$300 Budget Gaming PC!(2015)

Hello everyone and welcome to another gaming
build video.Today we are going to try and build the best possible gaming pc for just
300 dollars. It took me 2 weeks to come up with the parts
for a 300 dollar gaming pc.I tried a lot of combinations but most of them crossed the
300 dollar budget.But finally I came up with a pc that would be able to play the latest
titles like GTA five and Witcher 3 at high settings at 1080p for 30fps. First of all for CPU we are going to use the
Pentium G3258 a dual core processor.To save money for the graphics card we had to go with
a dual core processor.Also its a great processor for overclocking.It will cost you 70 dollars
and is quite capable of playing games like GTA v at high settings at 30 fps. For motherboard we are going to use the Asrock
H81M-DGS motherboard.Although it won’t be the best motherboard for overclocking but
it will provide just a bit of overclock for the CPU.This motherboard has just enough to satisfy
you in a budget build.It will cost you 45 dollars. For memory we are going to use a single 4
GB Crucial Ballistix Sports RAM.It will cost you 30 dollars. Now its time to choose the most important
part for a gaming build the graphics card or GPU.For GPU I went with the GTX 750ti for
140 dollars.This card gave the build a solid foundation to run modern titles like Gta five,Witcher
3 at medium to high settings without a problem. Don’t expect to max out everything but it
will give you just enough to play all the latest games at 1080p 30 fps on decent settings. The power supply is the heart of the build.So
it is really important to get a decent power supply.For power supply I went with the EVGA
400 Watts power supply.It will cost you 30 dollars. To get a decent gaming build I had to spend
most of the money on the graphics card.So I had to sacrifice storage and go with 250
Gigabyte Seagate Barcuda hard drive.But its an easy enough upgrade for the future.It will
cost you 25 dollars. Finally for casing I chose the NZXT source
S210-001 casing.Its a mid tower ATX case for 40 dollars.Its a decent air flowing case and
has just enough to go with a budget build like this. So for 300 dollars you are able to build a
gaming pc that will perform quite close to the next gen consoles and has potential for
future upgrades.You will be able to play Battlefield 4 and GTA five at high settings at 30 fps.Games
like Witcher 3 will run at medium settings without a problem.
Also you have room to upgrade to a 4th gen i3 or i5 in the future.Or maybe add a better
GPU.Its both future proof and has potential to perform quite close to the next gen consoles. So did you expect a 300 dollar gaming pc to
perform that well?Let me know in the comments below.Also drop a like for all the efforts
and combinations I had to try out.Subscribe for more gaming builds like this and I will
catch you in my next one.

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