$15 Speakers – Are they worth buying? – Logitech S-150 Review

Hello and Welcome to Tech Deals. Logitech S-150 USB Digital Speakers System Under $15. Now What is This,Why Should You Watch and Why Should You Care? In Short, If You Need to Add a Basic Pair of Stereo Speakers to Your Computer but You Don’t Wanna Spend Alot of Money Then Stop You’ve to The Right Place, This Should be on your short list. Now I own Alot of Different Sets of Speakers Including High-End Surround Sound Speakers. I also own several sets of this. In fact,The Computer you can’t see just off the side of the screen here, has a pair. I love these things, This is value for the money. Are they High-End, High Fidelity, Symphony quality speakers? No, of course not they are under $15. But they are good enough for Basic Game Playing, Basic Music Listening, YouTube Videos Watching, Sounds from your Computer, They do the job. Now, if you want High Fidelity sound, if you want a good Base Response which these basically have no Base Response. Then you want something like that I am gonna cover that here in a future video. That is a $40 set of Speakers with a nice Sub-Woofer, this doesn’t have a Sub-Woofer but again under $15 Now in this video I am gonna take this out of the box, show you what it looks like, talk about the Pros and Cons of it. I cannot give a demonstration. First of all, short of plugging it directly in the computer they are digital its a perfect sound file. Second of all, anything you would hear would depend upon your speakers. So there is no way to demo speakers on a video you have to be physically present with them. Here is what I will say, I own $15 speakers, I own $40 speakers that’s not my first set of that. And downstairs on my main gaming computer i have a nice $100 set of Surround Sound Speakers. So i do have comparative example to know what good speakers are. and yeah the nicer speaker do sound better, but not everybody need a High Fidelity High-End Sound on every computer. I put these on my computers that basically just need basic Windows sound, they are not very large, they require no separate power brick, They are completely USB Powered and they don’t cost very much, that’s a deal. Alright, that’s enough talking how about i take out of the box and I show you what it looks like. And here we are with the basic set of speakers now there is plastic on the front i’ll show what it looks like little bit noisy Now in here is just a pamphlet it says “Here How You Plug USB Cable in” pretty self-explanatory. And with all the associate and plastic taken off the cables i wanna show you this, this is the only connection required to use these speakers a single USB plug that plugs into your computer. Laptop or Desktop this provides the power and the audio there is no 3 and a half inch millimeter audio jack here, which brings to point at very valuable feature of this particular speaker system. Do you have a computer that maybe has a non-functional or perhaps flaky sound chip, does your audio out not work very well do you have a problem using your on-board audio when maybe in old computer? Not a problem this doesn’t use the sound chip in your computer, completely digital audio Windows generates the audio digitally pipes it directly to the speakers, They have their own digital to analog converter and produce the actual sound. so you do not require a working sound chip in your computer in order to use these, so if your sound chip is bad and you thought “Great, I have to a add a sound card” no you don’t buy these Instant Sound. There’s also no power brick there is no big power brick you have to plug in the wall, those my speakers behind me right there do have a separate power brick. Now maybe you don’t care about that but if you have a Laptop if you have a confine space and don’t have a lot of room? this is it, this is everything here. Now the cable that runs between them does stretch out and I will disconnect it here, with all the cable ties and done I wanna show you how far apart the speakers will stretch, there we go that’s far, They are permanently attached you cannot separate the two speakers and that is the far apart as they go so if you had a desire to place these speakers on two different sides of the room, There is no way to change that, that is the far apart as the speakers will actually go almost my arms total with but not quite. Now the cable that runs to your computer comes off of this speaker and it is pretty long actually that is not quite my arm length but it’s pretty decent. Concern what this is meant for to be connected to a laptop or a desktop and used for basic computer sound i think it is an incredible value under $15 get you digital sound, now on the front of not this one, on the front of this one we have three buttons Volume down,Volume up and Volume Mute there is no power button they are just always on. Now its worth noting that these volume buttons here control the volume of Windows, its the same as going to little sound icon and dragging the sound icon up and down which is exactly what these buttons do, and if you have a keyboard or you just click mute in your computer its the same as pressing the middle button here which just mutes the sound. As far as the sound quality as i said before its good but not great it is not high fidelity if you wanna listen to classical music if you wanna supreme gaming experience with high ranges and low ranges these are not for you, you need to spend more than $15 on speakers in fact that $40 set back there which I am gonna review next is a very good middle of the road budget choice if you want highs lows and high fidelity, but if you don’t need that why spend all that money for something big and expensive when under $15 dollars completely will take of all your Windows Sound needs. Well that pretty much wraps up this video short and sweet there’s not much more to say about it, simple one plug USB powered simple digital controls doesn’t requires a working chip on your computer, under $15 links in the video description to both Amazon and Newegg where you can check them out, it’s a deal if you need this kinda speaker system this is a deal. Like this video if you like it, Share it with your friends if you loved it, Remember to Subscribe to my channel with the big button that’ll be right up here and be sure to check out the links in the video description below, or the big link which will be put right here in the middle of the screen to Patreon if you like my videos and you wanna support me I would certainly appreciate anything that you can tribute, Thank You So Much for Watching I will See You in The Next Video

