A NEW Type of PC?

– Hey guys, this is Austin. This is the Acer ConceptD 7, and it is a different type of laptop. Back at Computex, Intel
showed us a few new systems that were specifically
designed for creators, so today they wanted to sponsor a video taking a look at what
exactly makes this different. For years, if you wanted a
laptop that could do real work, you were pretty much
left with two options. On one hand, you could
pick up a gaming laptop, or on the other, you
could get a much beefier and much more expensive workstation. The idea here is that
you want to buy a laptop which is creator-focused, right, so it doesn’t have RGB and
crazy over-the-top stuff. It has real things like
color-accurate displays. RGB’s fine. More importantly, there are sacrifices when it comes to doing real
work on a gaming laptop, so the screen is one of
the most obvious cuts. So here with the 1080p
high refresh rate panel, it’s nice for gaming. It’s really not ideal for things like photo and video editing, where we would much prefer
to have a 4K display with good color accuracy. Then there are the
other specs to consider. While this guy is rocking 16 gigs of RAM, which is fine for the most part, a lot of programs such as After Effects can absolutely eat up
a lot more than that. And then there’s the SSD to consider. For 512 gigs, I mean, yeah,
that’s fine for a gaming laptop, but it really isn’t enough
when you’re dealing with huge 4K files, so again, it’s sort of like one of those more subtle differences between a gaming laptop and a creator PC. A lot of times, it’s
just in the little things that make a huge difference
in the long haul. Then there are workstations. So these are specifically
meant for creative people. I mean, you’ve got high-end components, especially when it comes to
workloads such as 3D rendering. This is really where the sweet spot is. The only downside, though, is that not only are they monstrously huge and big for the most part, but they also do not come cheap. That’s not necessarily
a good thing, though. I mean, sure, if you want
to deal with the weight, that’s one thing, but the
price on something like this is extremely high especially
when you compare it to a creator laptop. Now, for my purposes, this
is really more powerful, and it is able to do everything I need. I mean, yeah, it’s nice to
have the Xeon and the Quadro, but for video editing, this is really where the sweet spot is as far as I’m concerned. Crack these systems open, and you will find that they
are very, very similar. So the ConceptD is based on that same chassis design as the Predator. Now, on the inside, they
look almost identical, and that’s for good reason. They share a lot of the same components, including the 9th Generation
Intel Core i7 processor as well as RTX 2060 graphics. Really where the ConceptD
differentiates itself is not with the amount of fans or cooling or anything like that, but it comes with that 4K display, the 32 gigs of RAM, the one terabyte SSD, the things that actually do
make a bigger difference. There’s also an advantage in price here, because Acer’s already done
all of the R&D for this system. All it takes is for them to add those creator-specific features without having to go and develop an entirely new laptop to back that up, and especially when it
comes to that Triton, man. I mean, I really like it. Like, it’s super well-built. I know this has actually been Ken’s main gaming system for a bit, so when you figure you’re
just adding the 4K display and a couple of other important things, it really does make for
a very, very solid laptop when it comes to a creator PC. Even though this is a
fairly thin light system, you still have all the ports you need, so importantly it does
have a Thunderbolt 3 port, and that’s basically non-negotiable
for me at this point. If I’m using a work laptop, I rely heavily on Thunderbolt. But you also have plenty of other I/O including HDMI, Mini
DisplayPort, Ethernet, USB. I mean, you’re pretty much covered here. Then there’s the more subtle stuff. So personally, I’m a big fan
of the very clean white look of the ConceptD 7. I mean, nothing against RGBs and black and red gamer laptops, but this is a very, very clean aesthetic, something that I definitely prefer over a screaming over-the-top ridiculous system when I’m trying to get work done. Now all this is ignoring the fact that this is of course a very
capable gaming PC as well, and the cool thing is this is certainly not the only
creator PC that’s coming out. So right now not only do
we have the Razer Blade, but we also have the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo. There’s a ton of Intel-powered designs which can do a lot of
things very, very well, and again, they don’t break the bank. Sure, some of them can get expensive, but if you look at a workstation, yeah, no, it’s certainly
not so bad anymore, is it? And inside all of these,
you’re going to find the latest 9th Generation
Intel Core H-Series processors, which scale all the way up to eight cores, 16 threads, five gigahertz turbo. I mean, there is a ton
of performance here, and especially when you combine it with up to 128 gigs of RAM, this will absolutely run rings around even a fairly modern workstation. It’s certainly not an
apples-to-apples comparison. We put this creator PC side-by-side with this two-year-old workstation, and it is absolutely no contest. You really do get so much
more for a whole lot less. Now, all that being said, if you need the Xeon,
if you need the Quadro, if you need the ECC memory, there’s certainly advantages on the very high end
to these workstations, but I feel like the creator PC
is such a nice middle ground for the vast majority of people out there who are interested in doing
just a little bit more with their gaming laptops. Oh, I shouldn’t call it gaming anymore. I mean, creator PC is really
its own thing at this point. Really, this all boils down
to something very simple. The creator PC is something
which has really languished for a while, right, and honestly, there’s a huge credit to not only Nvidia, but especially Intel for really
revitalizing the category. This is a laptop that not too long ago would’ve been a completely
gaming-focused design, but now all you need to do
is just make a few changes, give you a better screen,
give you more memory, make a few things that’ll
make my life much easier as a video editor, and
suddenly you have a system that can game, that can
stream, that can video edit, that can photo edit, pretty
much anything you need to do, these creator PCs are ready for it, and especially when you start looking at some of the crazier designs such as the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo as well as the actually
higher-end version of this, the ConceptD 9. I mean, it gets really, really crazy, so the more that we can
see these things develop, the more that we can see
these things kind of evolve, the happier I will be, and of course, huge shout out to Intel for
really providing the innovation to really give these PC companies a good reason why that
they should be targeting not just gamers but
creators at the same time.

