hey guys this is TEAMTECH with our first
PC BUILD so we made this build in such a way that you could also make a pc
like this by joining by getting this kind of products by joining our whatsapp
broadcast under the number given below in the description we don’t want to
recommend this build since we are not using even a case to make it as cheap as
possible we don’t recommend not use in case as
with some shot circuit of to your pc that is the whole pc will get on fire so let’s
get into our first build Its all started when we got a pretty good deal on a motherboard Which is a GIGABYTE branded lga775 for just 600 rs thats around 9$ usually the indian market will cost around 1000 to 1500 for these kind of products Here we made him down to 600 when we
found out that cmos socket is distructedhe gave up is a pretty old Pentium dual-core processor it is e2180 which
is clocket at 2.00GHz and he also give us a fan it is not very good
but here it will do the work these twocost us 70 rs thats just above 1$. And the installation was pretty easy
we changed the thermal paste and connected the fan for the graphics we are not
using any card because it’s got inbuilt motherboard integrated GMA 950 so let’s see how long it can go coming to the ram we bought a kingston branded single stick of two gigs which is kingston
667 mhz which cost us 283RS which is around four to five US dollars
the installation was also pretty easy as we just needed to push it until it clicks moving on to the harddisk we bought a 7200 rpm seagate harddisk which can store a whole mof 40gig.
which took 70rs out of our pocket after getting this it was time to get it SMPS
and a cpu case AND to our mind Blow we got a pretty good deal on a case and a decent
FSP Branded power supply which is when i googled is pretty decent PSU maker in good old days WE didnt use our case since it doesn’t even have anyq
front panel switches so we just took a cardboard and started building it!!!!! When its all done It was time for the 1st try so we took screwdriver and tried for the first
and it was pretty good and it’s done you will see the CMOS error in it and
then we installed in the windows 7 trial version and updated all the works like Windows
Update and other updatelike directx .netframework etc.. now lets get into some benchmarks SUPER MARIO BROS WATCHING YOUTUBE MEMORY AND CPU STATUS EVERYTHING HIGH. GLICHES ON WHEN CPU IS100% 1024X728 NORMAL SETTINGS *PLAYED CS GO NOT CS SOURCE AND THE FPS WAS 13(AT MAX)AVG OF 10 UNDER LOW SETTINGS. so we are adding a giveaway
ECS H61MH2-MV motherboard which is a DDR3 EXPANDABLE up to *32gb ram
and IT SUPPORT 1155 processor support so you CAN participate in this CONTEST by
liking , subscribing and sharing our video and comment on what you want to
see in our future VIDEOS the winner will be announced shortly and it’s Upto
him to contact us through the YouTube messages or through the mail in the
about section so guys we are winding up our first video so please like share and
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  1. Watch with subtitles on for much more clarification .Hey Guys More Giveaways Are coming soon. we just bought a bundle of Graphics (Low end cards sry;) Subscribe and comment what You wish For

  2. The reason why I liked and sub your channel is because you just slapped those components in a cardboard box XD i like this vid and i like how the games run smooth im impressed with a very cheap system

  3. Give me please bro i dont have money to bild i bild my pc in olx items please give me motherboard i am very poor man

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