$550 Gaming PC Build Guide

it’s time for another PC build guide so
in the last video I made a PC build guide that was roughly about $750 total
with variables because the PC market is very weird right now parts are
going up and down especially when it comes to RAM and video cards video cards
especially thank you Bitcoin miners crypto miners whatever you want to call
yourselves it’s all your fault anyway that being put to the side for now
we’re gonna try to build a computer for around 500 to 550 dollars right now now
keep in mind that the prices on this list do change often I’ve been eying
some of them and kind of know the trends where they go up and down so with that
that being said let’s get to it first I want to mention who this is who this
build guide has kept in mind for obviously it being $550 it’s not the
most powerful most amazing computer you could possibly buy now that should be
obvious but sadly to some it’s not usually when you make lists like this
people are like why are using a 1050 Ti that’s 1070 the 1080 is better nothing’s
nothing below 1080 for me well you’re rich and you can afford that stuff the
1080 itself is going to be the entire cost of this whole bill so leave that
aside so with that in mind this Rick will be able to play mode like every
eSports title that there is and even some higher-end games and but they will
either have to be reduced to slightly lower settings or just not get
the highest of frame rate which is okay keep in mind that most of these builds I
have or graphics students in mind or some content creators a lot of people
will be making it aware to me oh of course you can build a more powerful
computer using older parts I’m not using any older parts for this list
mostly because I want it to be an upgradable computer if you want this to
be used in the future if you want to get a lot of life out of this computer I
don’t recommend using ddr3 motherboards let’s just move on from there all those
things aside I’ve already wasted enough time talking about this okay so first up
we’re gonna go for CPU I’ve chosen the AMD Ryzen1300 X it is great CPU I
have this in one of my systems it’s a quad core with four lanes of hyper
thread now if you didn’t know what hyper threading is if that doesn’t make sense
to you the course are kind of like the mouth if you think of the information
processing kind of like eating so each core is like an extra mouth to eat
information to process that information now what hyper threading is is kind of
like extra hands that feed that mouth and once they’re not necessarily helping
you eat more information they’re helping that information get to the mouth faster
if that makes sense so hyper threading is good and for a cheap processor buy
cheap I mean inexpensive this is actually pretty powerful it clocks up to
3.8 gigahertz I say it clocks up to it because you can tweak it it doesn’t do
that right out of the box but with a little bit of tweaking if you look into
that you can get this thing to go pretty quickly not only I chose the 1300 X over
the 1200 because it was only $5 more and for $5 I think it’s worth it to add to
the list because more power why not the 1200 was only 115 at the time of
this video and the 1300 X is 120 so that’s the you CPU I chose for this
list moving on to the motherboard the asus prime A320M-k AMD Ryzen name for
blop blah blah ddr4 so this this motherboard has baseline motherboard not only does
the support the newest AMD processors horizon which are a little bit newer to
the scene but they’re going to be around to stay for a while and they’re quickly
more becoming a favorite in the build communities because of their excellent
power their power efficiency and the price point that they are so this
motherboard supports that it also supports up to 32 gigabytes of ddr4 ram
which is more than you’ll need in this type of computer but you do have that
upgrade ability it only has two lanes for the ram though so keep that in mind
and one of them is awfully close to the cpu you may have to be careful about
your cooling that you choose for it it does come with its own cooler bigger
ddr4 sticks tend to take up space with the ones with the mini heat shields the
ones are designed for gaming so they will take up some space but the cooler
that it does come with the cpu does come up is actually really good and it’s
extremely on the motherboard itself as for USB 3 ports and 2 USB 2 s and
ethernet cable all the stuff that you need one thing i forgot to mention that
i should it is micro ATX so you need to get a case that is micro ATX compatible
okay next on the list is the hard drive for price reasons we can’t afford to add
an SSD to it now now keep in mind all the things that you want to add to it
you can always do it later but I chose the Western Digital blue one terabyte
SATA 6 gigabytes a second 7200 RPM blah blah blah blah hard drive you don’t need
to know all that stuff the most important part about this hard drive is
one is one terabyte which is plenty of space to get you going
and it’s 7,200 rpm which is pretty fast for a hard drive a common speed you’ll
get in a hard drive from pre-built computers is about 5400 rpm 7200 is a
respectable speed it’s actually pretty good no it’s not necessary but it will
be decent and sufficient next is the Kingston HyperX fury 8
gigabyte 2100 megahertz ddr4 ram stick only have one of them Ram
is really expensive right now 8 gigabytes will get you where you need to
be I don’t think you should go ever lower than 8 gigs when it comes to
building that computer I know not everyone needs it but when you have
graphics in mind when it comes to processing especially if you’re gonna do
anything Adobe 8 is truly the minimum when it comes to these things it next in
the power supply not the most exciting thing but power supplies are important
because that is kind of like your room to play with 400 watts is good enough
for this bill now if you wear your gonna want more as if you get a crazy graphics
card later 400 watts is plenty to supply this if you’re gonna put a 1080 in there
get a better power supply but this is a budget bill so we’re good right nothing
nothing to say here at 34.99 it’s it’s a good price power supply EVGA makes great
power supplies it’s 80 plus gold so this quality it’s not gonna also not explode