100 thoughts on “$15 Speakers – Are they worth buying? – Logitech S-150 Review

  1. NOTE – Never let it be said that I don't cover every price under the sun, from $4,000 Ultimate PC builds down to $15 PC Speakers!

    Want something a bit better? The speakers in the background are Logitech Z313 for $40 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2nthfKR

  2. I have used a pair of these and I can say without a doubt, they are bad. In fact as soon as I listened to a song I returned them. I highly suggest if you are on a budget and can't spend $100 on quality speakers, like the Micca PB42X – to get headphones. Headphones at any price range will sound loads better than speakers.

  3. another fantastic video my friend..have you ever heard of Asus Xonar U3 one word Sensation external sound card.

  4. I was half expecting a snarky sarcastic april 1st video about super cheap speakers, instead i got a list of compelling reasons to buy cheap speakers.

  5. what would we get for more than that 40$ speaker except more quantity of speakers and louder sound.

  6. Hi. I like so much your videos. Now I can't find anything about Intel optane memory. Would be very Very nice to see your well explanatory videos talking about. How the 50 dollars intel optane fits on with a 4Tb hard drive. Maybe that is a deal. So many games in the 4tb drive and the speed 20x faster that just the HDD. Hope you can address this video benchmark soon.

  7. One thing that you did not mention, or I missed it, is if these sound better than "typical" monitor speakers. I assume they do, but mentioning that comparison could be helpful to some. That could also possibly have been heard through a video comparison. Especially since sound can be generated through the monitor, if it has speakers, with an existing HDMI cable; which many will have nowadays. Just a thought. Cheers and thanks as always.

  8. Hm. I was expecting a sound test. Ofc its not of much help, if ppl watch the video on their laptop or cellphone. But please include a soundtest anyway, when reviewing speakers.
    U could also put in a test of those 100$ speakers of urs, for comparison.

  9. The music at 2:25 what's it called? You're often answering comments, Mr. Deal. Can I try my luck?

  10. i have iBall 2.1 wooden case speaker system, in just $17. they deliver awesome sound for the prize range. niw thats called a deal.

  11. While i can see the appeal for some people i personally cannot stand bad audio and everything ive heard from logitech so fare has been bad or just mediocre. Ive even owned back in the day a set of Z5500 which was back then logitechs top dog. They were dreadful, loud, but dreadful.

    But thanks for the video. I think its important to cover the cheaper stuff as well as the more premium. So well done Tech Deals.

