4K Video And Photo Editing Computer Build | Best Custom Budget PC Specs For Processing Raw 4K Videos

We will be showing you one of the best build
for video and photo post processing right now Intro: ETHEREAL (w/MEMPHIS & ÆSTRAL) – GENESIS Kapdx here today we are gonna build a pc which
is intended specifically towards the photo editing and video editing side
It’s a little bit different from a gaming pc although the parts represents to a gaming
pc But we will be prioritizing the parts differently
We will mention here according to the priority the components
The first priority we will be giving here the hard drive
For post processing we need a fast hard drive I would definitely recommend you going over
a full SSD system or If you are on a budget get atleast a 500 gig
SSD So that you can install the softwares and
os into this SSD that is important The second important component is motherboard
We need a fast latest motherboard Which supports wide variety of upgrades and
its compatible with all those technologies Like nvidia sli or amd’s cross fire
You can have this motherboard for another 5 years without even worrying about it
3rd Important component is the power supply I recommend going over a 750 watt power supply
but minimum should be 650 watt This one is the corsair cx 750 power supply
it is sufficient enough for me to run for future upgrades Power supply is really important. It helps maintain longevity of your devices
4th important component is the processor get the fastest processor available in the market
according to your budget I purchased this intel core I 7 7700 kabylake
intel processer It is very fast and was released this year. It is non clockable processer and its suitable
for another 5 years Then the next important component the 5th
component is Graphics card Get a graphics card which supports Premiere
pro, Photoshop, Lightroom or the CUDA technology which means The photo editing and video editing
in 4K should run ridiculously smooth with the graphics card. I got this Zotac Geforce 1050 ti OC edition
it is perfect for my purpose You need not need to have a high end graphics
card SLI or Crossfire for editing photos but if you are a gaming enthusiast go for that
system But this is photo editing pc
6th component is this one RAM 8GB is quite suitable
Premiere pro uses decent amount of RAM But adobe photoshop and lightroom uses processor
and hard disk. So I put ram in 6th position in terms of priority
I also purchased this one windows 10 professional I got the original version of windows because
we find many issues when operating a pirated version and in my experience I get many problems
while working with all those editing softwares And the last thing I got here is this one
internet security Of course we all need security and this is
one time investment a 3 year license so I don’t have to worry for another 3 years
So this is another hard drive apart from SSD This is a 7200 RPM class WD 1TB hard drive. I will be storing all the data and files here
And all the editing software and windows will be stored in this SSD for fast operation
The 1tb Hard disk on the left will be the storage media
This combination is the best if you are on a budget like me
So without any further I due I will be building this thing right now in front of you guys
So stay tuned I will be catching up with you later after this build
First of all, dismantle the cabinet The very first thing you need to install is
the power supply The reason behind this installation is that
the electronic components have static charge in it so you need to ground yourself with
the system using a high conductive wire Wrap it into your wrist also take care that
you don’t turn on the current while you are connected to the ground
This is the liquid coolers back holder Install it first like this
Time to install the Intel Core I 7 7700 Kabylake 7th generation processor Remember to align the processor with the processor
casing it has definite brackets so you don’t need to worry how to orient it
Ram has definite teeth so take care while placing it
Now install the IO Sheet or you can say input and output sheet
Then install the mother board Time to install the hard disk drive it’s
bracket is perfectly aligned just fit it Now screw the SSD because there is no bracket
for the SSD screwing is the only option This is the main ATX power supply 24pin connector
for the motherboard it also has definite teeth so align it as it should be
Connect the SATA cable which has L shaped bracket from the power supply to your hard
disk and SSD This is the USB 3.0 connector from the cabinet’s
USB port connect it with one of the USB 3.0 Refer you motherboards manual for these connections HD audio for front audio jacks SATA connecting cables for HDD’s an SSD
and the docking device above This is CPU Power cable connect it to the
motherboard. It will be there written as CPU
I find this the toughest part while installing because liquid cooler is much difficult to
install Also, I attached 2 fans one front and one
