$800 for a GREAT gaming laptop? – Acer Nitro 5 Showcase

This right here is $800 worth of laptop. Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but Acer (who sponsored this video, by the way, thank you Acer) is particularly proud of what they’ve managed to pack into their eighth generation Nitro 5. So let’s crack this bad boy open and have a look at it, shall we? All right, so while I pack these boxes open, let’s talk the specs of this thing. It’s got a Core i5 processor (Which again doesn’t sound “gaming” or anything) but if you look a little closer at the specs, the 8th Gen Core i5 8300H, (which is what this thing is equipped with) is actually nearly identical to the last generation Core i7 7700HQ which was kind of the “de facto” standard for gaming laptops. So consider this: Over one generation we are getting slightly better performance actually and at $128 less on the CPU alone so that is a BIG part of why Acer was able to hit this fairly aggressive price point As for the rest of the specs, it’s got 8GB of RAM, which as we talked about recently, for gaming anyway, (you know I can’t say anything for Chrome users) but for gaming anyway, it’s still enough even in current year 2018. It’s got 256GB of SSD storage so we have finally gotten to the point where even for like “value models” like this one, we don’t have to rely on a larger hard drive in order to have enough space to install a few games, with the fact that it’s a PCI Express based SSD being an extra bonus. AND it’s got a GTX 1050 Ti. So the biggest difference between a 10 Series card, like what we’ve got here, and the last generation 9 series GeForce cards is that it used to be that the mobile version was a cut-down version of what was in some cases not even the same GPU at all, so a 970M, for example, was actually a desktop 960, and then a 950M, which would have been the like, similar position in the product stack to this one, was… (I don’t even know what that thing was). So the 1050 Ti is over 100% faster than the 950M that you would have gotten in an $800 laptop in years past. So the point I’m trying to make here is that at this price with these specs, you’re going to get a GREAT experience in eSports titles, like you’ll be able to crank them and I’d be surprised if you ever dropped a frame, and then even in triple A titles you should be able to drive this 1080p panel at its native resolution at like medium settings. So all that’s left here is for us to uninstall Norton… “You may have to download (Norton) consumer product removal tool…” … and go ahead and get some games installed in Steam so we can take it for a test drive. So I had to run and grab a copy of Doom off an external drive because I don’t feel like waiting for 60GB to download, which I guess is a good time to talk about I/O, because… I like having my mouse over on the left so that it doesn’t interfere with movement on the mouse pad over on the right, and we’ve only got one USB 3 over on this side of the type-A persuasion so I’m gonna go ahead and use that second one right in between the HDMI port, we’ve got an SD card reader… AND a regular wired Ethernet port. YAY! My external drive, and then over on the other side we’ve got power in, two more USB ports (though It should be noted these are USB 2) and then a headphone microphone combo jack. One thing that’s noticeably better is the display brightness. So IPS displays started showing up on value laptops -what about two years ago I guess, but one of the big issues that they had was that while they have IPS qualities like better colors and better viewing angles, they were typically really dim. This one’s actually not too shabby. No, I don’t want the game bar. Like, barely gives you enough time to tell it to never come back “I’m gonna go with EXPERT bots today!” Alright, so we’re running anywhere from about 80 to 110 or so frames per second- Damn these expert BOTS… Oh crap, they’re all- Yes, they’re better than me, thank you. I guess I could have bought a better gun, or I could just… Okay, enough CS:GO. Okay, well for Fortnite’s loading, maybe we can just spend a little bit of time with the keyboard actually. Actually, overall impressions of the keyboard are not bad. It’s got a bit of a long keystroke and that does take some getting used to so I found myself missing a couple here and there but if you’re a heavier typer you probably wouldn’t even notice. Not bad! Really quiet, too. Lets apply the best settings for our system here. Battle Royale, Of course. Does anyone play the other one? Okay, motions are off because it’s terrible. Yeah, I was not expecting all high, too, and- Oh, Okay, it kind of settled in there. So, I’m kind of a view distance guy. I don’t really care about any alias use so let’s go ahead and have a look at how that looks. Wait. The ones with arrows are on my team, right? I don’t remember. No, that’s not bad like, if your goal is: you know, do some schoolwork and you’re not expecting crazy battery life because it does have a dedicated graphics card, and then play Fortnite in your off hours, this is not a bad experience. Can you harvest a car? Evidently you can! Yeah, you build stuff. See, I’m harvesting brick right now. This is rock solid now. It’s not doing any of that dipping or anything. It’s actually not that loud either. Like, it’s, you know, it’s not silent or anything, but it’s very tolerable. So there you have it. That’s pretty much the latest gen Nitro 5. Overall looking pretty good for 800 bucks if you get it from Best Buy. We have really come a long way actually. So thanks for watching guys. If you dislike this video you can hit that button but if you liked it: hit like, get subscribed, or maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at the link in the video description. Also down there is our merch store, which has cool shirts like this one, and our community forum, which you should totally join.