  12. Hey Tech Deals, I watched your Afterburner video, followed everything but I can't get it to display in game – GTA V and War Thunder. I checked some forums, they say remove and reinstall afterburner and Riva or it won't work when the game is in 64 bit it needs to run the 32 bit version, etc etc. What is your opinion, is there something I'm missing, Thanks

  13. I like this video, and I like those $15 speakers. But in my experience value for money you cannot beat going used when it comes to computer speakers. I found at a yard sale in my neighborhood a Logitech Z2300 THX certified 2.1 system for $10 and it works perfectly. It's 400 W with a 10 inch subwoofer and it fills my entire house with sound. It replaced my z523 System, that I had previously purchased used for $25.

  14. i bought logitech x-540 5.1 sound system in 2009 and it still plays music fine, it lost little bit of quality and power but im not planing to upgrade these anytime soon, logitech speakers are very good for its price:)

  15. i would recommend some Logitech g930 for any game where hearing is very important. games like dayz, rust, anything where not being able to hear your enemys exact location could kill you.

  16. I have some $20 Logitech that have a power plug and use a 3.5mm, they're very good and don't have a sub. Very good sound for $20 and loud enough to be disruptive to my family haha

  17. Holy Cow! $15.00 for a Logitech peripheral that does not need a soundcard and I have been using drug store no name garbage for twice the price for the office PCs.

  18. if you're gaming you wouldn't use anything but headphones anyway. but a good 100$ pair and you're set. i havent used speakers for several years now and for my future build i might get a basic set of em like the ones shown here for convenience's sake. but i wouldn't use em for anything other than youtube and light music listening. btw my current headset is the SE-M531 from Pioneer. i paid like ~$40 for em about half a year ago and they're great i do recommend them. they are indeed (in my opinon) a DEAL.

  19. Computers speakers and gaming headsets are just awful, don't spend more money on that please.
    A good entry level set of speakers are the Micca MB42X or PB42X if you want a pair of powered monitors. Fluance has the SX6 and JBL used to make the Loft40 but they are discontinued now. The Mackie CR4 work great in a desk too and they are not a big black box, if you care about aesthetics.

    I get it, those speakers are for people who don't care about sound quality but come on…

  20. Of course it's somewhat of a joke – BUT if anyone wants very good sound in a small space – get used Logitech V20. Thank me later.

  21. Thanks for another awesome video as always, I am glad you went really budget on this one, $15. I use Logitech and I assure anyone watching this video that these speakers as really good for that price.

  22. If you want to try out 5.1, I would recommend the Logitech Z506. They are usually on sale for around $70.

    If you get some static through them, you might not have a clean source so I would suggest connecting them to a power conditioner or UPS (since the UPS will have a power conditioner built into it).

  23. I love my Bose but speakers are subjective. You like what you like some people like reference speakers like the c3's and some do not. I like a little bit of emphases on the mid range as I typically listen to a good bit of music that sits in that range.

  24. This must be an April fools joke. A speaker review that doesn't play the speakers? Come on man. You're better than that.

  25. I appreciate your honesty, and the way in which you explain things in your videos…it's a breath of fresh air actually!I must admit that I haven't really tried any modern computer speakers, as I have a vintage Harman Kardon Champagne 2.1 speaker kit connected to my main computer (and they sound absolutely stunning, even at around 12+ years old ). I do, however, have a Sony SRS XB3 Bluetooth capable portable speaker being sourced by my tablet (wireless and wired), and it sounds great with it.With the above having been said, I still liked watching this, and other videos of yours like it, so I ask that you please keep up the good work and keeping making more videos!

  26. great video as always mate. hey tech, im kinda still waiting on the gaming performance of this PC. $500 Gaming PC – Pentium G4560 – Part 5 – Windows Performance. are you gonna upload it anytime soon? cant wait to see what kind of performance you got from that build. and thanks for your amazing videos.

  27. This guy always keeps his reviews in perfect context!

    I have a high-end PC, but I have general PC needs as well. I have 2 laptops and a work laptop.

