14-Core Mac Pro Killer PC?

What’s up guys Lew, here back with another video, and today I have something big, physically large. This right here, is some kind, of a monster From Maingear. If you don’t know who Maingear is they make these, incredibly elaborate custom PCs. They hit me up they said “We noticed
that you’ve got a Mac Pro you’re using as a work station well, can you allow us to build a Mac Pro Killer?”. And I said
“Hmm let me think about that for a second… sure!”. What you’ll notice about this packaging, is it is incredibly substantial Velcro straps on the side,
Here we go Wohoh oh! My goodness. get this baby out of here. As elegantly as possible. There it is. Uhm, I mean, if you don’t think that is beautiful I’m not sure what to tell you. This cool gray automotive paint. Your ports and what-not are actually on the top. Heat is coming out from the top. Your power supply is up here, it’s just it’s all really cool. I wanna check out the other items inside the box There’s a t-shirt. Maingear t-shirt representing the brand. All these cables. Check this out. Tons of different cables here. More stuff in here from the motherboard, you have some extra hardware, 4 way SLI for the graphics. Lastly, is the personal binder. And this is a place to keep all of the documentation to go with the unit. And it’s also got the spec sheet inside. Now it’s time to talk about the unit. You have Maingear written here in black. You have a nice power and reset button. Metal build. On the front you can see the Blu Ray burner there. Some more expansion as well if you want to use it. There are some quick access ports. USB 3. There’s even… that looks like a FireWire port. Audio, and then a card reader. This grill here. And that gives you access to everything here. Then you’ll run the cables through this… region. And it will keep everything super clean. With the motherboard and the graphics card as well. Plenty of USB ports. My goodness. Dual network ports. Sound. SPDIF. USB BIOS flashback button. Pretty cool. That is just unbelievable. Look at the cable management here! Little stick pads holding these things together. Look at this, this little channel of SATA cables going to all the various drives. We’ve got padding in there as well. You’re automatically noticing the giant graphics card there. The GTX Titan X in this location here. Again, mounted vertically along with the entire motherboard. Here is that very special 750 series 1.2 terabyte PCI-E SSD. Stupid fast. Maingear cooler. Mounted on top of that insano 14 core processor from Intel. Xeon processor. These are your hard drives or at least, this is where you can expand your hard drive storage. The power supply is mounted down at the bottom and it’s amazing how much space still exists inside this unit. My goodness. This is for people who really want to admire their hardware. You spend a ton of money on what goes inside. Why cover it up? Light it up. Once again, crazy specifications, obviously a Mac Pro Killer as I insinuated earlier. It’s got 14 cores. 28 threads. 64 gigs of ECC memory. An insanely fast SSD. And awesome graphics. I don’t know what else you are asking for. And it’s all been put together in this really slick package. This is about as good as it gets in the PC world. In my opinion. So that wraps it up! I guess it’s time to put this guy to use. Big thanks to Maingear for sending this out. Thank you very much for watching. If you enjoyed this content, make sure to leave a thumbs up down below. And I will catch you very shortly on the next episode. We’re gonna hook this thing up to a pretty crazy setup. One that you haven’t actually seen before. Subscribe if you haven’t yet, and that’s it. Later. I’m out. Goodbye. Subtitle: Last Edited at 4/4/2016 By Gryphus

100 thoughts on “14-Core Mac Pro Killer PC?

  1. would you say that a Mac pro killer killed your mac pro?, will you avenge your Mac pro against the killer?
    -roll the tape, may we see?,

  2. Repeating "mac pro killer" shows how little you know about computers. Props to Maingear for hooking you up.

  3. Everyone giving Mac shit for not being as good as most PCs… Macs just aren't made to be fast or powerful… its like comparing a Lamborghini to a Corsa. Like whats the point. They're just made to get along. such a pointless argument

  4. Its almost my birthday and I want a laptop.Which one should I get?I am also not sure if I should get a gaming laptop or a normal one.

  5. I can only dream with a powerhouse like this. I cant have consistency with my channel with my slowy. Sad as shit.

  6. Lol, it's a BEAST but the front panel is a fucking FRIDGE xD!!! It would fit well with the pro on the side acting like the trash of the kitchen.

  7. Stunning PC, but, my dude, a 500-600 dollar PC is a "Mac Pro Killer". And on top of that, a top of the line Gaming Laptop like the Razer Blade (with maxed out Specs) will set you back for HALF of what this thing will and it runs most everything substantially (all while being able to fit in your laptop bag)

  8. the tower is huge, too huge
    you can easly put all this staff from inside to a smaller case, anyway it looks cool

  9. OH MY FUKN SHIT! THATS THE FUKN SHIT BRO! I WISH I ONLY WISH I HAD THAT… my laptop shits bricks while editing and gaming. the struggle is real

  10. Man I wish i could update my old PC all together, this fucking Job does not pays enough and my brothers ask me for money all the time 🙁 oh well, I have never time to play anything nowadays.

  11. The real fun is not to kill a Mac Pro with a PC. That is easy. The challenge is to fulfill this task with the lowest budget possible. Respect for that machine, but that PC is a budget-Overkill.

  12. Why use so much ram (64GB) when it is only clocked at 2133MHz? Especially since it is DDR4. I would have rather gotten 32GB of 3000+MHz ram because less than 2400MHz would bottleneck the CPU. I know you can overclock the dimms but, I highly doubt that he did and would want to. Just my two-cents.

  13. Later he will add 3 more GPU s in this and use it for playing Dirt, Project Cars and Tom Clancy's The Division. On a Xeon.
    And we thought Xeons are bad for gaming. But yeah it won't match an i7 extreme

  14. That insanely sized case for a mid sized motherboard and components. I hate it when they throw in the shittiest boards when the pc is clearly over 3000$

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