$2000 4K Gaming PC – GTX 1080 ti and i7-8700k RGB Editing PC Build Guide 2018

welcome to mydaech today we have a
monstrous $2,000 PC build guide it will absolutely smash 4k gaming and 4k
editing it’s got a gtx 1080ti and an i7 8700 k that is an overclocker will six
corporates i saw with 12 threads so it’s an absolute beast for editing streaming
and gaming the gtx 1080 ti will allow you to play 4k on high and Ultra settings and
it’ll speed up your rendering times massively the i7 8700 K has a turbo
boost clock of 4.7 gigahertz this is very fast and it means that it’ll be an
absolute beast this is one of the best all-round processors it will perform
well for editing gaming streaming for the cooler I’ve gone with a liquid cooler
this is to ensure that your processor remains cool because the Intel
processors are known for generating a lot of heat it also gives you extra
thermal Headroomfore overclocking if that’s something you want to go into for
the motherboard I’ve gone for the MSI gaming Pro carbon a/c this has Wi-Fi and
it’s a Z370 board so it means you can use it to overclock your processor
for the RAM I’ve gone with 16 gigabytes of ddr4 memory this is more than you
need for most games and it’s the perfect quantity for editing in Premiere Pro you
can also use a fantastic and After Effects but if you do want to do a heavy
3d compositing work you may have to upgrade that to 32 gigabytes for the
storage we have a 500 gigabyte m2 SSD this is for storing your OS your
programs and your games for super fast loading times then for bulk storage we
have a three terabyte hard drive this is for storing all your other files such as
videos and pictures or music For the power supplyI’ve gone with an 80 plus
certified power supply it’s important they go for a power supply from a
reputable manufacturer because power supplies responsible for supplying power
to all of your components and if it fails it has the potential to kill other
components so if the case we have a tempered glass ATX case from Corsair
this is the 460 X it comes with SP 120 fans
these are RGB fans but they’re not Corsair’s best-looking ones if you want
better RGB fans you can go for the corsair LL fans or the Corsair HD
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