10 Years in the Life of a Software Engineer #10yearchallenge

Year zero. I graduate with a degree
in Computer Science. I was just a normal kid wondering what it meant to be cool. I joined programming competitions, I had done internships at Sun Microsystems and Microsoft. Year one, I get my first job at Sony
Pictures in Hollywood. 75K, pretty good. I worked on the 3D
graphics visualization tool for movie special effects
like “Spider-Man”. I’d go to movie premieres, concerts, anime expos, car drift shows and the trendy company parties. In my spare time I’d build silly websites using a funny language, PHP, that I had taught myself. Most apps were pretty bad but fun. Eventually I started
working on a dating app I named Connections. It wasn’t growing so I
added a virtual economy and renamed it Human Pets. The app goes viral, generating
$300 per day in ad revenue. At first I thought it would
just be fun dinner money. But it became more. I started spending my
evenings and weekends building out the website, handling server crashes as the
app generates $2,000 a day. If I had worked all night, I would need to take
the next day off work. I loved the work but it wasn’t really a choice for me. I just didn’t have time for both. And by the end of the year I quit my job. Year two. For my birthday, I get myself
a one-way ticket to London. I figured I could work from
any where in the world. And since they speak English there it’d be a good base. But I’m disappointed by the city. It’s all business and noisy pubs. I can’t find WiFi, so I spend most of the days working out of the Apple Store standing on my feet. I visit friends in Italy too, stopping by Paris, Florence, Rome. Midyear I return home and began working on a new app idea, a series of web-based RPG games. And it goes viral, generating 5K a day. Zynga offers to acquire it for 500K. But I reject the offer, perhaps foolishly, because if I had taken the offer, well, Zynga later goes on to IPO. But, regardless, I take off for Hawaii for three weeks where I work from hotel lobbies teaching myself windsurfing
every other day. I celebrate Christmas aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean. It sounds all fun but I was fairly stressed
throughout it all. Year three begins as I get into stock trading and technical analysis. I needed to learn how to invest. My commodities trades go well and I am up 70%. This year for my birthday I gift myself an extended
trip back to Japan. It’s the first time I go back since having studied abroad
there nine years ago. I couldn’t believe I had
let so much time pass. I visit Kyoto and Miyajima with a side trip to Hong Kong. I’d continue to work on bringing my apps to other platforms like Twitter, while adding new features. However, my projects fail to gain traction and I find myself returning home. I join a web gaming startup. And that Christmas I
buy myself a DSLR camera with my new income. Year four begins as I quit my job once more. My brother and I co-found an LLC to build a portfolio of apps and games. We name it AVALANCHE borrowed from the rebellion group name in “Final Fantasy VII”. Our games gain popularity and soon I leave for New York. I wanted to better understand such an iconic city. And I wanted to be on the same time zone as Wall Street too, so that I could trade properly. But, New York was so hot
and humid in the summer. It lost its appeal to me. After six months I gave
it up and went home. I decide to start a new job at a startup where my sister was working. So it was fun to see her every day. I celebrate Christmas at home that year. Year five begins in Japan again. I had learned motorcycling and pre-ordered a Ducati to remember the craziness of last year. But at the last minute
I canceled the order, quit my job at the failing startup and returned to Japan instead. Unlike previously, I had more assets this
time to enjoy the travel. And I figured it would be
a different experience. For my birthday I go to
Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia in search of Angkor Wat. It is fantastic. In March I visit Taiwan for three weeks getting to finally know my cousins. The Fukushima nuclear disaster occurs then and I abandon my flight back to Japan, instead returning home
to California again. With the regrets of New
York from the prior year still in my head, I revisit the city with
determination this time. I get a nicer apartment with a window desk so that I could actually work. However, few of the apps
succeeded like before. Meanwhile, I’d heard of a European backpacking route. So in September I sublet out my room and book a one-way ticket to Switzerland. It is the most fun I’ve had in years. And I meet so many people. The route takes me through Italy into the Cote d’Azur, through southern Spain before I grew tired of seeing museums and my feet grew blisters. By winter I visit Kauai, Hawaii and make my first video as a test. In December I obtain
high-end DSLR video cameras and return to Japan to
film Tokyo and Kyoto. These would be the start
of my video channel, Blue Eden. This year I had launched
a number of web projects but none really worked out. Year six begins as I return to New York to reclaim my apartment. I stay until the end of the lease and then return to California. I preferred the casual tech
culture of Silicon Valley. I asked myself what I
wanted and I thought, 150K would be my number. So I apply to Groupon
and tell them what I want and they agree. So I take up a position as web developer and live in San Francisco. Several months in though,
the product bored me and the commute from San Francisco to the office in Palo
Alto was absolutely brutal so I quit and took a break spending the rest of the year filming time-lapse videos of the British Virgin Islands and the Utah Grand Circle. I was driven by the idea of youth, health, time and money and I wanted to maximize
them while I had it. After that, I wasn’t
sure what to do anymore. But I thought, I’d go back to Japan to visit my brother. And I celebrated Christmas there. Year seven begins in
Japan where I meet a girl. She catches my attention and I decide to extend my
stay a little bit longer. With my photography knowledge I also began development
on a new software program which would become Panolapse, a software for time-lapses that would turn out to become a success. Meanwhile, I had struck a sponsorship with a sailing company based on a prior video in
the British Virgin Islands. And they wanted me to do
another one in the Bahamas. I bring my girlfriend back to California and we go film in the Bahamas. In July we continue to film in Alaska. In August, Yellowstone and in September, Maui. By the end of the year
we return back to Japan where we spend time
living in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Kyoto. I return home for Christmas. Year eight begins back in California. I buy a MacBook as a late
Christmas gift for myself. And I also buy an engagement ring. I invite my girlfriend to California where we take a trip to Las Vegas. In February we visit
Iceland for my birthday. But there I also propose under the Aurora. And she says yes. In April we visit Japan again and make a side trip to the
tropical island of Guam. During that time I also
began work on iOS apps and bringing Elven Blood
onto the iOS platform. It is a small success and I bring my fiance to the US with a spousal visa. Meanwhile I began applying to jobs and landed a position at Google. We celebrate our bright
future in Disneyland. In year nine we hold a
marriage ceremony in Thailand where again, we have a sailboat with a sponsorship from
the sailing company. We honeymoon the next month in Hawaii. By October, we get a puppy, Sunny and my wife gets pregnant. Sensing that I won’t be
traveling for a long time I get a PlayStation for Christmas. In year 10, my wife
gives birth to our son. With a baby, a puppy and a full-time job, I finally settle down and get to work taking on my mantle as the Tech Lead.

