’re pressure sensitive so if you wanna have a more
game-pad like experience with your game, you can do that with these types of keys. – That’s super cool. – Yeah, this is the only
laptop that has that has that kind of technology on the keyboard. – That’s awesome. And what do we have over here? – This is the Nitro 7 laptop. This is our thin form factor, it’s only 17.9 millimeters. It’s also using 9th gen
Intel core i7 processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 TI. So if you wanna take on
any of those extreme games, shooters, MOBAs, open
world games, you name it. You can do all of those at
the intensity that you want. – So you can play a game like say Fornite on pretty great settings? – Very easily. Perfect settings because the screen itself is 144Hz with a three
millisecond response time so you can go full speed in
every area that you want. And it’s also thin, so if you wanna go take
it to a friend’s house, go to a local convention, it’s easy to do that. – All right, wow. Well thanks so much Clark for your time. – Yeah thank you, Hadi. – That was amazing and thank
you everyone for watching. We’ll see you in the next video.

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