back with the radiator for effective cooling Just peel off the plastic shield from the
liquid cooler Apply thermal paste on the CPU very important
otherwise, the CPU won’t Cool or you can say the conductivity is not efficient without
the thermal paste Also, I forgot to mention this is the cooler
master Sedion 120V liquid cooler It keeps my CPU in the range of 30-40 degrees
Celsius in normal use and below 65 in heavy heavy use
The Zotac GeForce gtx 1050 ti OC edition install it in the respective PCI slot very cost friendly
graphics card Screw it tight because there is only one screw Time to test drive
Wow…. This is awesome feeling hei.. heh heh heh
Cable management I am really bad at this thing if you want a guide specifically for cable management refer to other videos this cabinet comes with 5 led fans and the liquid cooler comes with one so total 6 led fans which is more than sufficient for this machine The led fans at the top
The led fans in the front Awesome guys this thing is ridiculous. I am in love with this pc
Really blazingly fast Now fit the panel
This is additional hardware component. A USB hub from Quantum Zero
I got this because I need additional USB ports and I am a fan of USB ports hehe
I got this wifi card as this mother board doesn’t come with built in wifi
This supports PCI wifi Now let’s turn on the pc
Connecting the respective display devices Ahhh this is omg
Now the first thing is windows 10 Professional Lets boot the USB stick
Select the drive as SSD for Windows Installation User Name kapdx ….. heh Now it’s time to install the MSI Drivers or the intel chipset drivers
The graphics card drivers Internet Security Installation
Now it’s time to do driver installation of wifi
Lets check the internet. Let me turn on the mobile hotspot
got connected This part is my favorite part
Logo Stickers logo stickers yeah I love to stick stickers guys its really awesome feeling Love the MSI G series logo and the adhesive is quite strong
Intel Logo I7 7th generation Now it’s time to test the benchmark using
Unigine Valley This is a software for benchmarking your hardware without playing any game I did this benchmark With ultra settings
Just pause if you wanna check the detailed benchmark score So all right guys so I have finally build
this thing I am really crazy about this I have worked
around 3 days to build this this is my first ever desktop in my entire
life I have been using laptop for like 10 years
and this is my first pc and I have build this myself I have purchased
each of the parts choosing and like thinking what to purchase
what not to purchase but in my final experience I am really love
with this I would like to say you some few things
regarding building a pc when you buy a desktop or anything like that
branded pc from your shop
you don’t get the items for you pc which you want for your specific purpose
but when you build a pc by yourself you get the pc which you want for you only
and the purpose is fulfilled according to your requirements
I would highly suggest each and everyone of you
if you want to build a desktop please build yourself
this is one of the tutorial for building a pc
my purpose of this pc is to do photo editing and video processing
although the parts represents to a gaming pc
but I am not a gaming enthusiast I don’t like to play games
I just edit videos this is the very video which you have been
watching so far so this pc is photo editing and video editing
for 4K videos all right I have been using premiere pro software this
is the best software available on the market according to me
for editing videos this is really fast and this is awesome
considering editing videos let me play this track and show you
how it appears in premiere pro this is a 4K resolution video all right so
remember this is 4K ultra HD so I would like to say if you wanna know any
parts of the pc I have put the link in the description of
each and every part including graphics card liquid cooling
wifi card usb hub power supply motherboard hard disk
cabinet each and everything is in the description
so please guys check the description if you wanna build a
pc like this one all right
I purchased everything from amazon everything is in the description
click on the link if you wanna support this channel then also
click on the link I will be like happy if you guys build a pc
like this one and if you have any questions any thing anything
it might me anything I don’t care I will be replying to each and
every one of the questions so all right
so this pc gives 32 fps(Frames per Second) and most of the youtube videos almost 95%
of the youtube videos are in 30 fps
so this is perfect for editing 4k videos so I thank you quadrupled guys for watching
this video please subscribe to my channel for further
reviews and please remember I am requesting you guys
I will be ONLY MAKE VIDEOS IN FUTURE so until then peace guys
bah bye teiiiiiiieh Music Video: ETHEREAL (w/MEMPHIS & ÆSTRAL)

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