100 thoughts on “$800 for a GREAT gaming laptop? – Acer Nitro 5 Showcase

  1. so i picked this up and apparently it should run apex at med-high settings at 70-80 fps but i cant get moew then 20 on all low settings

  2. Can this laptop play black ops 1 2 3 &4 zombies on decent settings?? Like that at the equivalent level of xbox 360?? I've always thought the xbox 360 had great graphics and if its at least as good I'll be happy and if it can do better then xbox 360 I'll really be happy. Sorry I'm new to this and prob dont know the right lingo.

  3. This laptop is truly amazing ( GTX 1050, i5 8300h, 8GB ram ) but my problem is that when I play a game with strong graphics after a haof hour it is super hot? I have bough a cooler but it won't help. Help please?

  4. If core i7 7th gen. And i5 8th gen. Are almost identical..

    Meaning my Nitro i5 9th generation is better than the two processor above?

  5. Oh god I had one of this. After about 3 months of use, the laptop just shut down by itself while I was playing a game. Opened it up and found the DCin (charging port) cable inside the laptop had BURNT at the connector. And I think the heat problem affected something in the motherboard too, because now the ac adapter kept connecting and disconnecting while the cpu/gpu is under load causing massive FPS drops (this was even after I replaced the dcin cable and tried a new battery and new charger). I basically cannot use it for gaming anymore because it throttle so much. This trash laptop has filled me with regrets.! Honestly, shouldve just saved up for an ASUS.

  6. This is now 650 pound. I need a laptop for my further studies. Was thinking about a gaming laptop. Is this still worth it? Thanks

  7. Picked this guy up for 580 during a best buy sale, best fucking purchase I ever made. This thing is great, especially for that price.

  8. when i play fortnite on it

    fps never goes below 90 for me

    my settings are view distance epic and anti aliasing high rest are low

    creative get around 130 – 180 fps

    its an amazing laptop thats all im gonna say

    its preety good for streaming too
    one advice i can give u is that dont play on windowed fullscreen
    play on fullscreen and on 1600×900 resolution
    it boosts the fps significantly
    and u wont feel any major difference in quality

  9. I picked up 2 of these at $580 sale! My girlfriend was looking for a cheap, decent laptop to last her for a couple years and so I found this for her on slickdeals. She immediately went and picked it up and after setting it up for her, I fell in love with it. I couldn't resist getting one for myself and I'm so glad I did. The next day the deal was over. I plan on adding a stick of RAM and maybe a bigger hard drive but it may not even be necessary. I was very impressed with the lack of bloatware, ease of setup and updated BIOS! Also, the startup/reboot time is FAST! I'm now an Acer fan- and shout out to whoever built this image! You're the real MVP! Also, you can disable the timeout for the keyboard back light by accessing it in the BIOS.

  10. Don't be rough on the keys while gaming, I have an acer nitro 5 and while I playing I noticed the keys not functioning properly.

  11. As an owner of the Acer Nitro 5 I have over time been finding some things wrong with it.
    1. Slight screen burn after a few minutes.
    2. The number pad, and right shift key are really close to the arrow keys, so sometimes when I am going for right arrow I accidentally hit 0 and when I go for right shift I hit up arrow instead.
    3. I found out from Dave Lee's review on this. I recommend you check it out as well. That the exhaust system is poorly set up and can result in overheating after over an hour of gaming. I have yet to personally experience this, but it is concerning.
    4. I made the mistake of getting the model with the 1050 as opposed to the 1050 ti. Both are stickered as Oculus Ready, but I would highly recommend going for the 1050 ti. Better yet, get a 1060 if you are going for vr.
    5. This laptop does not have a display port or mini display port which makes Oculus Rift S setup more difficult if not impossible. Oculus Rift ready? Yes. Oculus Rift S ready? No.