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  1. What about thermals in that thin chasis? What about upgradeability? Storage space? SD Card slot? Battery life? This video explains nothing on important factors.

  2. I love how this video is focused on productivity and things like color accuracy and doesn’t include a mention of MacBooks. I get that it’s sponsored but…

  3. Why is it every time you tubers talk about work laptops it’s for video editing or photoshop 😒 CADD, designer engineering or graphic designers are actual professions that could use the advice on a work laptop but no…all you care about if it can run fucking Adobe

  4. Today, Austin reviews a gaming laptop with a new name from the marketing department. Yipee!

    No hate to Austin, but if I want thise features I’ll have a dock and a high end TRUE creator 5k display for editing and productivity real estate. You can only do so much with a screen under 25 inches when it comes to productivity and resolution/size coming together.

    This ain’t it, Chief.

  5. I'm not the only who acts like I know what hes talking about when he does hardware and still act like I do right

  6. Austin I need help. I want to download profiles on my razed mamba TE on my Mac but I can’t find 1 mind helping me out here? 😁

  7. 1982: laptops invented
    linus: A NEW TYPE OF PC?

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  9. I would have been really okay with this video, until the end at 5:35 when you said Intel provided "innovation" when you know damn well that they've been sitting on their laurels for nearly the last decade.

  10. That’s really not fundamentally different. It’s basically a gaming laptop that has a nicer screen and a classy look to it.

    So what’s different is that this laptop has some of what the previous laptops already should have? Wow. Go Intel and Acer.

  11. Why you guys always talk about creative and gaming when talking about computers?? There's a lot of types of uses besides those ones… I'm a developer and I would love to see a video recommending laptops for devs and what to consider when buying one… Please make a video of that!!!

  12. Who thought when the title said a new kind of laptop
    It was gon be some transformer shit where the laptop turns into a toaster

  13. A thin and light workstation is one of the stupidest products on a stack and it's far from new. foh with this garbage Austin, I expect better from this channel.

  14. "these workstations are usually very expensive"

    The Concept D4: is literally 2000 dollars

    I got my workstation laptop for under $200

  15. A new type of not paying $3,000 for a damn laptop.. I don't care how much money I make now, I will never spend that much for a laptop… Anyway, do some cheap laptops, for those of us who are cheap 😁

  16. Love your vids dude … But am a little confused here. My old 7th gen XPS has a 4k screen, 32gig ram and 1TB SSD. As for the other IO an Ethernet without adapter and DP would be cool. I would agree that the XPS GPU could be better.

  17. Lenovo really needs to drop a new X1 Carbon with a 9th gen SKU with 1050ti/2060 graphics options.
    I remember how badass my T540p was back in the day when it was new.
    i7 4700mq 4c/8t that still runs at 3.6ghz in games and a GT 730m, not the most powerful but it ran circles around my friends with IGP (and still does)

  18. “Creator PC” is marketing jargon for these YouTube “creators” (read: advertisers) to sell you more laptops you don’t need.

  19. This felt as if i was watching a very biased comparison scripted by a company trying to get a new trend of demand going using influencers to say "Creator laptop" so they can market themselves as a NEW TYPE OF PC FOR CREATORS!! REVOLUTIONARY!! 100!! to people that aren't that into reading specs. I'm not saying it's a bad "movement" but I expected something different from this channel.

  20. Makes sense … Can do away with or without having RGB lighting on the keyboard anyway if the physical keys on the keyboard use reflective paint phosphor something something like that lah and the entire keyboard part has a "glossy look" so that the light gleaming from the monitor can bounce off away from the physical keys on the keyboard. Reflection, thingy …


  21. I'd say, for low-level programmers (including myself), we don't really need that 4K display or color accuracy. We just need upgradable RAM, 6~8 cores CPU cores, an excellent keyboard, good cooling to bring inner peace, lightweight to make nerdy body less suffer, enable virtualization by default, an RJ45 for full duplex no collision network, and finally good Linux support.

    And definitely NO RGB!

  22. I always wonder who are all these creative people every laptop reviewer talks about. They only know two kinds of users, gamers and video editors

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