100 thoughts on “10 Years in the Life of a Software Engineer #10yearchallenge

  1. Touching video about your successes. I'm impressed! I have a CS degree myself but I have no idea what to do with it. I currently work for others. However, ideally, I would like to accumulate a lot of wealth because I would like to open tech schools within the African continent.

  2. 9:40 I get to work, taking on my mantle as the techlead…
    video recommendation: Why my wife left me (how our marriage collapsed)

  3. Wow!! That's more like 10 movie plots in 10 years. So many software/ computer engineers are whining about their salaries…this guy has spent more on travels than some engineers make in a lifetime. Weird times indeed

  4. I tried not to laugh but the fact that the video ended with "I decided to settle down" followed by "Why my wife left me" in the recommended videos…

  5. 00:43 : PHP mentioned
    00:44 : Patrick Shyu
    00:53 : Dating app -> evolved -> viral: USD 300 per day.
    02:01 : RPG games -> viral: 5000 USD per day.
    02:43 : Investing, Wall Street, technical analysis,
    03:25 : Gaming startup
    03:53 : New York: Hot and humid in the summer
    04:16 : Joined company where his sister was working.
    06:07 : Video channel: Blue Ether
    06:42 : Commute: San Francisco <-> Palo Alto
    07:18 : Future wife
    08:46 : iOS apps
    09:02 : Position at Google
    09:43 : Mantel as the TechLead

  6. I'm 28, hate my job and want to kill myself. Don't take a marketing degree guys, they're useless and the irony is that you won't have any marketable skills. Be smart, learn something actually useful like Patrick here.

  7. dude
    year 1 is literally my dream
    $75k is £56k thaats more than enough
    anime and cars
    thats literally all i love
    drawing computers and modeling
    dream job
    just add gaming and im literally in heaven, i could do this for 100 years
    oh wait you literally made a game and became a millionaire

  8. Now also Ur a normal guy only..Ur thinking Ur a super developer because Ur saying while start of the video that am a normal guy that men's Ur saying that Ur become abnormal . It's not true now also Ur a normal guy like others. I think Ur so proud that Ur an ex employee of Google, from India we have lots of people working for Google and Amazon and Facebook. It's quite a normal thing. Please stop creating illusion that Ur a super human because Ur an ex Google

  9. 1 year later, wife wants a divorce, then takes the kid with her to Japan and now, he moved back to live with his parents :/

    What a plot twist. At least he is still a Millionaire.

  10. Congratulations, man, it seems you were able to do what most people can't do: find a good balance between work and enjoyment.

    Wish the three of you all the best 🙂

  11. I graduated from computer science back in 2011 but couldn't settle in the field wasted and burned my 20's just turned 30 now ..damn I am depressed 😣


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  13. Seems like this return to Japan is an absence in something. Perhaps his wife and child was what he sought or made him felt grounded. But now searching again. Seems like that is nature pushing us towards that learning and searching, never allowing one to stay found.

  14. His biggest mistake during those 10 years. Thinking he'll have time to play on that PlayStation with a new born baby around the house 😂

  15. I don't know you, but what made me really happy and smile is that you found your wife! I think that's the biggest succes you had 🙂 All the best!

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