  12. it's not a $500 laptop it's a $499.99 bruh it's a big difference because poor people doesn't even have a dollar

  13. I has repeated hundreds of time. Chinese tourists spending money and bring technology to the world. The western tourists committed #childabuse all over the globe from men and women teacher, workers and charity workers even priest and in the church. You don't need a human translator evil and good.

    British former headmaster jailed in Cambodia for sexually abusing boys https://mol.im/a/7351483 via @MailOnline

  14. No this is the shit laptop it can’t even run FUCKING Minecraft without frame rate drops 5 times in a minute I put Minecraft on lowest settings and still frame drops it’s shit

  15. Piece of JUNK, the screen is so fragile it broke in the first month. ACER, says sorry the screen is NOT covered under their warranty.
    The best thing to remember is, never buy an ACER computer. And NO, I did not drop the computer!!!

  16. For anyone watching this video that is looking for a gaming laptop, if this one sounds good for you, I would recommend it. But don’t expect to be doing too much at the same time, simply having Google open takes almost all your cpu

  17. I dont reccomend this laptop because it doesnt support that many games. By that, I mean that your disk starts to rack up and your laptop starts to get really slow. So either u get this puppy and upgrade the processor, or not get it at all. It is still good, I reccomend not getting that many games, at least like 5-14 games before it starts getting slow.

  18. HI GUYS

    i've recently bought(LITERALLY JUST GOT IT YESTERDAY AUGUST 23, 2019) my Acer Nitro 5 AN515-52 i5 8300H with GTX1050ti 4 GB RAM
    It's a bit of a noob move for the admin to close the discussion from this from nitro 5 to a helios 300 https://community.acer.com/en/discussion/545813/urgent-acer-nitro-5-serious-lag-problem-please-help-me
    But aside from that the it already has and updated windows and bios. i have enabled the nitrosense, tried file page size allocation, increased number of processors and memory in msconfig, the battery optimization, the nvidia graphics optimization and no i did not install anything yet it is really just slow on even browsing on microsoft edge, mozilla or any toher browser or from switching applications, reading my files(mp4, docx, etc.) that i have to skip all my work for today and hopefully not the next days, by some luck atleast my boss showed some sympathy.


  19. i have the 7th gen nitro 5 and love it. i only paid like $625 for mine from micro center, only difference is that it has a 7th gen i5.

  20. i recently got this on sale knowing nothing about gaming laptops but wanting to get into pc gaming. so far i love it personally, just wanted to see if i made a good choice. after watching i realized i had the 9th gen not 8th

  21. Cristo Jesus Te Ama, pero no acepten la marca de la bestia y cual es la marca de la bestia ? ve a google y escribe chip 666.

  22. I have that laptop and I am not very impressed. I expected more storage instead of just 238 gigabytes. I expected more from a GAMING laptop like maybe 400 or 500 and higher. I still have it because I don’t have enough money for something new

  23. Most gaming laptops look fucking stupid. I just want a good looking laptop that doesn't look like it's some stupid pile of shit.

  24. I’m trying to decide between an Acer nitro 7 and an Acer predator Helios 300 both on sale for about the same price. The nitro 7 is sleeker, less conspicuous, and slightly more portable whereas the predator is more powerful (in this case, both have i7 processor, 9th gen on nitro, 8th on predator, nvidia gtx 1650 on nitro and 1060 on predator. 60 hz display on nitro and 144 on predator). So the nitro has newer components but from what I’ve found out the graphics card in the predator is better despite being older. I like the nitro’s aesthetic and it seems powerful enough but the predator is slightly more powerful. I’m also not sure if the refresh rate is that important, seeing as the refresh rate on the predator is much better. I want some portability but also good gaming, and while neither have amazing battery life, the nitro is better for battery duration. It’s mostly personal preference but I just want to ask for some recommendations and also why the normal price of the nitro 7 is higher than the predator despite it having a worse graphics card and display. I think it’s because of the newer components in the nitro and the portability/sleek look of it, but I’m not sure. It’s a trade off between aesthetic and power and either seems good.

  25. ok so basically i have a acer nitro 5 and the model is AN515-53-55G9 and i recently opened it up to clean the fans, i later closed it back up and ready to turn it on. when i tried pressing the power button it didnt want to come back on. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO TURN IT BACK ON ITS URGENT

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