  28. Love your channel man, I don't even want speakers but your videos are so informative and I like watching them. I learn something all the time. Keep it up man!

  29. I tried the Logitech Z506 5.1 system and I couldn't get the two rear speakers to work. They plugged into the subwoofer or something and not into the motherboard because they used a different kind of plug instead of 3.5mm. Could I use, say a 2.1 system combined with two standard stereo speakers for the satellite speakers and one speaker from another stereo set for the center channel? Basically can I hodgepodge a surround setup out of a 2.1 setup combined with two other stereo sets?

  30. Brillant vid! But could you also do a video on a budget microphone and gaming headset that Would be useful! Or if anyone could recomend any good stuff? cheers!!

  31. I must say that I've been watching your videos for a few months now. I truly love how you can show, explain and recommend the products that the other channels ( the ones with sponsors, that get anything with a phone call or an e-mail to any company). Thank you for your hard and dedicated work.

  32. I was using EDIFIER M3200BT 2.1 and the volume control is broken I can't turn it on, while I fix the speaker to a local mechanic audio I bought a 9$ speaker and damn its good deal since for gaming I had cloud II.

    this channel always talks about something ppl relly need to know than other channel that mention something ppl never need.
    Even I already a gamer PC 10 years and still, I learn so much from this chanel, Thx Tehc Deal !!

    could u pls make video different $10 $50 $100 speaker and then headset !?

  33. Lemme just say sir that you have, in my opinion, the greatest tech reviews on YouTube. You make concepts easier to grasp for everyone, and even helped me decide to choose the perfect GTX 1070! ( MSI gaming x, its wonderful ). Anyways, I would just like to thank you and provide some inspiration to continue doing what you are doing because it is so helpful! Thank you!

  34. Actually you can demo speakers if you get a good set of Binaural Microphones. Clavinet Junkie uses them and all his channel does is review speakers with actual sound.

  35. Thank-you for always doing honest, unbiased, professional, and informative reviews! You are a great PC reviewer! I picked up the Logitech z533 for only $49.99 US dollars (MSRP $99.99 or higher) from my local Best Buy and it's a great $100 or less PC speaker sound system!

  36. I got these at my college campus store and used them for a while, but now I feel bad since I rarely ever use them except for when I'm eating and don't wear my open-back headphones (Philips SHP9000s). They sounded fine when I used them, though sometimes I'd get buzzing out of my right speaker.

  37. Ha. I finally got tired of my ten year old $10 Logitechs and upgraded to a $50 system not too long ago.

    I had listened to some really bad speakers before, so my question before buying them was "Do they sound tinny?" While at the time I wanted cheap speakers, if they sounded too bad it wouldn't have mattered how cheap they were, I would have spent more to get something better. Turns out the Logitechs were quite adequate!

    My dad was a real speaker system aficionado, though, so growing up I learned what really good speakers sounded like (he spent $800 on a system once). I remember really rocking out to some of the music back then. But then, years later, with my own cheap system, playing the exact same music, I just couldn't get into it. It's like all the life had drained out of the songs.

    So, yeah, if you're just looking to not mind what you're listening to, as long as they haven't gotten any worse over the past ten years I'd agree the $15 Logitechs are good enough. But if you want to love what you're listening to, you're going to have to spend more. The $50 speakers I got (I forget the brand) are good enough for now, but I'll eventually get a much fancier system.

    So I guess my question is, what's the worst speakers you've ever listened to and what did they sound like?

  38. hey bro is there any other speakers that is better than this but doesnt require external power source?… confused to what buy

  39. I have a monitor with built in speakers but the speakers do not always work (defect or something) would i be able to use these directly plugged into the monitor

  40. I bought these speakers and severely regretted it.
    Cost = $41.31 AUD.
    Problem: all is fine except there's a constant static sound in the background (essentially making them faulty, even though they are probably made that way.) I'm hoping now to return them.

  41. This is honestly a really great review man! These speakers are perfect for what I need, thank you for making this video!

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