100 thoughts on “15 Computer Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know!

  1. Be nice to your computer, hitting the keys harder doesn't help.
    The computer will do what you tell it to do, not what you meant to tell it to do.
    Be nice to your computer support tech, yelling at him/her won't get quicker help. Yelling at IT director really doesn't help, he is usually senior to your boss.
    Before calling support check caps lock key.

  2. For the reopening closed tab tip @ 2:45, you can also right click the tabs area and will be in the drop-down menu.

  3. Cool thing I just learned about Windows 10 is ability to mount ISO files!

    I would go outside, but I keep getting errors lol

  4. Wow I like your channel and your tutorials but this tutorial was contaminating my Mac knowledge so I had to stop 🛑 :/… your other videos are helpful though thank you 😊

  5. i got a question so if you don't get expert setup for laptop do you not get to update the laptop? sounds stupid that i don't know


  7. Yesssss "outside" where I can play wildly with my dogs ..,. and it works even with the pc ON!! actually i have my laptop on almost all the time … I love your shows Joe!

  8. this channel wasnt fake or missleading in any way when it began coz this D**KHED actualy believed what he said..:)

  9. bypassing shutdown and update is not possible even i try all three ways..1 from window icon 2 alt+f4 and 3rd ctrl+alt+del and click power button…. but everywhere has same options

  10. also the design webpage is working but my friends are not seeing on their webpages what i wrote here…for example i edited my followers text in facebook from 197 to 1.97K people…but it didnt got saved and neither my friends got tricked.

  11. Love ThioJoe! Please make a video on how to copy/paste and other tricks from the Lenovo IdeaPad 320. Stuck with this after my Chromebook kicked the bucket. I'm still confused with this computer and miss my chrome/google.

  12. About Bypass "Shut down and update" At 10:15. Yeah, that's not working. Forces you to update through that way as well. Am I missing something? Just had a user by the office, and if it had worked, it would've saved a lot of time..

  13. 10:50 When there are pending updates, the list of values normally only displays the "Shutdown, including installing updates", instead of just the Shutdown one. It may work if you use "shutdown.exe /S"

  14. I lose my laptop becouse off that viduo which says u can duble ur ram
    how stupied I was
    u own me a new laptop ThioJoe

  15. I went outside once and saw these tall 2 legged things walking around. I had to go back in and fire up my computer and Google what they were. Google told me they were real people. And I thought people were those things you see in things like GTA V. I didn't realize they were real things. 🙂

  16. Quick typing tips and tricks in MS Word | MS Word Typing Tutorial |
    Channel Name: HowToPedia Tutorials

  17. Wow bro! Really helpful! The Windows Tab is one I totally forgot about. I’m getting into PC gaming and this will greatly help.

  18. 1 – right click drag
    2- text selection
    3- chrome in-site search

    srsly? how bout

    in 3076 = you can rotate window screens now

  19. tbh i think this method takes longer,the right click left click drag method,hell no i just right click select all and wha la

  20. nice tips, thx. also Windows should have a feature to customize folders as easily as FolderChanger. Google "FolderChanger", works great

  21. I figured something out in youtube, shift+/ will bring up an information panel that has keyboard shortcuts for youtube. Hope you read this ThioJoe, your videos are very helpful especially the one where you instruct how to engage all threads in a CPU.

  22. CTRL+SHIFT+T also works in Firefox, very handy tip! The right click to copy option is one I use a lot as left click and dragging will default to move if it is on the same device, where as you may only wish to copy and that is where right clicking comes into play.

  23. Searched for the "OUTSIDE" app, couldn't find it. The CMD prompt tip was AWESOME! I could have used this SO MANY times. I usually just press SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK which will add an extra option to open a command prompt for that folder.

  24. Love the off button tip. Not for going outside because I dont want to see most of the basement dwellers on the streets anyway. But definitely when you see something you dont like. If you dont like it, go somewhere else. Lol.

  25. Thio can you help me? Been trying to reinstall win 10. It reatarts and seems to be ready to update when you get the Choose your keybord layout window. But keyboard and mouse dont respond. So its stays in this screen. Can someone please help.

  26. All I have to say is Good Luck to Ev1 out there I know we all deserve to win for one reason or another, so with that being said. God Bless to the who does Win PCH and if I may suggest I thing, donate a small portion to your favorite Charity.🙏 Tyvm

  27. #8. Open a Command Prompt in Windows Explorer
    There is a far easier way to do this…
    Right-click+Shift any open space in the folder & select "Open command window here"
    Much easier that doing it in the address bar !

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