$200 Media/Light Gaming PC | Yogert-Mini

Do you know whats cool about a lot of budget PC’s? there’s not a lot to them and in some cases they take a small, or ITX form. So without further ado, introducing the Yogert-Mini, a small, very expensive, but decent build. In the center lies an AMD Athlon 5150. A cheap processor, clocked at an astonishing… 1.6GHz But it’s a quad-core not mention an APU. An APU, or an Advanced Processing Unit, is a CPU and a GPU on a single chip. This APU contains Radeon HD 8400 graphics. Which in my opinion. isn’t that bad. For the price. It’s about $50, do your hands… Fifty dollars, And being an APU will eliminate our need for a graphics card in this build. Next lets give our attention to our motherboard. It’s the MSI AM1I. it’s not too special, bu its ITX So it’s cute. Like me I’m scratching my leg Do you want me to bit it for you? Yas… *Chomp* This motherboard has two DIMM slots which can contain up to 16GB of 1600MH RAM and on the side it contains two PS/2 ports. That is if you still use PS/2 ports. For your displays you have one HDMI port one VGA. and one DVI, which is perfect. and it has gigabit Ethernet which is INTENSE for this build. and it contains a pair of USB 2.0 ports, and a pair of USB 3.0 ports. So, that wraps up the motherboard. For the heatsink we’re just doing the stock cooler because uhhh… Stock. Stock. holm. holm. Sweden. For the RAM we have 4GB of Patriot Viper, clocked at 1600MHz. Being 4GB and 1600MHz it’s basically the most common type of RAM there is, being 4Gb and 1600MHz MHz. ummm also i’ve noticed i’m probably the only person who uses Patriot Viper, because people like Corsair Vengeance, and G.skill Ripjaws but this is like my signature stuff. The hard drive wasn’t too difficult of a decision , considering HGST drives are said to be as good, if not better than Western Digital drives so i went with 1TB of HGST at 7200rpm even though its great, i still, prefer my Caviar Blacks. I went with a very basic LG Optical drive. Sam-urai. Wrapping this all together is the Raidmax 0907BP it,s an adorable M-ITX Chassis that contains a 300Watt power Supply. i did notice something however when taking the motherboard out. it’s that one of these brass standoffs are a little loose so i guess the back of the case or i guess the hole itself wasn’t threaded enough, and that makes it difficult and i actually had a problem where the screw would get stuck in there, and it would be virtually impossible to be able to take the motherboard out, i had to use like a wrench to kind of do stuff… magic… magic another thing about the case that i do not like, is that when Callum opens his door. when the optical drive opens it kind of stays opened, until you just kind of… slam it and after that I’ll stay shut, but every time it opens cue the opening. every time it opens it’ll just stick that way. and thats kind of annoying, so yeah. good job on this case raidmax, you’re great. as an overview, the Yogert-mini, for $200 is amazing. Now you haven’t seen the benchmarks yet. Are you ready to see the benchmarks? While opening up Minecraft, it actually took a minute to get the world loaded. and after that, it did take a while for all of the chunks to load before i could break blocks instantly. i would break a wood block and it would take a little while. so I just let it run for a minute or two
and waited for the chunks to fully load before i continued to play. on default settings at 1080p i believe I’m getting about 40 FPS as i pointed out there. about 30 FPS on average which it does dip the mid-20s which isn’t too much of a problem. while it
was raining I was getting about 5 FPS which allowed a creeper to sneak up on me. while it rains you can tell it’s at 12 FPS right now and that is not good for gaming on
minecraft the game is really meet my expectations
for Minecraft to be playable maybe if you turn some
settings down it’ll run better but these again are defaults in all
minecraft it works fine just turn some settings down and you’ll be able to run. at 1080p just fine. for $200 its a perfect little minecraft PC and in a future video we will discuss the perfect requirements for minecraft. Looking at two different Processors one better processor one weaker processor being the one in this computer no GPU, a moderate GPU and a higher-end ish GPU and different amountsof RAM to see what runs Minecraft at its best as you tell Left for Dead runs great now all of you may not have Left for Dead 2. i know it wont run other games so great. other 3D-ish games, as i’ve heard, source games run very easily now I’m not I’m not so big on all of that, so i don’t know all of the details but i do know that Left for Dead runs great! so there’s the upside there’s a plus right there. once you go down the elevator in the first level, you will see some dips below 20 FPS. but these are default settings. i haven’t turned anything down besides the resolution to 720 P which is still nice as you see here its
about thirty FPS with dips as I progress but that’s only
for areas like this when it needs to render a bunch of fire. overall Left for Dead is still a great game! and it runs great, so i wouldnt expect too much, i did test the forest it would not run at all even being on the lowest of the lowest settings this computer just cannot handle that
but a lot of older games will run fine in also ROMs. onto the next game. Lastly i’m playing Delver which is a smaller game on Steam. you go through dungeons and is pretty endless, now it is very fun too, and it doesnt require much, as you can see I’m getting over 60 fps on this game and it’s barely budging anywhere now I really really enjoy this game and being on
this computer and the computer only being $200 I think it’s pretty perfect for playing Little games and even being a
small media PC This runs really great as an office PC. this is a very very good price for a small build that can play moderate games to low end games and still be a nice office PC or media PC.

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