100 thoughts on “10 Computer Myths and Lies (Stop Believing These Now)

  1. The fact that Windows Defender exists (not saying you shouldn't have a full antivirus software keep in mind) kinda makes it more difficult to not have any antivirus software doesn't it?

  2. If you hit the wrong button on a TRS-80, it will go down in flames. But I have to agree that destroying a Windows computer isn't that simple.

  3. Can you do a video on why Java conflicts so badly with Windows these days? Because of the eXist database program, I would like to run Java on my computer. But Windows seems to hate Java.

  4. Antistatic wristbands are very important if you're working on your motherboard. Otherwise, they are a waste of time.

  5. I like how he KNOWS that likes on a Video are what the algorithm wants even though Google themselves don't know exactly how the algorithm works exactly anymore… 🤔🤔

  6. One myth that pisses me off, is that just because I know PCs , it does NOT automatically mean that I know Every Electronbic device in the house!

  7. im using deepfreeze instead of antivirus and smadav for security of my usb and very useful application in my laptop very secure even the virus attack my laptop and i turn off the system and then no more virus again recover the orginal program.

  8. With #10, (the anti-static band), even if I wanted to go the safest way, I just roll up a pants leg and make sure my leg is touching something that would discharge any static anyhow.

  9. NO. sorry but windows IS inherently vulnerable. Always has been. OF COURSE more hackers are gonna target it because it is the biggest OS in the world, BUT ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL windows is still less secure than linux, unix, bsd, mac OS, and every other damn OS out there in the wild. ON the server side WINDOZE servers have always been less secure than LINUX. This is a well known FACT. Microsoft sucks and has always sucked at everything they do except predatory business practices. Christ how long have you been into computers man?

  10. I never had any virus scanner on any of my working desktops and servers for over 34 years now, and nothing bad has happened to me since. Oh, wait, maybe that's because I use real operating systems 😉 and not that bunch of sh*t from Redmont …

  11. I havent used an antivirus in 20 years… antiviruses are like condoms, you don t need them if you have safe habits…

  12. I hope someone can help me.
    I've installed a music scoring software and when I open it, it sews up the sound driver meaning any other file the has sound in it won't work, just the music scoring software can, and that's until I exit the software then I can open other sound files. is there a solution for that?

  13. Safely eject to avoid the usb drive corruption….which happens eventually anyway….ez fix with chkdsk no files lost
    And now you make me sad, 15 megabit 🙁

  14. Its 100Mbps not 100MBps.

    I used to think the opposite. And Choose a Plan with 10 Mbps. Screw my Computer teacher for not telling me this.

  15. What does Java? Java is an API… Right? So basically it's like C++… It's for programming… But yeah… What program uses Java…?
    The only thing I know that uses this API is Minecraft Java Edition.

  16. Your ESD anecdotes miss that the damage that can e done is not always obvious -ESD causes pitting and blowouts that you cannot see – – in effect a narrowing of the path due to potholes – it could reveal itself under load or thermal stresses as "sometimes it hangs" or gets flaky. I have seen this a lot in 30 years as an EE working with CMOS based embedded prototypes that get handled by lay people. Have also seen the "whats that" finger point or poke by neophite or layperson (or boss) where arc jumps from finger to circuit to break item then or later in the field failing. YMMV.

  17. Computer magicians are a thing: it’s usually called coders ! Who needs to google errors if they know it because they made the error code?

  18. Installation disk/disc are useless? You like way too many other keep on ignoring those individuals that do not have an internet connection on a regular basis. You also tend to not read the instructions because you want to appear to know it all, however, it is interesting to note that it usually states in the instructions to go to the manufacturers website first if possible. But then again it is not a myth that most people do not read instructions of any kind including computer users of all skill sets. Interesting to note that when all of these people have an issue, the first thing that most do – call the manufacturer instead of looking at those instructions which will (in a good number of cases) probably have a solution to the problem.
    Reading the instructions is always a good idea for novice and expert alike.

  19. ThioJOe, I would like to know which is the best Modem-Router to connect to a home made antenna for over the air WIFI? thank you for the the videos are all very informative.

  20. Hi ThioJoe. 1 question. How can I use an old satellite dish to hoock it with my TV, androind box and not pay cable. Please advise.

    Thank you

  21. I agree about the static wrist band and haven't had a problem over the years but would point out that as transistors get smaller they require less power to flip and/or fry….hence the tiny static charges in the past may become a problem going forward.

  22. I have broken one thumb drive when not ejecting it.

    It was probably my antivirus program who was accessing the drive as I pulled it out.

    It's probably rare but it can happen.

  23. Ok, PC disks. I just built a new pc and installed windows 10. I needed a driver (windows one didn't work with my MB) to get the wifi and ethernet to work. Glad I had the disk, outdated or not. I did have to borrow a disk drive to run it though. lol.

    On wrist bands, I'd disagre whole heartedly. 5 years in aeorspace avionics repair. 3 more at Motorola. ESD can do all kinds of things, not just an instant fry. I'd bet a good number of "DOA" components are because they fried them taking them out of the package. When you install a $50k gold plated chip onto a $300k circuit board, you use full EDS precautions. ESD is almost everywhere. Pulling tape off of a Scotch tape roll can generate 7,000 volts. Didn't you say in another video you had streaking in a game that turned out to be bad memory? Installed it without a band, didn't you.

  24. yes, but you forgot to mention that memory are used by manufacturers for there own information benefits. Also you are wrong about viruses, I have more outdated systems that any computer museums and I do not use anti-virus, they are original injected by researchers and av sellers. I found you help in general but also you are just following the wrong side of the naïve nerd population that are becoming little robots at the mercy of exploiters.

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  26. I like most your point about computer wizards not knowing everything (in fact, almost nothing :D).
    And some peoples think that because we are good at computers, we sure are good at devices with OS we never seen, or never worked with. I do seen and work with Android, but my use is very basic, almost like old phone. Idk why peoples think I can fix their issue with running porn ads on their notifications. Well, in fact I maybe can if I search long enough, but that is far from knowing, and most often than not, wouldn't do such effort for peoples that I hardly know.

  27. Your forgetting malware and on purpose there is no malware protection from computer manufacturers because they want your computer to fail so that they can sell you more Antivirus means nothing on a laptop just another money scene while you become the victim

  28. "Computer Magicians" So very true! I have been repairing computers for 20 years and I Google 50% of the time. I'm not saying the average person will be able to fix things right off the bat because you have to be proficient in the basics! And if you start following a recommended procedure, there are too many variables that will pop up! But most computer techs are not brilliant memory banks with instant recall.

  29. 78 percent of computer problems are do to human error so always do the right things when working on computers better to be safe than sorry

  30. I remember when I was still a noob at computer, we had a Pentium III. I asked my friend how to download a Pentium IV so I could play games that he can only play.

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