on you which if you get a cheap one it will next up is the graphics card this
is the hardest thing on any list I wanted I wanted this bill bluest to be
$500 but because of graphics card being in such demand right now this this card
is usually supposed to be like a hundred or less but because of all the cards
being in it right now it’s even out of stock but if they get shipments
regularly so by the time you watch this it could be in stock again so 440 I
chose the ace Asus Radeon rx 560 it’s for gigabyte card which don’t get too
excited it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better than a 1050 I think for the
performance right now I was going to go with a 1050 not the TI because right now
those are insanely expensive I bought my 1050 Ti for $140 in September of 2017
right now it’s hard to find them for anything less than like 280 wait for it
cryptocurrency is going down it and soon gonna leave us and graphics cards should
return to a godly price so right now if you’re willing to buckle down and get an
Rx 560 doesn’t seem like it got hit too hard by the price fluctuation so it’s hard to compare to a 1050 because
the 1050 to the 1050 is consider all things considered a very consistent card
as far as its performance II usually does pretty well it’s only a 2 gig card
which doesn’t matter for too much because when you’re working with a lower
tier graphics card um typically on a budget you’re not gonna have a 4k screen
you’re not going to be worried about 120 frames of on that 4k screen or anything
like that you’re usually it’s 1080p gaming at 60 frames a second which the
1050 does pretty well so you would have to tweak it the Asus rx 560 is typically
performs slightly worse than tint than the 1050 but sometimes actually performs
better when it comes to DirectX 12 titles so it’s odd it’s it’s a newer
card so that could be it it also since it is 4 gigabytes the card
doesn’t utilize that for gigs as well as it should but it gives you more room to
play with as far as how much it can store in its memory at a time so it has
that advantage over the 1050 more and more games are requiring 4 gigs of video
memory but when it’s lower tier you’re probably not going to be playing that
many games that do that so just just go with
the card it’s a better price than the 1050 right now if you want remember you
can always upgrade your graphics cards later which I definitely recommend but
another thing to keep in mind is that this is a low profile graphics card so
it doesn’t require as much wattage from your power supply you could easily get
like a 780 around the same price apparently if you shop around on eBay
well enough but then again you’re not you’re not going to deal with a warranty
anymore so if you get a used part it’s risky and not only that the that rx
gonna get this right anyway I think it’s about 65 watts whereas a 780 although performing
obviously better takes about 250 watts so there’s a lot of power you’re gonna
need a better power supply all that stuff that one’s up to you it’s also not
going to be supported by Nvidia for too much longer so stick with this one for
now so with that out of the way the last thing is the case now this one you have
room to play with you could definitely get a cheaper one which I could have
added to this list but why not make it interesting the thermal ink or micro ATX
cube computer chassis it’s a cube not only is it going to be a little bit
easier to work with due to its size you’re going to be able to carry this
around a little bit better than some of the other cases you can swap things out
a little bit easier power supply at the bottom it’s pretty cool it’s not an
expensive on either and it love to by many many people but like I
said if you want to make this even cheaper you could get a $20 case just
know that there are other costs when it comes to that some of the cheaper cases
are harder to work with when you’re putting it together especially if this
is your first time that could be a pain and but not only that some of them just
are cheaper feeling they’re not all metal some of them have plastic and that
may or may not matter to you especially with working in the future if you’re
building this but usually when you’re in the lower budget being able to upgrade
it to something better in the future is nice to have so I recommend this case
so that’s it for this list for five hundred fifty dollars you can build a
pretty decent computer keep mind all these things are upgradeable that’s
that’s the beauty of building a computer is that you can change things later
now this computer will provide more than enough power for some basic graphics
some light Photoshop work light I mean don’t work on billboards you’re not
going to be able to do that but you can of course paint to your heart’s content
on Photoshop you can make some nice graphics this will work with anime
studio more than you would understand some light premiere work I will be doing
more videos on PC build guides I’m thinking about playing around with a
three hundred fifty dollar budget build what that will get you I’m very curious
just right let me know if you’re interested in seeing that if you like
this video like it pressing the the thing well that’s it for this video I’m
gonna be making more probably right after I finished filming this one I’ve
had enough awkward staring at this camera don’t know what to say to you
well that’s it for me I’ll see you guys later

6 thoughts on “$550 Gaming PC Build Guide

  1. Im trying to build a budget pc and im looking at builds in this price range and even some from last month are $100 over what the video says. Also the ryzen 3 1200 was $99 like last week now its I think $110

  2. I see that you are very familiar with pc's. I am planning my first build for under 300€ – I came up with these (Rate them):
    INTEL Pentium G4400 3,3GHz Proccesor
    MSI GT 1030 AERO ITX 2G Graphics Card
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATAIII 7200 RPM, 1000 GB, HDD, 64 MB
    MB AMD A68H SFM2+ MATX/GA-F2A68HM-S1 V1.1 GIGABYTE MotherBoard
    PSU Corsair VS Builder Series VS450 450W
    2x4gb DDR3 used RAM
    and some 15 € Case from a website in my country

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