1979 Computer Store Manager Predicts Future

A computer is an
educational device it is, it is in fact a direct
reflection of your, your own imagination,
your own intelligence, your own programing skills. And once you’re given the freedom
in which to create things and to see the immediate
response on the screen then, then you become, then it
becomes a very enjoyable experience. You go on to, to involve
yourself in many other things. To that end, there have
a risen in number of users groups. One of which
is, is in this area. And that is a, that is
a very useful notion in that, you can go
to these users groups and you can see other
individuals who have, oh, have had much
broader experience perhaps than you have. And there you can, you can broaden your own
experience with the computer. I have a son that’s 15 years old and I was trying to develop some
type of an interest in electronics. I am myself electrical engineer and interested in
the computer field and associated through
change of technology, I must get into it deeper. My son now 15 has
had an interest in electronics towards computers, but he was undecided
I had no way of developing his
interest and mine. I didn’t want to push
him into this field. We purchased, I purchased
a mini computer microcomputer what we
call now as a hobby, and it became quite
stimulating to both of us to the point where it
was disturbing to our family that we were
spending more time programming in our off times and paying attention to the
remainder of the family. And it has caused a great
interest in my child. I feel that it was the
future of technology in changing towards computers. I wanted to continue on so we went and we bought a
large number of books. Yeah, programming we
self-taught ourselves since there were no courses
available at that time. It seems to be a very, a very fantastic and hypnotic field. Once
you start, you just can’t stop. It is, it’s
something you can’t explain. To the question of you know, what,
what is all this microcomputer and computer business going
to do to our society? In the past, many things of
many levels of technology have, have stratified our society. I see computers
especially microcomputers as creating a whole different
manner of technology or rather of society in that, there’s going to be a vertical
stratification in society. There are going to be
those truck drivers that can deal very simply and
very easily with a terminal and will be capable of getting their
deliveries schedules out of the terminal. There will be those truck
drivers that will not. In the same light, there
will be those MDs who will have and use
the computer as a tool, and then there will be those MDs who prefer to look
at medicine as a, very strictly as an art one that should not be
approached by a computer or any so totally
objective device. Certainly, that you can see
from those two examples that we are talking about housewives who deal
with computers and house wives who don’t. Cab drivers who do and don’t. So on and so on it goes. I asked you this question
of information society. Those that will deal
with the computer will be far and away ahead
of those who do not. Computers are designed to
eliminate tedium in our lives. If a, if a computer does not do
that, the probability is that you, you really didn’t need a
computer to begin with. You probably needed
more arms and legs. It’s, is going to
be very interesting in the future, this question of how many jobs are
going to be created and how many jobs
are going to be totally obsoleted
by the computer. A computer really has never obsoleted a job that didn’t
need to be obsoleted. The cases that we are humans and
we are much more adaptable to, to our environment than the
computer is to its own, we should be the ones that adapt and let that computer
take over the tedium. So then, that three-day workweek
really does become a reality.

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