£850 Monster Gaming PC | ND2000 Reviewed

In this video I’m going to be reviewing this £850 Monster Gaming PC I’ll be going over the specs and then giving you a bit more information about the PC. Then I’ll dive into The Division and give you some gaming benchmarks. The CPU is the AMD FX 8350 That’s paired with the Cooler Master Hyper 103 cooler. It’s got the AMD Radeon R9 390 8GB Graphics Card. It has 16GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM. This is running at 1600Mhz. The power supply is the Corsair 750w modular power supply. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the motherboard which is the Gigabyte 970A-DS3P one. This comes with a 250GB Samsung SSD, Windows 10 Home and it’s got a DVD Reader/Writer. The case is the Cooler Master N300. The price of the PC is great, especially for a Gaming PC of this caliber. It’s got the 8 core AMD CPU which is great as it will keep your PC running fast and you’ll get good FPS in the games you play. The 8GB AMD R9 390 GPU is great as well, as that’s going to help towards getting even more FPS in games. Since the CPU and GPU are both from AMD, they’re going to work together more reliably. It’s got an ultra fast SSD which means you will be loading into games and your operating system quicker. This just makes the machine faster in general. The 16GB of RAM is always a good amount of RAM to have in a gaming PC. It means you can game for longer and be able to do other things like video editing and photo editing. With the PC you CAN run games that are coming out in the next couple of years and some of the more recent games too. These include The Division, DOOM and the next Battlefield. It’s got a lot of USB ports for all of your peripheral needs. USB 3.0 ports are included which are even faster. You can change some features of the system at www.computerplanet.co.uk. These could include changing the RAM, graphics cards, hard-drives etc. We chose to have an SSD as that’s what gamers will want as they’ll need their games to open faster. You CAN add an optical drive too, but we haven’t put one in the system due to it being primarily a gaming PC. You buy games online when you have a gaming PC. All of the Next Day PCs are pre-built and pre-tested in bulk, so they are all tested the same amount to work to their best potential. I am running The Division on all HIGH settings and get between 40 – 70 fps when in the game. This is great as it means this PC will run games in the future, not necessarily at the highest settings, but they’ll be able to run no problem. The PC is £850 which is a great price for what you get with it. The PC can run any game coming out in the next couple years and will be able to play them at good settings too. This includes DOOM and Battlefield etc. It’s got the 8 core processor, the 8GB Graphics card and 16GB Ram. They’re all pre-built and pre-tested in bulk meaning you get the most reliable builds by professionals. They come with 2 years warranty as well at www.computerplanet.co.uk

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